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  1. One of the reasons Armstrong worked was because he already had experience and scoring pedigree at a young age. He's a workman like striker and no doubt they have put a lot of work into him but mainly it's down to him putting in the graft. As a signing though it wasn't a massive gamble so the lesson is there. They need to replace him in similar fashion.
  2. Probably not although i'd give him a try but god knows what he'd be left with to work with. He'd be a brave man to take it on, what we don't want though is him having to work with the same backroom staff. Lowe and Venus must be gone as well otherwise it's pointless.
  3. Imagine if Mowbray and Waggot are only hanging on so they can oversee one of their major assets move on for money. Get their % if there are any and get their payoff then leg it. We can but dream, of course that would leave us further in the mire but with a genuine chance of a fresh rebuild.
  4. It's as if half the things Mowbray recommended be spent on and built up behind the scenes are now being cut back. Or does it just look like that way whilst really he's wielding his own axe via Waggot leaving only allies and friends ? Either way the last 3 years are looking even more like a waste of time and money with each passing day and departure. What a set of imcompetent tossers they all really are. Everybody who supports the team and gets behind the players now i applaud you. Anyone who still clings onto this regimes words and actions and puts them on a stupid pedestal they fell off years ago, you need help.
  5. So it'll be an undisclosed fee of around 9/10 million of which 40% of about 7 million in profit will go to Toon. Leaving us with next to feck all, a percentage of which will then be chucked away on loan fees.
  6. The attitude coming out of the club towards fans now seems to be one of 'fine if you wanna come then come, if not no skin off our nose'. God knows what it's like on the inside now.
  7. Both of those signings were talked up as young investment signings which is what he was advising the owners. According to him anyway, all his top 6 talk and don't want to sit in the middle of the division talk tended to come in summer when STs were on sale. By October the goal posts were being moved, not just last season but season before that. By end of season they've been moved to the other end of the pitch and he's a development coach. All about stability and individuals etc. A manager set single mindedly on the top 6 doesn't make those kind of signings when his team is screaming out for something else. It very much more fits the slow build 'investment' mould hoping they come good in time and are worth a few more quid. Aside from introducing our own youth most of the other stuff along the way has just been gap filling. Not building just keeping a squad big and strong enough to keep our heads above water. If last season was supposed to be the big push in the final year of FFP - and a few believe it was. Then he's blown it in the usual mundane fashion. Covid didn't help but it was probably the difference between 15th and 11th in the end. All most fans wanted to see was us having a real go and see where we landed. That has never ever happened in the last 3 seasons despite his talk.
  8. I think that stems from the way it seems to be gathering pace in recent years. In terms of being linked it could just be the usual lazy journalism knowing it gets a bit of attention because it 'might' be plausible.
  9. I think what we are trying to say is it should not happen in 2021 for the first away game of the season.
  10. Can Mowbray shape him or will he wilt in the heat of Ewood.
  11. The last thing we want is boom and bust i recall him saying......
  12. I really hope it's as straightforwards as that but it really isn't a healthy way to run for a season. Unless those two are happy to go along with it there are a lot of things that could sour. Besides when did these owners ever actually have a real plan ?
  13. How much compen is there in that lot if they all wind down then leave ?
  14. I think it's swings and roundabouts you tend to get the same old ones jump onto posts with the same old strawman arguments. Saw an LT tweet the other day in regards to Ayala and at time of me looking there was about 30 replies. 80% of them were realistic that this was a terrible signing to say the least, so i just think it depends mostly on what people are replying to. Some harmless tweets or posts get negative reactions and that triggers the types who'll not hear a bad word. Then they tend to quickly turn to insults or disappear when they can't back up their offence against realistic arguments.
  15. They will because the famous 'flex' line Waggot fed everybody in terms of high fee lower wages will be redundant. He'll want a significant wage rise and long contract and that isn't looking likely at the moment.
  16. Nothing he's ever done on the pitch has pointed that way at all. There are numerous examples. He's talked things up and down to suit his narrative at will, probably just to suit the owners. They have certainly been under the impression top 6 was the aim but this guy has strung them along imo. There's rarely been any balance between what he says and how he actually does things. That's obvious.
  17. That's the feeling i get whilst there is much petty squabbling back in India.
  18. That is grim but fans come last as we know, all Waggot wants is your money. Unless things suddenly change overnight, which with this ownership is possible, then this really does smell of Bolton mk2. If that is going to happen then the sooner and the quicker it does the better.
  19. He won't though because the scaled back model takes all the heat off him. It'll suit him down to the ground just think of the new set of excuses set to be trotted out. He already started the ball rolling the other week with his comments. So much for having faith in his players. Him and Waggot have created their own comfort zone here there's never been an ounce of ambition in either.
  20. Or Venus, depending on who is picking the team that day and who is sat at the back of the dugout. And we wonder why players look confused. Tinpot.
  21. Only at Ewood could that happen. Spend around 7 million on a kid then barely use him properly for a few years. Whilst he 'beds in' and gets used to things and grows up a bit physically and mentally. Then suddenly with the end of his contract in sight and a few more pounds on his bones he starts running around a bit. Looks like a player who might actually justify half his fee at least but just ends up playing out his time ready to move on. Absolute shower although if he'd got a contract extension 18 months ago i think there'd have been uproar. His upturn in form might have come at the best time if Armstrong goes but the worst time for things in general.
  22. No need to hate to say it really it sounds like a bit of positive news. Now if they could find Alex Neil a job as well......
  23. I agree but i'm just concerned that good young loans have been needed the last few seasons. And all have played a big part in just ensuring midtable finishes so with them gone and quite a few influential older guys it's a tricky time approaching to be so lightweight.
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