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  1. They are competent dinosaurs, not the type that we would most likely appoint. I was gutted when we hired Coyle over Warnock, but feel that both he and McCarthy are now both finally past their sell by dates. However, I would still prefer either to Mowbray. The reality is we're not a big enough draw to lure a Bielsa or someone who would almost guarantee success. We still have a decent pool to fish in, but opting for a Neil or a Rowett , (who have both been touted), would be unimaginative and no more likely than an up and coming candidate, (eg Ainsworth), to succeed. Venk
  2. I take your point, but Coleman has never taken Accy to The Championship. To us, Ainsworth might be an obvious name, but not to Venkys advisers. I get why people have their reservations, but just wait until we appoint another dinosaur / complete dud and you can pretty much guarantee that Ainsworth will immediately be seen in a better light! Ainsworth is a realistic target who would almost certainly accept the job. He would put his heart and soul into the job. He comes across as bright and charismatic. In my book, that, added to a decent CV at a small club, gives him at
  3. Well, okay, but Wycombe are certainly a minnow and he got them in the Championship without a pot to p*ss in. It's the terrible start that's done for them, unfortunately. Ainsworth is one of several I'd be happy with. None of them will end up here.
  4. I wouldn't get too hung up about that as a good few will be off. I would be looking at Ainsworth as a long term appointment. It won't happen, of course. This is Venkys car crash FC.
  5. Not sure about @roversfan99, but I would definitely be a returning season ticket holder if Ainsworth was appointed. Alas, I can see him going to Preston and us being stuck with a guy who is like a house guest over staying his welcome.
  6. Well I would suggest that appointing a series of stooges and the manager's mate are not the most likely to yield a positive outcome. That is not a case of their being unlucky, it's wilful neglect.
  7. A competent, empowered and functioning CEO would do it. Then it wouldn't matter that they know the square root of zero about football. The fact they still have appointed one is proof that they still haven't learned anything.
  8. Made even taller by having to play on Tuesday and Thursday next week.
  9. I hope he's right, as it would be an indicator that Mowbray will not be manager next season.
  10. Good idea. I think it's been looked at before, but maybe an advert in the Indian press rather than the LT?
  11. I'm not sure it's a good idea to encourage a gathering at the moment. If nothing else, it would allow for the supporters to be painted in a bad light. The trouble with the plane is, it's a bit of a hackneyed old idea now, and may appear a little crass. A newspaper advert might be good, but I guess the LT would be loathe to run it for fear of upsetting the club.
  12. Yes, there's something in that. I once read that Bob Paisley used to term bigging up opponents as "throwing them a toffee". That said, can you imagine if a manager came out in the pre - match presser and said, " We should thump them because they're sh*t". 🙂
  13. I think they're weighing up whether to appoint someone from Barratt or Redrow.
  14. Maybe The Coventrio were too busy trying to flog the training ground to mention it.
  15. The signing of Downing, (pipe and carpet slippers), for the second time epitomises Mowbray's tenure. Good work if you can get it.
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