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  1. Along with Smallwood the HSH boy sitting out the best contract he probably ever had, no push from the management. Then the covid extensions, Downing, Rodwell etc When theres been money this lot have wasted it big time, now the whole club pays the price again. Jokers.
  2. Like iv'e said this is like Rhodes again, unrealistic valuation, owners don't want to sell, club needs money. Drawn out saga ends in taking probably less than might be on offer right now.
  3. Cut backs at the bottom end yet in comes another presumably well paid one at the top end. Pity the day to day staff don't have agents.
  4. The last time an upstairs 'consultant' was brought in it lead to 1 loan signing ( his own player), a managerial change and eventually relegation. It would surprise no one if this guy has just been brought in to sell people or sign one player. This is Venky/Coventrio Rovers, there are no real plans they all just wing it.
  5. So they are all ducking the issues now and sending out the 3rd wheel to try and explain. Spineless, gutless Coventrio, one's back in his Teeside haven, one's been hiding down South almost permanently. Now the only one left is ducking the interviews. Really, what is the point of these lot anymore. As for the other elusive phantom of this soap opera, where is he ????
  6. Seems as predicted this is following the Rhodes path and sooner or later the player himself will get fed up. Owners want 25 mill, he's worth 25 mill to us as it stands but not to anybody else with only 12 months left. We won't get 25 mill or anywhere near that, owners don't need money though. The club however really does. Another great dilemma people paid a great deal of money to avoid have dropped everyone in. The guy should be 12 months into a new deal by now, one with a price trigger of around 20 mill to keep everyone happy. Undisclosed fee of around 12 million incoming or a half arsed player seeing his deal out !!!!
  7. Well usually at Ewood under Venkys there's no such thing as multiple coincidences. When odd thing after odd thing begins to happen again one after another something is usually in the air. Knowing old Tone though he probably just fancied a day off, maybe he'll permanently work from home now like the snake oil salesman CEO. Wouldn't put anything past this lot.
  8. So far this summer The head of recruitment, a groundsman, a fitness instructor, possibly this fella and anyone else iv'e missed. All purely coincidental of course, nothing going on is it ......
  9. Having failed in their attempt to sell half the training ground and put the squeeze on the academy. I now wouldn't be surprised if plan B is to scale it back to the point there is no point to it anymore.
  10. Problem is kids in general don't play footie like they used to so if these lot weren't there how do we get them playing. Outside of school etc especially, looks like it's a necessary evil these days.
  11. If he'd come through in recent years Fielding would've been a competent enough keeper for us.
  12. Cling to the hope they were just exercising their own form of social distancing after mixing on the pitch ๐Ÿคจ
  13. It isn't the result that is the issue really as we know pre season is just pre season. However it's the same old red flags flashing up with the same old issues. Defensive cock ups by experienced defenders, rancid football based soley on possession stats. Not scoring and rarely troubling the opposition keeper and basically being beaten easily by a fitter looking, more organized looking, more up for it side. Those are the real issues you can't just hide behind it's all about fitness in every game. It really isn't it's about tactics, gelling, shape and all the rest as well. It's bobbins as usual.
  14. Salford City assistant on bigger wages than our under 23s boss ? Quite possibly and there'll be a payoff in the not too distant no doubt. Then what ? If all these people keep leaving here it is because they want out no other reason. That could be due to many factors but it's yet another huge red warning flag if true. Looks like the mythical root and branch is actually underway but as i thought ages ago it's Mowbrays gang behind it not in front of it.
  15. Funnily enough i was reading similar on twitter just now ๐Ÿ˜‚ That coffee they serve in Blackburn has to be the weakest smelling stuff in England !
  16. Pah!!!... we can't even top possession stats and lose 0-1 anymore now. Dire stuff, when's Tony back ?
  17. Only having to contribute 1.5 mill per season to something like that is an absolute bargain. It doesn't have to find a 10 million pound player every couple of years although that would be nice. The dynamics of it have changed now, it has to produce lads good enough to fill our Championship squad. Anything else is a bonus when the odd real gem comes along. Take into account the wages as well when they graduate into the first team. They aren't all on 10k pwk like Joe Average 26 year old journeyman wants. It's so vital to us now.
  18. After so long in this division apart from 1 trip to league 1 which in some ways reset things, then yes there should be a lot more to show for their tens of millions. The only bright thing is the academy which bucks all other venky trends. If that was run by some of the dweebs we've had in the managers chair and upper office briefly then that would be fecked as well. In fact the present lot would probably kybosh it first chance they got if they got one. Whoever has stood firm on it under this ownership needs a medal.
  19. Waggots told them we have to hit 70% possession every game to ensure a good season ticket uptake. Winning don't matter !
  20. A lot of it still paying for past / repeated mistakes no doubt. I wouldn't be surprised though if an entire British or European based branch of the family get paid through the club !
  21. Only forensic accounting would uncover what the real benefit is and the only forensic accounting is the type they probably have in India. Unless money laundering, arms or drugs are suspected to be involved, which they aren't, then no authority is bothered this end. Whatever corporate spin they are pulling will be going on elsewhere as well to varying degrees. It's why such people buy such businesses and 'lose' millions through them quite happily. The other thing to consider is one or all of them make so much money from their core business. Alongside their own personal investments that they just throw it around and don't keep track of it properly because they don't have to. Only every now and then or when some shit his a fan is there a proper review into what's going on. I suspect here that's entirely possible but it's a mixture of corporate benefits for the core business owning the club. Coupled with personal ego and a money pit to get rid of spare change with the added kudos of putting money into grateful peoples pockets in England.
  22. It only adds up if Venkys are happy or need to flush 15 million plus through the pipes every year. And whatever purpose this serves they are happy to just play with the club and pay yes men to experiment over here. The club remains in limbo and just at the whim of someone getting it right once in a blue moon due to law of averages. As it shows at Preston, Barnsley, Brentford, Millwall etc, if there's a plan and everyone pulls in the right direction it doesn't need to keep creating monumental losses. Here it's like we have a need to keep creating them so the ownership can get rid of it's spare cash. Yet it doesn't really matter what happens in the middle and the FFP just gets in the way.
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