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  1. And Sharpe just gives him a free pass. I swear he could say that black is white and it would go unchallenged. The absolute nerve of Mowbray to still be spouting the same old crap. I guess the Facebook cult will still swallow it whole.
  2. I agree with @1864roverite. It goes much deeper than squad strength. There are so many factors determining that the club is heading on a downward course. It badly needs someone to arrest the decline, and I don't mean Waggott or Mowbray.
  3. Good for him. Saint Tony's halo just slipped a little further. Maybe Mrs M needed the car and Stewart was handy for a lift.
  4. Waggott came in full of talk and big ideas. He’s now almost as invisible as the two Venkys advisers who pull the strings. It’s sickening that he’s in a senior position at the club and epitomises that it’s currently rotten to the core.
  5. No problem with people choosing to attend, but this is not really Blackburn Rovers for me and ,clearly, the issues go much deeper than the manager. It’s a parasite riddled corpse which I cannot support. I would rather not attend at all than be there in the wrong spirit. I understand the logic of people saying go along and give the manager grief, or go along and cheer the lads, but the reality will be a three quarters empty ground where the only noise will be coming from the away end. I sincerely hope to be back one day if / when the parasites are smoked out and right minde
  6. It’s not so much of a boycott for me. It’s more that I’ve just come to the point where I feel so alienated that I have little or no emotional attachment to the club anymore, (which is something I never imagined could happen), and I actively do not want to attend games, particularly at Ewood Park.
  7. I also respect your position and opinion and if people still choose to attend, that’s fine. I think we need to differentiate between “success” and likelihood. I believe such a move, (restructuring to a tried and tested model of a competent CEO running the show), would at least have a chance of being successful. Will the owners suddenly realise this and implement such a change? Highly unlikely. Whilst the structure and personnel we have in place now are a slight improvement on the Coyle / Senior era, it is still a set up for continuing failure, and mid table Championship wil
  8. You need an explanation? Really? Okay, (and I've already posted it several times), but for Mowbray not to be sacked after another terrible run of form, compounded by his ridiculous comments towards the end of last season was the final straw. How can the manager of a professional football club survive after stating, on the record, that he doesn't care about the league table? He also berates fans for daring to have a modicum of ambition, ("It's not 1995"). Absolutely pathetic conduct. If Waggott is a suitable person to be Chief Executive, I'm a banana. Whilst some peopl
  9. Spot on. I now feel alienated to a degree where I strongly feel I do not want to give the club any more money or attend home matches, as I would not feel comfortable being at the ground. I am very sad that it has come to this, but unfortunately it has. As a minimum requirement to change my feelings, Waggott and Mowbray would have to go. On a separate note, whilst we may not be amongst the bookies favourites for relegation next season, I think some people need to wake up and smell the mustard. I think we are in big trouble and can see Armstrong being sold for a cut down pric
  10. I will go further and say that it's a disgrace that he wasn't sacked after making ridiculous comments towards the end of last season. Mowbray and Waggott are laughing at the supporters, so there is no chance I am giving the club another penny under this regime.
  11. Waggott, like his mate,Mowbray, is going through the motions. With those two still in situ going into next season, I think it’s a case of expecting further decline. The only question is how steep the decline will be. Everything is building up towards a major slump, both on and off the pitch.
  12. Probably when a free agent is facing unemployment and has no other choice.
  13. The absolute state of the bloke, who clearly should be nowhere near a higher level professional football club. Typical of Venky's appointments in a key position.
  14. Swiss Stevie is just working out whether to go with , "We don't care about the league table", or "It's not 1995 you know", as the advertising slogan for season tickets.
  15. Yes, we are a bigger club, but let’s have a look at the attendances next season. @Crimpshrineis right, in my opinion. I live in Blackpool and they fought the battle together as a town, not just supporters. With Rovers supporters there is always an excuse.
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