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  1. Same old problems persist and will do until we get a better manager. A draw felt about right as Coventry were the better team for long periods and were on the wrong end of some shocking refereeing. Buckley should have got a second yellow and it was a stonewall penalty in the second half. Mid table beckons.
  2. Magloire. My word. Completely out of his depth and always out of position. I blame the manager for playing him as he's clearly not ready.
  3. I thought we did well last night overall. All you can ever ask is that your team gives it their all and never gives up until the final whistle. Brereton and Rothwell were outstanding I thought. What a mess that we've let a lot of our best players enter the final 12 months of their contract. It's unforgivable really. Our defence without Lenihan is always a shambles. It went completely to pot when Nyambe went off. Magloire is nowhere near ready for this level but you can't blame him too much. Despite the disappointment of last night, I have a much firmer belief now that we may actually have a decent season this year. Yes, we've got a worse team than last year but so have the vast majority of the teams in this league. This surely has to be the weakest league since we got relegated from the prem with most teams cutting back due to financial problems from covid.
  4. Poor performance but a clean sheet and another point in the bag. I'd have taken 6th at this stage before the season started so can't complain too much. Poveda was really poor. I'm sure there's more to come from him once he's fully fit. Clarkson doesn't look anywhere near ready for first team football unfortunately. The same can be said for Buckley. Ayala is an absolute rock at the back and Kaminiski saved the day when it looked like they were gonna score. Khadra looks like he's going to be a big asset.
  5. Butterworth and Khadra the real deal. Clarkson and Buckley should take note.
  6. Hard to think of a poorer window than this one. The owners simply haven't backed the manager with any money and have clearly told the board to reduce the wage bill. Our wage structure is just not competitive at this level anymore. Our starting 11 is decent but our squad is very poor.
  7. Great signing. Imagine his wages are well out of reach for us.
  8. Good away point today against a decent Boro team. We've started the season better than I expected but its a long season and we're well short on numbers and quality. It's looking like there are at least three worse teams than us though.
  9. I personally feel Chapman is a lge 1 player and that's why he's always on the fringes. But we'll see if he proves his doubters wrong.
  10. We've still got a very small squad with a lot of games to play. There will still be plenty of chances for Chapman this season.
  11. The current state of the club unfortunately. It won't change any time soon unless we can fluke promotion or get competent owners. Neither are likely.
  12. Poveda - pretty happen with that signing. From what I've seen and heard, he's a little unpredictable and can make things happen. Exactly what we need as we're looking very light on creative sparks.
  13. Beaten by a team with better individual players today. But thought we competed well overall despite the big gap in quality. Really like the look of Carter the more I see of him. Think he's going to be a very, very good player. Clarkson looks good on the ball, I was impressed by him. Still not sure what to make of Buckley. He's got undoubted quality on the ball but games seem to pass him by. 7 points from 4 tough fixtures. I'd have snapped your hand off if you'd offered me that before the start of the season.
  14. When you look at the clubs our departed players have gone to, it does make you realise what dross they were. Holtby gone to a club I've never heard of in the second division of German football and the rest below via Rich Sharpe. @richsharpe89 Of those released by Rovers in the summer: Downing (retired), Bennett (Shrewsbury), Mulgrew (Dundee United), Evans (Sunderland), Holtby (Holstein Kiel), Bell (Luton). Of the loanees: Harwood-Bellis (Anderlecht) and Douglas (Lech Poznan).
  15. Not sure I believe the validity of the source. They've got a 50/50 chance of being right and they've clearly had a guess at 'no' in the hope of being the first to "exclusively reveal" that he's not coming here. It may well turn out that he doesn't come here but that source is just having a guess imo.
  16. I personally hope that the Obafemi deal comes off. We're not in a position to sign proven players so we either take a punt on someone from the lower leagues or we take a punt on a young striker who hasn't quite made the grade at a premier league club. From the small number of times I've seen him play he looks to have a lot of potential - and great pace. You have to be half decent to be in and around the first team of a premier league club. In saying all of that, I'm not convinced he will want to move here. Will likely mean a drop in wages as well as a complete re-location. That's a huge thing for a 21 year old. I think he may end up on loan at a championship club based in London.
  17. Nixon claiming it's essentially £15m + Obafemi (although Obafemi technically a separate deal to avoid any potential storm with Newcastle who may claim the deal is more like £20m). If that's true then we've had a blinder there for someone in the last year of their contract.
  18. Well done to Adam Armstrong. He's worked hard, given everything here, and richly deserves his move to the premier league. I can't think of a single reason why he should stay here. I hope he does really well. I think he will. I'm not sure how pleased the Saints will be with the signing as he's nowhere near as good as Ings and is completely unproven at the top level.
  19. I feel like Swansea are going to be like we were last season - style over substance. There's more emphasis on keeping the ball, passing out from the back, and playing nice football rather than actually winning football matches. Hopefully we've ditched that idea and focus more on being more compact and hitting teams on the counter.
  20. Good first half. Buckley has been excellent. Liking the look of Pickering too, gets stuck in. Never been convinced about Dolan. Works hard and is a live wire but I don’t see a lot of quality there. Decent impact sub.
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