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  1. Leeds always have a big day out at Ewood. iIexpect the usual unsavoury songs towards Rovers and the usual drunken mongs staggering about looking for a bit of aggro. It's like opening the floodgates on a swamp and watching it all pour out. Nothing better than watching them all quietly skulk back over there afterwards when we've beaten them down the years. Doubt that'll be the case tonight but it doesn't really matter. Just hope everybody comes through unscathed after we've dominated possession and lost 0-2
  2. He's 3 years into a 4 year deal so i also think the add ons will mostly have been met by now. No way did we just pinch him for 1.75 when he's scored goals and played games regularly since he signed. I think the full fee will have been 3 million and 1.75 was just the deposit, they might not even have been performance related, just installments.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts this season upstairs......sat upstairs that is with Venus on the touchline. Crafty bastards this lot they know a storm is brewing and i think it will be all out backside covering next season.
  4. I remember instantly knowing it would be another waste of space stitch up job when he said he'd never met Kean but was represented by the same agency ! I wonder who is really in charge of replacing all these Ewood departees.
  5. I remember Rovers signing him and it seeming like another Don Mackay masterstroke. I remember his flash motor, blue GOLF GTI cabriolet, white top and think it was the dogs b. Also remember mates brother saying he saw him out of the razz 2 or 3 times a week usually with Andy Kennedy. I just can't remember him playing. Had a great Rangers career though RIP
  6. Anybody who has a winning mentality and the ability to tell it straight, good or bad would be very refreshing.
  7. Kits are good this season Macron have exceeded my expectations.
  8. Head of recruitment, fitness instructor, U23s manager, groundsman. All within weeks of each other and all decent at their jobs by all accounts, also all seem to be heading downwards so they haven't been poached by looks of it. This isn't good at all the replacements if there are any will probably follow some dot joining paths. I really hope this isn't Waggot and Mowbray deflecting blame for their under achieving and getting their own way....again.
  9. Banishing cheap European imports just filling gaps, not always a bad thing. Creating more gaps and not being able to fill them whilst driving up the price of substandard domestic stuff. Not a good thing.
  10. With it all being back in India anything could be going on. The last accounts show the BOI making quite a lot per year in interest from Rovers. So they'll be happy. If the whole funding was borrowed though there'd have to have been regular sales to keep it going you'd have thought. That land it was alleged they secured it all against must cover half of India !
  11. Only went there pre season late 80s and that was ropey enough. I think just where the ground was situated made it prime for attack from all angles. It was a bit of a hole around there from what i remember and Bolton had a lot of Manchester over spill scumbags attached to them. Victoria ground and St Andrews always the roughest by far from my experience.
  12. I would assume it went along the lines of Newcastle saying we want 5 million with half up front. Rovers saying we can't do that but we'll give you 3 million in installments over his contract and a 25% sell on. Toon come back, ok it's like this 1.75 now, a further 1.75 in installments and 40% sell on. Take it or leave it Preston and a few others are willing to meet the terms but first come first served. Ok, we'll do it. This is Mike Ashley dealing with Venkys pawnbrokers, it's a no contest.
  13. Cheers, she's better than she was but 50% off being back to normal its been a strange experience. She can't have the second dose as the reaction was so severe so she will have to have some kind of certificate or exemption if these hard line passport plans go through on all sorts. She doesn't go to football or nightclubbing so that's not a problem. What we don't need though is people falling through the cracks through no fault of their own.
  14. Unsurprisingly i was one of the ones who would say similar to above. Get vaccinated and stop moaning or take your chances but don't expect special treatment and spoil things for everyone else. My other half didn't want it so she got my response and similar from others. That was 9 weeks ago and she hasn't worked since and spent 10 days in hospital on a drip and having anti blood clotting injections etc. So there is good reason to consider if you want it or not. Forcing the issue isn't the way forwards just let people decide for themselves and don't punish, exclude or penalize anybody.
  15. Had some hairy moments at Bradford though back in the day.
  16. I think the club might be banking on a few good loan signings before the big kick off to drive it up. The Armstrong saga does nothing to help sales though that's why it needs sorting asap. I'm convinced though that those running the club are just drawing a wage now and don't particularly care either way.
  17. Maybe for balance consider if it hadn't worked out ? We would've been quite well covered there only looking to recoup or maybe lose 1.75 million, 3 at a push. Now contrast and compare to Gallagher - 3 mill down 2 in add ons. Brereton about the same down plus add ons up to 7 mill Both have been here a while now and both will have had a large dollop of the entire fees paid up. That is shite business.
  18. Who was in for him doesn't alter the terms of the deal. He was coveted by a few lower down clubs, he was proven in league 1, still only 21 but Newcastle although happy to hold onto him were equally happy to let go for the right deal. I wouldn't trust any football brokers with fresh air let alone anyone here but to get him here that's what they had to do. Rovers backed their judgement on that and for once it proved correct. Non of it alters the fact that they've now completely cocked it up and that has fook all to do with any 40%.
  19. Seems a few are forgetting Preston were in the hunt for Armstrong so presumably they'd have been prepared to meet the same terms. I remember they moaned we blew them out the water on the contract we offered him. More great backing Mowbray received compared to others and possible evidence the 40% wasn't putting others off.
  20. Only the rumours of player swaps which i reckon is more likely to come from people at the club rather than the owners. The club imo really wants a deal of some sort but the owners aren't playing ball.
  21. I'm not advocating bringing him in or saying he's a great manager but what would the likes of Alex Neil have done with the kind of backing Mowbray and his crew have had ? His side have finished above us every season and probably beaten us more that we beat them. There are plenty other examples although of course not taking into account working for Venkys. If they like you though then it's probably the best job in the championship.
  22. Again though there's a little bit of rewriting history there as i think most of us were delighted to get him. It was a great signing at the time and a real statement of intent it only looks bad now because they've ballsed up not tying him down to a longer contract. To get the lad here from a Prem club where they'd got him on a contract of about 19k a week was never going to be easy. There's no way we would've stumped up an asking price of 6 million plus so they had to find some middle ground. Iv'e no issue with it and think if he's sold they should pay up properly. Do business in the right way and it stands you in better stead than trying to worm out of things or shaft people. Newcastle didn't sting anyone they put their terms on the table, we agreed them. End of really for me, wouldn't matter half as much if we were set to get proper money for him now.
  23. Well within reason he's had all the backing hes asked for the many things have been highlighted on here time and again. Yet we are still going nowhere and non of it has worked. I think he was banking on selling a player or two he'd helped develop by now. That would've considerably backed his methods. It would've helped the balance sheet also but the team and club wouldn't be in any much higher place. Too many flaws to what he does at first team level and too much desire to chuck cash in the wrong directions, on and off the pitch.
  24. And if they don't do the decent thing there we'll never get that kind of deal or player off a Prem club again.
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