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  1. Sorry mate but it has to be Spice Tandoori in my opinion. The quality of the food is restaurant standard and you get generous portions. My favourite curry from there is the Sylhet Murgie Masala from the specials. Had a meal at the Calypso restaurant at Enam Wharf the other day and have to say it was fantastic. We had the banquet selection with a variation in different carribean foods as none of us had ever tried it before.
  2. I'm going down. Got my Kean out signs ready for the game.
  3. Just recently taken up cycling as opposed to getting the bus to work, mrs uses car. The bus would take nearly an hour and I'd have to change in town. Cycling takes me 20-30 mins now and is improving my fitness. I use a GPS tracking map to record my rides, it informs you of your progress, route, speeds etc. Been watching it a lot on tv also, regret not doing it sooner tbh
  4. RIP Ronnie, very sad news for all Rovers fans
  5. Yeah I think it's Large or XL, it's not a baggy top though.
  6. I have out grown my perspex shirt and as I know how rare they are to find these days I have placed it up for sale on ebay, it's size 44-46. Link to item on Ebay It has a few niggles and bobbles, as well as a small part of the ribero logo missing. It is over 20 years old though and is in good condition with plenty of wear left or would be great for display. If you know anybody who is looking for a perspex shirt please let them know also. I will send abroad but will charge the extra depending on how much it is etc. Thanks
  7. Going to take some flowers down to Ewood today.
  8. I think those of us who were there and saw what happened will all be suffering. As this sinks in more and more the pain is growing, the facebook photos are hurting the most. I know I couldn't have done anything more but I can't help but feel guilty though, I am so sorry for the family and his son. This is the 1st time I've dealt with anything like this and although I'm First Aid trained nothing could prepare me for this, the paramedics were excellent when they arrived by the way. I've been to so many away games, followed the team in europe, season ticket holder etc, etc. I've never been in any trouble with the police or stewards. I just feel that I don't want anything to do with football anymore or the club that I love. Blackburn Rovers away supporters are a family and on Sunday morning one of our family died RIP John.
  9. Okay I was one of the witnesses and have given my evidence to the police already. The lad was on our coach to the game, and had been a number of times before. I don't know what to say on here, just that I couldn't get to him in time. The paramedics were quick to take over just as we'd got him on his back and were starting CPR, I'd tried to stop the bleeding with my jacket and another lady was helping him before me she tried her best also. The paramedics were working on him for a while whilst I was there. Nobody attacked him, another guy at the station filmed it all on his phone, he said that the lad had tried to header the bin.
  10. I would be very dissapointed if Benny was to leave, it's been mentioned that he will be hungry this year to get his place back in the South African squad, with this in mind I have a feeling we will be seeing plenty of goals from him.
  11. Well I think it would be sweet justice to watch the roma scum get what they have deserved, so long as it doesn't affect the rest of the stunning city.
  12. I agree that this years games line up looks excellent. Been playing Killzone quite alot lately after playing Cod Waw to death and I have to say it is an excellent game which gets better online as you progress and unlock badges and weapons etc. I haven't completed the single player side of things as I've been busy setting up my clan (DSpx) ready for tournaments. I am not that keen on RE5 as the demo felt too clunky imo, I probabley will still buy it when I have games to trade in but I'm happy with KZ2 for now. Not played Hawx yet but I agree that Ace combat on the ps2 was an excellent game so I may look into this. I heard mixed reviews about Socom as I know a few lads who were on the beta and there were so many issues online that it put them off. Socom were my favourite games on the ps2 though and a couple of my clan members have been enjoying it although they said it is hard to get to grips with at 1st due to the controls. I am really looking forward to Uncharted 2 as the first one is still the best game I've played on the ps3 imo. Also ghostbusters looks fun.
  13. Got to disagree there mate ''Haze'' anyone. I enjoyed Far Cry 2 and completed it. It does get a bit repetetive towards the end but the story line is a good and there is a twist at the end. The travelling can get boring but all you need to do is get the buses everywere, its so much easier and quicker. The multiplayer is fun but doesn't have much longetivity. I loved the map editor though and spent ages on my maps with some of the lads in my clan.
  14. Been playing COD waw since Friday. The single player mode is great and the zombies bonus round is great fun when you are in a group of 4. Initially I wasn't too keen on the multiplayer side of things, but after a few games I began to love it. I've played COD 4 to death and so this game was easy to get back into the flow of things. The maps are bigger but I feel that some of them aren't as well thought out as some of the COD4 maps. I also think that there is a lot more camping and that the spawns are terrible. Also beware when playing roundhouse as there is a glitch that people are using to get under the map near the train tracks. I'm loving the sub machine guns, especially the Thompson. The rifles are also really effective but take a bit of getting used to. The dogs are good and give you a fighting chance of surviving against them. Also they flush out the enemy so follow behind them and take out the opposition as they are defending themselves against the dogs. I'm rank 62 now so 3 more to go until 1st prestige. My KD ratio is 1.74 on my redgengis account and 5.92 on my Clan account. There is also a stats page that you can link to your psn tag, its on COD.com. Its an interesting feature as you can look back at all your games to see how you did. I'll post mine on here tonight. Its an interesting feature and handy for me as I run a clan on consolegaming. I can check all my teams stats and choose the teams on how well they play on certain maps etc.
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