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  1. Injuries are symptomatic of a struggling club, and many of the injured players are known sicknotes or in the twilight of their careers. We will be hearing the same bleating next season, no doubt.
  2. But he probably won't, and next season will be a virtual replica of the last few, (at best). It's so obvious he has taken the club as far as he can, but we are now stuck with him.
  3. There are plenty of clubs above us in the table whose managers had no previous Championship experience prior to being appointed. Unfortunately, neither Venkys nor our so called Chief Executive would have the nouse to make a decent, left field appointment. A dinosaur from an agency's scrap heap it is.
  4. Barnsley are exhibit ‘A’ of having the right people at executive level to choose a manager. They have now plucked out two excellent left field appointments in succession.
  5. For me, you need an experienced football executive, not an ex-manager who will no doubt want to stick his oar in all the time. That would put a lot of potential candidates off.
  6. Yes, there are plenty out there like that, I have no doubt. That’s what I was getting at, but you worded it better.
  7. Would you say that perhaps in many cases that it’s more about backing the status quo than about backing the manager? Then when the club finally takes action and the axe falls, the same people will praise the club for making the right decision.
  8. The only thing Tony should be directing is the pre-match entertainment for the corporates at the Riverside next season.
  9. Yes, "Honourable Man" my ar*e" ! Mowbray has just ensured a toxic relationship with the fans.
  10. He should concentrate on putting the cones out for Grayson. Might just be within his capabilities.
  11. We will probably win, leading to the Facebook group having a whip round to start work on the statue.
  12. Barnsley seem to be making a decent fist of it, and they can’t compete with us financially. I see that Chris Hughton chap’s doing alright.
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