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  1. Why is Brereton looking better for Chile than us? I think having the likes of Vidal slipping balls to you rather than Trybull, Evans or Johnson certainly helps.
  2. Did we get promoted back to the Premier League last season without any of us realising? Presume the £36 games will be for the likes of City, Liverpool and Utd?
  3. Interesting that Benno thanks everyone but the fans in his leaving message.
  4. A good guy off the pitch but he's a lge 1 player and has been for a while. Good decision. The decks have been cleared. We've lost a lot of players but all, barring Harvey Elliott, are low quality players.
  5. Looking forward to our new Chilean International signing Brereton Diaz playing for us next season! From the highlights I've seen, he looked like one of their brighter players. It's only going to help him playing for the national team. He'll come back with that little bit of arrogance that you sometimes need to be a good player. If nothing else, it adds a larger price tag on his head, no doubt about that.
  6. Great to see JRC sign up for the long term. I'm a big fan. He's the sort of player who will be 7/10 every game. You need players like that.
  7. He's going nowhere. Venkys trust him and that means more to them than results on the pitch. We saw it with Kean, Venkys liked him and therefore he was bulletproof regardless of how bad results were. TM goes when he wants to go. He will walk eventually, probably not too far into the season if we have a bad start. Our owners may continue to pay the bills but they never know which way to turn when a decision needs to be made, so it's just easier for them to stick with the status quo. That's simply because they have no idea about football. I have zero interest or excitement for t
  8. Great to see Wharton sign a new deal. I wasn't convinced about him until last season when he looked like a class act. A good old fashioned centre half who will get in the way of everything. Big fan.
  9. This has to be one of the most bizarre call ups ever. Great for him though. You can't help but feel he's one of the most overrated young players. First he gets sold for £7m and now he gets called up by Chile!
  10. TM will be here on day 1 of next season without a doubt. No inside knowledge but none needed really. We all know Venkys by now, they don't care and nor would they know what to do next if they did get rid of him. They've got a lot on their plate with their main business interests, they don't want the hassle of having this to sort out too. That's the sad reality of it. No Armstrong, no Dack, No Elliot next season. It will be pretty grim. We need some top quality loans because there's no way we can buy that sort of quality with the budget we have. Even if we do get some quality loans, the M
  11. Good decision to let Evans go. He's not contributed anything for a long time. The only one I'd potentially keep as a back up is Johnson, all the others can go. The likes of Bennett, Downing, Trybull offered nothing last season, so although it makes the squad look a little thin, we're not impacting the quality of the squad. Elliott going does impact the quality of the squad and when Armstrong inevitably leaves, that's another big hole to fill. He deserves a crack at the prem though. On reflection, the transfer dealings last summer were a bit of a disaster despite looking like a good
  12. As much as I'm all for fans making their voice heard, sadly we all know Venkys couldn't care less what the fans think. Plus, there's only always a minority of fans that protest so it's easy for the club to dismiss it as "the view of a minority of fans". It's funny how the media are supportive of poor Man Utd who've only spent 700m since the Glazers took over, whereas when little old clubs like Blackburn protest, who have been dealt a far worse hand than Utd, the media barely give it a minute's air time and give off the general vibe of "who do they think they are anyway". Only now are the
  13. Reading TMs quotes today and I've never seen a manager so blatantly send out a "I deserve the sack" message before. Just put him out of his misery in the summer and give him a payoff and let him go and spend some time with his family. He's not good enough and isn't enjoying the job now either. Ainsworth would be a no for me. There are managers out there who are good at managing the huge underdogs and getting them to punch above their weight, and then they struggle when they go to a bigger club and expectations are a lot higher. I'd put him in that bracket. He could very well go som
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