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  1. Yep. We also got fleeced by Forest for Lansbury, doesn’t change my view or those of people who saw him in training every day though. He just isn’t a very good finisher.
  2. So... thoughts on the game. I thought you were quite poor first half, couldn’t really see what the game plan was but we also played as well as we’ve played in a long time, our passing and movement was excellent and we should have been out of sight. The second half I thought you showed character and some spirt, you could have crumbled after the 2nd. You certainly had more of the ball and put us under more pressure even if you rarely really threatened. Could have been different if we weren’t fortunate to have the immense Mings who has transformed our team. I though Dack was quite
  3. I know people at Forest, I’m sorry to say I think you over paid for a bit of a dud.
  4. I used to marvel at his ability to do that, and the way he would drop a ball in behind a back four even on an angle and get it to hold up or come back on the bounce. He was a sublime player, he totally made David Platt.
  5. And what a fine, fine, fine player he was. An utter pleasure to watch and just about the nicest guy you could ever meet in football.
  6. Think the closest one has gone (lots going in the area), think the closest away pub is the Wilton Arms.
  7. Not a problem mate and I agree largely with his views. In terms of the attendance, they've opened the top tier of the Trinity Road Stand, I wouldn't be surprised if its as high as 37'000 - 38'000.
  8. Ming and Hause have made a huge difference to us since they arrived but Jack coming back is the thing that's transformed us, it just lifts the games of all around him by 10-15%. It is impossible to over state how important he is to us, Tammy has scored a lot of goals but I'd rather be without him than captain Jack. I'm looking forward to watching Dack, just hope he doesn't play too well.
  9. The coach park is literally next to the ground so you cross the road and you are in, but you won’t have trouble at VP.
  10. Hope you have a good trip down, you’ll get the normal idiots sitting near the away fans but VP is generally a good ground for away fans, most like it, and Rovers fans are well thought of by a lot of Villa fans. How you travelling down?
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