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  1. Breo can continue to play crap as long as he keeps scoring and digging out goals of his own like tonight. Rhodes did similar and Armstrong although always a threat with his pace had regular stinkers, still scored though. Main thing with BB is keep him in his best position and keep looking to get him going towards goal.
  2. I think it's too late now to be honest this season so we'll just meander on and hope to shift a few half STs. Something very radical needs to happen in summer though, so many opportunites have been missed particularly after promotion. Those of us who've seen it before have been warning of it ending up like this for years but the wooden bookends in suits always know better don't they !
  3. Thank god for Alan Shearer being so well in at the BBC and still thinking so much of his time here and Rovers in general, what a guy. I think they've been really kind to us in the first two episodes i was expecting worse and i don't remember them being so impressed when we gatecrashed the party back in the day. Imagine if Lineker, Hansen and Lawrenson were in charge of these documentaries, the 3 ponces. Been a great watch and even better they've managed to present it as the fairy tale it was.
  4. The majority of those running it just won't really care that's the real issue. They still get their wages and less hassle running things with less demand. They just look around and think damn the takings will be crap tonight, oh well there'll be a big away following soon. Meanwhile fans and others look around and say how the hell has it come to this again. We've regressed 30 years and its cost 200 million quid to get here but the chickens are truly coming home to roost now. A decade of nonsense and mismanagement and bull shitting managers has resulted in permanent damage now. More is the pity because this young side deserves and needs as much support as possible even if the other characters don't.
  5. Good result in the end after a shockingly bad first half, don't condone booing at half time but not surprising. It was always going to happen this season and if Mowbray has thrown a strop tough shit. His free ride is over so he better get used to it. As for the subs he got it bang on i said Saturday sometimes they work sometimes they don't. That's the life of an average team and manager. The starting line ups and tactics continue to cause us our own problems though. Spirit of the side is still great though they know when they aren't producing and can step it up.
  6. Probably a midweek game to Hull in 90/91 If that crowd figure doesn't set some alarm bells ringing it really should. Another low under this ownership, how many more to come ?
  7. Came in late and couldn't be arsed trekking the 10 miles to Ewood, says it all. Guaranteed to be goals and a good game now. 4-1 Rovers COYB
  8. Mowbray and co have spent money over the last few years, mainly on wages stretching the payroll to busting. A slither of that on backroom staff and drones etc so he/they have made their own large contribution to where we are now. Made their own bed in many ways so that's left us where we are having to rely on kids and loans. He knew the cuts were coming midway through last season he hinted at it more than once. So as far as some are concerned he has presented this plan to the owners himself in order to reign in FFP and cover his own arse again. I just do not get people sympathizing with him he's on an absolute doddle here he knows what hes doing. If he didn't like it or like the wages he'd have gone home by now.
  9. Can you please explain these large amounts of uninvoiced cash on these premises ? 'It was the staff that did it, we know nothing'
  10. He's never concerned about anything though is he lets face it, apart from player welfare that is. Easiest job in England.
  11. Venky finance director and on the board of BRFC i believe although i'd be amazed if hes ever set foot in the place.
  12. Perhaps the head company pays the wages and bills every season whilst Barry and pals chuck a few extra quid in for the odd player or two now and again ? That would certainly fit the 'investment' line, he also might slip a few quid in other ways via commercial income etc to keep the wheels turning. I know they are rich but not sure he has enough personal dough to flush 20 million a year down the toilet plus fund his other investments.
  13. Vs have chucked tens of millions upon tens of millions in the cover their mistakes and prop up the club. All that is undeniable but the club was an absolute steal and bargain for them in the beginming. 23 million + 16 million overdraft and 3 million outstanding to the Trust but all the facilities stadium, training ground and academy. Then Phil Jones, Chris Samba and Kalinic all sold for a combined total of what the club cost ! If only they actually knew what a gem they had bought.
  14. It will just never happen under this lot like Gav keeps telling us. In fact they've gone to great lengths down the years to make sure it doesn't. Anybody will BRFC at heart and genuine knowledge of the club and football in general presents a threat to them because they'll advise things Venkys close advisers don't like. They prefer to manipulate the ownership for their own interests. Meanwhile the ownership prefers to go along that route because their advisers do as they are told when the owners decide on something they want. Vicious circle going round and round whilst the club flounders but those in the middle playing both sides make their money. Been the case ever since these lot turned up it's just some of the characters have changed. Like any soap opera though the same plot lines get repeated every few years. End of the day neither management or the owners want it enough and neither set is capable of delivering it anyway.
  15. Hes been like that for two whole years now and like some of our fans it looks like he thinks he's the only man in world football capable of managing this football club. The championship Pep Guardiola with a hint of Jurgen Klopp thrown in. Unbelievable.
  16. I see another draw here in this probably of the 1-1 variety.
  17. When you play the way we do you need a line leader despite us doing ok that has been evident in every game so far. Gallagher might do it but in a clumsy grafting way rather than hold up or serious goal threat way. Not sure that will see us prosper in the long term although it's better than seeing him losing the ball as wide striker all afternoon. We need something in the spearhead of attack though that's for sure. Instead we are as predicted in for a season of rotation gone off the radar in that position. Mowbray is in heaven like a bagheed getting his brown when able to mess around like that.
  18. Really hope he signs as he might have his flaws but chances of this setup replacing him with better is zero point zero. As a player i think it's fair to say he's reached his limits here but coming up to peak years hopefully he'll settle down a bit. Reminds me a bit of a lower level Andy Todd and god knows we need a few hard men at present.
  19. 100% I don't know why it's so hard for some to digest this as it's all facts. Even his staunchest minority should be able to acknowledge it. He's never had a top 6 challenging budget but we've never even landed in the top 10. That's under performing with whats been at his disposal at Ewood.
  20. Yet the love in for him still goes on with a few. Apparently he's been robbed of his best players Evans and Bennett being slashed from the wage bill. The guys who he would bring on to see out games like that........like when exactly did that ever happen ? Some sadly put him before the team and club and will make any and every counter excuse for him. Have to say though this bunch of disciples is getting smaller and smaller.
  21. We've been under the cosh in most games this season for big parts of games and i feared it would catch up sooner or later. Today it did they looked knackered a lot of players out there not developed mon strength yet. I fear that's going to be a big problem this season that's why we need to kill games off.
  22. It'll be under 10k for sure on Tues unless they are doffing another 1000 free tickets out to kids. Or Hull bring 2k.
  23. Nothing we haven't seen before dozens of times in the last 4 years. Same manager same patterns to things same things happen. Trying to kill a game off and using your attacking talent you've been collecting OR fiddle about with it. Something you keep trying to make work whilst using it as an exercise to get some mins into some other players. Ref was the worst by a country mile seen in years at Ewood for both sides really. Cramp was the least karma could serve him. Game and points thrown away today, excuse ready made all season though for that very crafty guy in the dugout.....Young team young team young team. Still told what to do by the same guy though, complicating straight forward things. Not what you should be doing with such a young side !
  24. I'm another Assam lover and recent convert it's the only one i can find that hits the spot. Has to be leaf tea for me and Yorkshire is second choice although can go Tetley in the tea bags. Have to double up though, 2 in the strainer 😆 PG, Typhoo etc is rank imo and most of the other stuff is too weak. Like a coffee as well but it doesn't like me in the morning so usually have one around 7pm, any later and it's no sleep till 3am !! Also being an ageing athlete i often like to start the day with a green tea about 6.30am -- only so i can save the delight of a proper brew till a bit later.
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