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  1. Do you care to elaborate on the aggression you have received from the group, or the questioning? Forgive me but I have no idea who you are, or why you'd be making such an accusation. If it has happened then I'd like to be made aware of it. Thanks in advance.
  2. It certainly is mate, you like i, will have so many memories of him, it still doesn't seem real
  3. A wonderful send off yesterday for John, it was clear that he touched so many lives and was well liked by many people. Sleep well now John, you'll always be remembered.
  4. I was deeply saddened to hear this news yesterday and my heart goes out to his family. I only spoke to Warren personally on Thursday evening, where he was sharing with me his new charity launch,and his new website: http://www.thewooleyfoundation.org.uk/warrens-story/ Warren was a truly brave man, an inspiration to everyone and a valuable member of the Rovers family. R.I.P Warren.
  5. Rest In Peace Kelbo. As Glenn states in the opening post, whilst most of us never knew him personally, we all still feel like he was a friend, and that is testament to online communities such as this one, which brings a family of Rovers Supporters together. It is always sad to lose one of our own. Kelvin was a very articulate poster, extremely balanced in his views and as others have stated, never fell out with anyone. The site will certainly miss his excellent contribution. More importantly however, my thoughts and wishes go out to Kelvins family at this horrific time, in this day and ag
  6. Might want to get the last one out of the Aqueduct, it closes in a few weeks and is to be sold with a covenant on it to prevent it ever reopening as a public house.
  7. Here's Bishop Tuson's speech in full: Oh Walker, Jack Walker, Walker Look down on your team from the heavens above, be proud Jack Walker, for what they have done I bless thee one and all in the name of the bitter, and of the mild, and of the Holy lager This team I said was far too slow, did not like it down below The humiliation of going down, came then the strength they have found To ascend the Premier League Blackburn Rovers have returned The other teams are nowhere to be seen, for Blackburn surely are the cream In the wake they are scattered across the land, for Rovers had the upper
  8. Quite stunned after reading this website http://www.colinhendrylies.com/
  9. Just seen the news Fred Walker has passed away on Saturday, memorial service to be held at the Cathedral tomorrow. sad news. R.I.P
  10. This really puts our problems into perspective! He must have had serious personal problems. Another true pro has left the earth too soon. Thoughts are with his family and friends, the world of football unites in your grief. R.I.P GARY
  11. my thoughts at this sad time go out to Ronnie's wife Val and his family. Absolutely devastated upon hearing this news. I met Ronnie on many occasions through ground tours when younger, various events down at the ground and he was often seen pottering around the ground. Always took the time out of his schedule to talk to the fans. Unfortunately i am too young to ever remember Ronnie in the famous blue and white halves, however I have always been told of his ability by my father. Today is a sad sad day for everyone associated with Blackburn Rovers Football Club. I hope the club give him a
  12. Former Rovers forward Ian Lawther has died aged 71. link on official site http://www.rovers.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10303~2035863,00.html R.I.P
  13. http://msn.foxsports.com/football/story/10349980/Germany-goalkeeper-Robert-Enke-dies-at-age-32 such a shame
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