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  1. Big clearcut needed - particularly in the management dugout. I personally think it will be a "mutual" parting of ways in thd summer. Lots of players out of contract and going back to parent clubs. Not sure that's a huge problem as most have shown they're not up to it. 1 good game in 5 for a lot of them. Elliot is the only one that will be missed hugely.
  2. Phew. We're safe. Time for big changes in the summer. Dreadful season all round.
  3. IF we can hold on for another few mins then we're safe. Derby on the other hand...
  4. Are we actually winning a football match? Jeez how bad are Derby then.
  5. Stopped watching this shambles a while ago but from twitter feeds and on here it sounds like we've got even worse than when I last watched, which I didn't think was possible. Derby are not even playing a striker, are they?
  6. This is beyond a joke now. We can't afford to lose this one.
  7. Does anyone seriously expect us to be level for very long? Useless bunch.
  8. Just gotta hope Rotherham don't put a run together as we are so, so bad.
  9. Brum picked up a point, Huddersfield obviously going to lose. The latter getting thrashed helps us as you'd imagine they'll be well up for the Rotherham game. I don't think we'll go down but it's appalling that we are even genuinely talking about it with the squad we have. You'd think the law of averages would mean that we'll pick up one win from the final six games which would mean Rotherham have to win 5 of their remaining 10 games. That's a tall order.
  10. I appreciate posters sharing news that they've heard as that's what a forum is all about. I'm sure it's all posted in good faith but I'm pretty certain TM will still be here come the final game of the season. Our club is way down the priority list of the owners and acting now would add to their list of problems. It's easier for them to do nothing at all and carry on as usual. The summer may be when a change is made but I think its pie in the sky to think anything will happen before then sadly. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Put the man out of his misery, Venkys. He's basically said in his interview that he deserves to be sacked but its not his decision. This talk of doing the honourable thing and walking away if things weren't working was nonsense. He's not someone who's going to walk into another highly paid job after his time ends here, he'll be lge 1 at best. He needs that pay off. The blame is firmly at the owners door imo.
  12. Arma sums up the rapid decline in the team. Been hopeless second half of the season.
  13. We're lucky Rotherham are losing and the number of games is down to a small number. Another 10 and we'd be gonners. The wheels have come off completely and are not coming back on anytime soon.
  14. We are a joke club and have been since Venkys took charge. They have no clue what to do when change is needed. They haven't got a clue.
  15. Brum win and Rotherham have 4 games in hand. We're back in a relegation battle.
  16. 1-1. How long will it take for Norwich to take it up a notch and grab the winning goal? I'm going for 8 minutes.
  17. Gutted. Hate to say it, but I do think that's Dack finished as a top level player. Dreadful news.
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