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  1. Corrected it for you! For a wise old sage you're doing a good impression of how not to be one!
  2. I tried to watch it mate I really did but after 4 attempts I still can't watch it all the way through with those awesome bouncing bundles of joy demanding my eyes attention! Send her my way once your finished!
  3. I doubt they even know what a coin is and most likely if they do know what it is think it's beneath them as only commoners use coins!!!
  4. Removes unmentionables (trousers or gets it out) Agents finger prints (I assume the dark lord helps out here) Indian ink (IE what comes at the end) Venky stains (he got it all over himself and his clothes)
  5. 2 and 3 were ok, 3's the best. 1 well I'm an avid fan and I never watch it. to be honest they should have just made three. 7-9 will be interesting I always hoped it would be the thrawn trilogy but apparently not. the books stretch some 50 years after episode 6 so they had best not do a star trek. the fans will go spastic if leia becomes the jedi leader and luke starts popping out chewbaccas babies.
  6. we're taking the series in a new direction and yet all I got was a feeling of de ja vu. lazy over paid hollywood rip off merchants. if he dares do to star wars what hes done to star trek I'll do more than punch mickeys head of next time im at Disney land.
  7. The bigger blow was to my bank balance!!! Ipswich and Barca with 3 goals tonight for me.
  8. My condolences. There are one or two nice places down there if being honest but they're all quite rural and it would be good if one or two better ones opened in the cities. Out of curiosity where did you live in Devon I was based just north of Crediton in a little village who's best amenity was a bus every tuesday and thursday.
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