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  1. For anyone that reads the Nicko gossip column in The Sun, the “whispers” section seems to be referring to Mowbray potentially getting fired because of the Ayala signing. To paraphrase: Which championship manager’s job may be on the line after being urged NOT to sign an injury prone defender last summer, only to then go and give him a 3 year deal. He’s barely played since due to injury.
  2. I suppose everyone wins on the tombola occasionally. It is a big result as it probably means it's unlikely we'll now be dragged into a relegation battle.
  3. Millwall are over evens to win the game. May as well make some money on this.
  4. My word, what a dreadful line up. We're gonna get bullied off the park. Tony tombola really has gone up a notch today. This is just yet more evidence that Tony has run out of ideas.
  5. Did anyone realise he was still here? He's barely played for 3 years.
  6. This is so, so easy for Reading. There's absolutely nothing about our team. The occasion nice passage of passing but it goes absolutely nowhere, and we're wide open at the back. The set up of the team is so unbelievably bad.
  7. Too open, and a little too pretty with no real substance. Even Keith Andews can see where the problems lie.
  8. Soft goals time and time again. You don't get anywhere in football if you can't defend. TM is very lucky to still be in a job. He wouldnt be at a club with competent owners.
  9. Nicko saying there's a bit about us in the paper tomorrow and replied to a question about TM with "needs results..and soon". He's changed his stance from a week ago when he said TM was well protected. I suspect he's heard something to change his mind. Could the owners finally have lost patience?
  10. Looking at the upcoming fixtures, we're bang in trouble. A relegation fight ahead. We should be ok but what a hopeless season.
  11. The regression continues. Terrible result against a poor side. Didnt watch the game and won't be for the rest of the season.
  12. I think that TM will resign at the end of the season, probably along with Waggot. That's my hunch. TM has dropped hints recently to suggest he won't be here - comments he made around the training ground and "not wanting to be a burden" on the club. He also looks like he's no longer enjoying the job and he'll know he's lost the support of the fans. I don't agree with fans who question his integrity or compare him to Kean, that's just nonsense. He had enough credit in the bank to have a chance to prove he's the man to take us up to the prem. He's not a good enough manager to take us
  13. What a bonkers club. Five defeats in a row and a dreadful season overall, yet I suspect he's under no pressure whatsoever in terms of being fired.
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