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  1. If it’s a payout that TM is after then let’s give him Brereton or Gallagher and tell him to flog them. He bought them. He can see the true value in them. Let’s shake on that, Tony.
  2. Health, wealth and happiness in 2021 to all. Happy New Year!!
  3. Merry Christmas to Fans of the Rovers all over the world. Southern Ontario is bracing for lots of snow Christmas Eve, so Santa should be able to bring guaranteed promotion, no problem...😎
  4. A good win and three points moves Rovers back in contention and shows that they are capable of a big points return over the Christmas period. Top six here we come...oh come all ye faithful to Ewood! 1-3 to the Rovers.
  5. There are many very talented players in the MLS. They are affordable and more than capable of playing in the Championship. Richie Laryea of TFC would easily start at LB for Rovers. He has speed, defends well and scores the odd goal.
  6. RIP Stuart. As a schoolboy, played both with and against Meccy. I remember stopping by his house in Mill Hill to find him kicking a tennis ball against the stone wall on the cobblestones of their back ginnel. That’s how you mastered ball control, old school. Remember him showing us his new boots paid for by the Rovers, for whom he had just signed. He had picked them up in Manchester. We were in awe. His sister, Christine, was the last girl that I dated before leaving for Canada. We all gathered at the Lions Dance Club on Saturday evenings. A good lad, Stuart.
  7. Pressure is definitely on now. Let’s hope that Derby feel that they have little to play for and Rovers finish them off early...?
  8. Players with their socks pulled up over their knees...they look like they’ve mistakenly put on their wife’s nylons...?
  9. Quote”One of the softest penalties I have seen this season. “ said the game commentator
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