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  1. Hope and pray that they are just going to see out this ffp cycle then get shut of the trio in summer. Should be able to invest a bit again then and start again. That's probably giving them far too much credit though we are more than likely at the start of another downward spiral.
  2. 6 million in media income alone plus loss of more fans attending, corporate, sponsorship and so on. They'd need another big round of cost cutting otherwise it would still cost them 10 million a season. By then of course the club would resemble the Oyston era Blackpool.
  3. Slash and back burner would be the most likely scenario we've feared this type of thing for years. They lose interest when things aren't going well but won't give their toy away. So just peel off a few layers then stick it on the shelf and put their heads back in the sand until something catches their interest again. At the end of the day it's stereotypical behaviour for rich spoilt brats.
  4. The difference in income from being a steady championship club to a middling league 1 club will cost them about 10 million in lost revenue.
  5. And the main reason for that is continuing to employ people who just aren't capable of doing what PNE and Barnsley etc do with less at their disposal. Surely to god at least one of the realizes this ?
  6. Yet they won't get shut of the ones who've been wasting their backing by getting nowhere near finishing in the top ten. Surely after last time they tried this approach and it lead to relegation they don't want a repeat of that. Is this really the owners plan or the model the Coventrio have been pitching to them ? Mowbray seemed to be expecting this he alluded to it before the end of last season. Sorry i'm just not having it they've had it thrust upon them it very much seems like something they are more suited to ability wise. It WILL end in relegation again if not this season then the one after that all it takes to tip it is a few departures. Lack of ambition will see to that once the good players realize what the craic is. As for Waggot, Mowbray and co they are in it up to their eyeballs.
  7. They all have their reasons in this remarkable set of coincidences.
  8. If it meant they could carry on with things the way they are, employ whoever they wanted without any fan interference they'd fund this club if there was nobody in the stands at all. I'm utterly convinced of that, the fans to them just get in the way of their pals running the show.
  9. Was reading through a load of Bolton fans comments before on the game today. Many saying how bad Rovers were and how much they felt really connected to their club again. Some saying they were going to sell 10k STs and the club had the feel of how it did a decade or so ago again. We've finally got our club back said others whilst the general gist is they wouldn't want to swap places with us at any price. Says it all when some of ours would gladly swap places with them just to feel cleansed of this farcical era.
  10. I think he's more bothered about external questions on this one than internal stuff. There was a few rumours last season though that some at the club weren't best pleased with this signing. I reckon hes had those moved out though....
  11. I sense a bit of panic around Ayala now as Mobray will be desperate to justify his signing. So now he's coming out with the we have to manage him line and talking about him not training as much. Hes absolutely dropped another bollock here and he knows it so i expect nonsense around this guy this season. He'll be chucked in and out when he feels he's fit enough and of course it's another excuse to rotate. Sooner Wharton gets fit again the better.
  12. Always like Baptiste when he was here we should have built the center of defence around him. Instead GB had him at right back where apart from lack of pace he was probably better than Henley etc. Shame they didn't keep him but i suppose hes more suited to a level or two below now.
  13. The thing that will undo us is the inevitable death spirals that we have every season with this manager. We tend to just play through them as he keeps chopping and changing and doing bizarre things. Eventually the law of averages kicks in and something clicks and we win a few then settle down again. All that has been with a strong squad so with a bunch of kids and loans under his methods it'll be harder to bounce back out of these periods. A good start and pounding a few teams as we also often do is more vital than ever. That little period kept out heads above water last season. Can't rely on end of season dead rubbers every year.
  14. Yet again that formation at the start doesn't work against workman like teams. Yet again team only gets going when we are losing and it takes conceding goals before he gets attacking subs on. Good come back, good effort from BB this really is going to be his season if he's allowed to get on with it. We are an attacking side, we have decent attack minded players and we've nothing to lose so get them attacking from the off. Sick of keep saying this season after season. Stuff the possession stats tactics.
  15. Can't help but think someone has befriended or been befriended by some council spiv who wants the training ground within the towns boundaries. Someone who happens to have another friend who can obtain cheap land for the project. Suddenly it becomes a nice little idea if they can get it past the owners under the cost cutting banner. The idea of revolutionizing the training set up just becomes the strap line to sell the idea. Then factor in a management set up who don't really fancy the academy system. A set up who have been busy building up and bringing in their own allies for player recruitment. It's all pointing one way. At the heart of it all though will be a nice drink for a few people.
  16. Learning on the job, there'll be a lot of that this season i think.
  17. So no Ayala again but what's the betting he walks straight into the team for Swansea. If he's fit of course which will be a long shot.
  18. Just what is really driving this Brockall stuff though ? When the owners continue to 10/20 million in at the top end and allow contracts for the likes of Ayala why is the club so desperate for a couple of million quid from a land sale ? This really really stinks and could well be the worst move these lot have inflicted on this club. And that takes some doing yet the first mention of it and berks will come out of the woodwork saying it's a good idea. There is something at the heart of it very wrong and that will be some eyeing a quick few quid for their own pockets.
  19. Something i thought might happen after the breaking it up and selling off half fell through. A sell the lot and rent a bit back scenario probably.
  20. Yes - He's here till retirement. Yes - Unless his fragile ego breaks and he walks. His comfort zone is over though so he better pull his finger out. Brereton - If it's not this season then it's never. A lot depends on how the manager ferks him about though. 14th - Marginal gains. Fulham
  21. An Owen Coyle type summer has been predicted for a while but it'll probably turn out more like Bowyers last stint. Signed a load of cheap crap for bodies sake whilst the good players began to depart one by one. If history repeats itself that'll be another few thousand fans lost. The Bolton scenario that some like to chuck about in defense of the owners pockets will be staring us right in the face anyway. Blame the fans though, they make all the decisions after all 🙄
  22. Yep, i think we'd have offered him a decent one for our payroll but not that much. WBA can probably chuck him 25k per week so leave them to it. We are supposed to be moving away from this kind of thing. Also like i said it's another worry that we only seem to offer these kind of wages to ex boro who Mowbray knows. If they'd have signed him on 10k pwk for 2 years then fair enough but really we aren't going to get much for that in terms of established championship players.
  23. Missing out on him at top end wages is a bullet dodged imo.
  24. So was the other fella we lost out to them on but i don't think hes done much since he signed there. Thing is clubs in that position can play around with signings like this, if they've given him 15k pwk like he was probably on it's still cheap to them. It doesn't automatically stamp him as a good player. He's just filling out the squad to them. I'm more concerned yet again that we we've only been linked with him given the money he was on. Indicates yet again that TMs crew will pay big wages if it's a guy he knows and likes personally. Yet there isn't money for what we really really need.
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