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  1. The we won ' nowt' entertainers are on at 1930 tonight 😂😂
  2. When Bruce finally gets his severance from Newcastle , I doubt he will manage again....
  3. This season would be a success if Mowbray is sacked and we stay up .. I think Derbys woes , will aid us in relegation , alongside Peterboro , who are 2 teams already nailed on for the drop...
  4. If we avoid defeat in this fixture , I will be pleasantly surprised ..
  5. Not sure anyone could get us up with these players... Need a new manager to get rid of the dross we have accumulated in Mowbrays reign... Then next summer , hit the ground running ... It wont happen , no one connected with the club as the desire too make it happen !! Players with fire in their bellies , like David Speedie is much needed..
  6. If his project here is allowed to meanander much longer , a relegation battle beckons ... He beggers belief !
  7. I go most home games , I totally agree he is on easy Street... I life in hope , we will drift slowly but surely down the league if sweet FA happens...
  8. I was in Majorca then, didn't look to hard but I guess you had a laptop and VPN ?
  9. The tipping point could well be next Saturday , I think we will lose at QPR that leaves Reading at home next Saturday... Lose that and his easy ride will come to an end , there won't be many from Reading and the shouts of Mowbray out will be heard ... He needs and deserves to be hounded out , his welcome has been over stayed by at least 3 years ...
  10. It is time the crowd instead of singing about a party , when Burnley go down... Flipped the record over to Mowbray Out !!
  11. How many more points , will this buffoon cost us ??
  12. Thank god , proper football is back this weekend, at least I can watch it ... International football needs to be confined to one tournament every 4 years and no meaningless friendlies...
  13. Also , some nervy people in the corridors of power at Old Trafford and especially Anfield ...
  14. I agree with the Dingle bit , I can see the Man U and Liverpool objecting to this big style , the premier league will come under great pressure to reject this deal , will be interesting to see , personally any team that prevents those two clubs from getting silverware , wil;l be a benefit ..
  15. For all the good you are doing here Mr Mowbray , In the name of God go !!!
  16. That is the crux of the matter .... He gets away with it though !
  17. I am on a beach in Majorca , San Miguel and Estrella , singing we want Mowbray Out !!!
  18. The question I would ask, is why can't he get a game at Leeds ? They are a very poor team ...
  19. I think the floodlights failed that afternoon for 15 minutes , bloody freezing and hung over ....
  20. Having watched Leeds v Burnley and the 2nd half of Leeds v Newcastle , if he can't get a game at Leeds he is crap !!
  21. Your first paragraph is spot on , I have been wondering that since the Venkys pitched up ...
  22. Barnsley lost their manager to WBA , could be a long season for them..He had them over achieving big style ... Just wish we could lose ours!
  23. The first 5 years , probably very very worried !
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