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  1. He broke a bone in his foot against Wycombe, yes he is out again but it’s a bit different from a muscle strain
  2. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/may/collect-your-face-in-the-crowd/ End of June….the club is certainly working on a go slow
  3. My Mrs got me one of these for my birthday and contacted the club recently, they said they would make an announcement when they are ready for collection, apparently they are at the training ground awaiting players to sign them
  4. We are not on the lookout for signings especially from Europe which is where Glyn focused on, we are waiting to enter the loan market (Mowbray’s words) which is lazy/easy scouting the Prem top teams. Kaminski was an exceptional signing but it doesn’t look like that’s our area of focus. I’d like nothing more than us to be finding some gems like Kaminski but it ain’t going to happen
  5. No point having any scouts if we haven’t got a pot to p!ss in to sign anyone, very worrying the amount of staff leaving especially at this stage of the new season. A message of intent would go down well from Waggot but that guy seems to be invisible at the moment, however he will be first on the scene moaning about the lack of season ticket sales being the reason we haven’t signed anyone.
  6. We should set up 541 today to help deal with the physical side and set plays from Cardiff, fingers crossed we get something out of the game because as much as we all want Mowbray out we still need to survive in the championship. TK THB Lenihan Branthwaite Nyambe Douglas Trybull Johnson Holtby Elliott Armstrong
  7. If he is still in charge for the next home match (which he will be) then I would say get as many fans to the ground to protest, social distancing and all that.
  8. That wasn’t the game I watched or should I say tried to stay awake watching
  9. Why do we continue to try and pass the ball through the middle on that mine field, switch it up and play Breo and Gallagher up top and get balls into the box from the wings.
  10. I’m strangely looking forward to tomorrow’s game and I think we will win 2-0, the players using Dack’s injury as motivation to win for him.
  11. I think he will be given a couple more games, I’m not saying that is the right thing to do but surely he would have been gone by now. The way we are playing we are so open, he needs to tighten up so going 352 with wing backs is the way forward for me. TK THB Lenihan Branthwaite Nyambe Douglas Evans Travis Elliott (Dack/Rothwell) Breo Armstrong
  12. Watford are good side especially out wide with tricky/pacey players so I am really fearful for who he plays at full back. Rather than playing players out of position young Pike could be a good option.
  13. TK THB Lenihan Branthwaite Nyambe Douglas Travis Downing Dack Elliott Armstrong
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