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  1. From what I've seen he's more of an attacking midfielder, probably play on the left or right side of the attacking three behind a striker. Reports here in Germany seem to think he will likely sign. Would be surprised if he could play as a championship standard defender. He also refused to play in the game(s) that decided Hamburg would be relegated for the first time in their history! Can't remember what his reasons were though.
  2. They would want over 10 million for him. I wouldn't pay it and not sure he would move to the championship either.
  3. I haven't posted on here for years but I'm a frequent reader. Just saw the Anton Waldemar suggestion and I'm hoping we wouldn't go for him. I've been living in Hannover and watched him play several times. He is highly rated but not by me. He was part of one of the worst teams and defences Hannover have had in a long time. Things were going so badly wrong that they were pretty much relegated by Christmas and he was stripped of the captaincy soon after the winter break. He has been trying to jump ship and Hannover could do will getting rid of some players. Anton won't be at the top of the list t
  4. Hannover 96 beat Byern 3-1. I didn't go to the game because the tickets were sold out on the day so I went to the Cebit instead. Was offered tickets for €85 each Looks like there is a chance that they could sneak into 3rd palce for the champions league ahead of Byern!
  5. Yep it was! Time has flown bye since I arrived here. Good spot I was suprised at the sacking as I knew they were lower down the league then they should be, but the way they played some good football and they could have beaten or at least drawn with Hannover who may sneak into the Champions league next year. Shows that football, at the end of the day, is judged on results and not performances.
  6. bitte. Yeah there are quite a few differences between English and German football. I play for a fairly big team (although rubbish) in Hannover and they take it fairly seriously so it's almost all tactics tactics tactics. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I now played for an English team again. I've never learnt half the things i've learnt in just 18 months here! But maybe this discussion is for another thread...
  7. Hannover 96 1-0 Wolfsburg Attendance: Last season sell out, this season about 40 000 (out of 49 000) Last season: I had just arrived from England and couldn't speak a word of deutsch. Somehow got free tickets for the game and during the next 3 hours leart a lot about german football. Two most important things I learnt were: Every matchday seems to start with a beer and a bratwurst and Hannover and Wolfsburg are big rivals and 'we' must not lose. Well it ended up 5-0 and Wolfsburg all but secured the championship in Hannover, whilst at the same time almost relegated Hannover. Dzeko was a
  8. Hannover 96 0-1 Schlake 04 Hannover 96: Zieler - Cherundolo, Haggui, Pogatetz, C. Schulz - Schmiedebach, Pinto - Schlaudraff, Rausch - Ya Konan , Abdellaoue Schalke: 04: Neuer - Moritz, Höwedes, Metzelder, Schmitz - Kluge, Rakitic - Farfan, Draxler - Raul - Huntelaar Attendace: Close to a full capacity of 49000 Bought the tickets at the last minute. Costed €25 for a student ticket. Normally priced between €10-40. Arrived 1 hour before the game and you could hear the fans singing inside the ground almost before you could see the stadium! First half: Schlake just shaded it. Only goa
  9. I have just read the LT report about Ronnie. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times because I played for Wilpshire, and one of my best memories of my time playing for wilpshire (there werent many - we lost almost every game...) was the award evenings when I got to shake his hand and wear one of his england caps! I picked the Brazil one I knew almost nothing about his football career, but I remember thinking that he would have been a great grandfather.
  10. I used to live nearby but had no idea it was any good! Just been back to England and ate out a lot. Went to three fishes and it was great as usual.
  11. R.I.P condolences to both his friends and family and Preston Blue
  12. He is a legend here, club captain and someone people looked up to. Such a shock and a shame. Rest in peace
  13. I had a NY cheesecake from the 'famous cheesecake diner' a while ago. I love my cheesecakes, but I didn't like that one Was towards Wall street area, but no idea if it is the real ''famous NY cheesecake diner' or not.
  14. Good game. Reached level 4, 62%. Don't think this would be a good career move for me!!
  15. I think this was my first ever game I watched! I didn't even like football then but a few years later I had season tickets and played for 3 different teams a week! Good times. Wonder what would have happened if we lost!? Maybe I would have supported the other local team
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