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  1. I'll cut him some slack where the Dack situation is concerned as that sale would've covered his big fees spent. However i doubt the team would be in any different position and we'd still be playing crab football. Any room that might have created with FFP would probably just have meant him retaining Evans, Bell, Bennett etc. That's how he works, he's no youth revolutionary we just have no other options now really.
  2. It's simple really and iv'e banged on about it all along, he won't get anything because hes already spent it. There's a 12 million quid shaped hole on the books in the last cycle of FFP. Only way that could ever be plugged was promotion or sales or owner input. Because of what we spend on wages the last bit can't cover it. So here we are largely courtesy of this mangers slow build policy. Which included spending big on two forwards and gambling on higher wage short term contracts on for Downing, Holtby, Johnson etc. Alongside costly loans and keep the likes of Evans, Smallwood, Mulgrew, Bennett etc on deals they didn't warrant. Some journey.
  3. If Pickering turns out to be steady Eddie, who can actually defend, instead of flying wing back who can neither defend nor create i'll take that all day long. Just hope the manager lets him play to his strengths instead of trying to make him into something he isn't.
  4. Moving the posts yet again. He's signed a player who is no longer up to the cut and thrust week in week out and now he's covering his arse again. I wouldn't care if Ayala looked head and shoulders above anyone else when hes played since signing. He never has but now we'll see him thrust in and out to preserve fitness and justify his contract. This is bang on typical Mowbray and it boils my blood, i hope they both prove me wrong.
  5. Pickering is stepping up a level anyway but last night it was two. I wouldn't expect anything spectacular from him in league games either to start with. They've tried various things at LB and the only one who looked any good was Cunningham. Even then we didn't see enough of him to cast a proper opinion, iv'e come to the conclusion it's a red herring position in this league. As for Bell he was a league 1'er as well but he came in league 1 and had chance to grow with the team. He never remotely looked any different from start to finish but i hope he does ok at Luton. Chances are though like most who leave here he'll be back at his natural level before long.
  6. I agree on the stooges but you need to move on from the snowball. I'll stand corrected but i'm pretty certain they've been a few times when GB was manager. We had the pleasure of their company for 65 mins a few times before they upped and left. When it comes to the relationship with fans they've rarely if ever done anything to help that. Maybe they should make the first move.
  7. So would i but like you say not lead by the inmates who've blown the backing they've had thats pushed us into having no other option. A vibrant hard headed manager will lead to a team in a similar vein given a fair wind. Blend that with a handy bit of backing when it's available and then build over 2 or 3 years. A dullard trying to look after his mates and just putting his finger in the dyke to sustain midtable football will blow up in the faces again at some point. Then there'll be another mess to clean up.
  8. No i think he'll be looking to get another contract here claiming a new phase of 'the journey' has just begun. Sitting in the mid/lower mid of the championship rotating young players, using big club loans and getting a pat on the back. And bringing in more mates on the staff and squad will suit him just fine. The pressure free expectationless enviroment he craves, along with being talked of as a revolutionary youth based manager with a footballing philosophy.
  9. He was trying to build but hes cocked it up as last season showed. His barbed comments about needing 100 million covering the fact he's blown a fortune in the last 3 seasons but spun it onto that. Now due to the continuing gullibility of these owners he's managed to rip up the posts and move them yet again. He'll be hiding behind cost cutting this season without the least hint of irony he's a massive contributor to landing us in that position. Teflon Tony.
  10. If you don't know you're as clueless as i expected. To think after all these years it's still down to a snowball is deluded. Stop sipping from that stream on Jenny Lane.
  11. We often do it at the beginning of the season for a few games before he reels them in again. Then he can sit down on the bench and count the sideways passes.
  12. Plenty of positives to take from that in regards to the youth. Wait till the rough and tumble of the championship starts though, totally different kettle of fish. Good effort tonight though.
  13. I see Leeds 7.5k plus opening the Riverside didn't materialize then ! Poor swaggo.
  14. Penny might drop at some point that Leeds are only famous in their own back yard these days.
  15. As far as his replacement goes the name Sheron keeps sticking in my mind.
  16. My god where did you dream that up from ? It's pure fantasy apart from the last bit although for all we know the 3 stooges are just exactly that. Whilst someone plays real life football manager from India with never any intention of being over here. The same guy who in the last decade has been a regular fixture in London but rarely found his way to his own football club.
  17. That wouldn't be a bad move really all things considered. I like Rothwell but he'll never find his groove here under this manager and his way of playing. If there's a few quid on the table probably better for all if he moves, although we are losing a good attacking player as it stands it isn't a massive blow.
  18. I can see a healthy crowd but no way can i see a 50/50 one.
  19. Leeds always have a big day out at Ewood. iIexpect the usual unsavoury songs towards Rovers and the usual drunken mongs staggering about looking for a bit of aggro. It's like opening the floodgates on a swamp and watching it all pour out. Nothing better than watching them all quietly skulk back over there afterwards when we've beaten them down the years. Doubt that'll be the case tonight but it doesn't really matter. Just hope everybody comes through unscathed after we've dominated possession and lost 0-2
  20. He's 3 years into a 4 year deal so i also think the add ons will mostly have been met by now. No way did we just pinch him for 1.75 when he's scored goals and played games regularly since he signed. I think the full fee will have been 3 million and 1.75 was just the deposit, they might not even have been performance related, just installments.
  21. Wouldn't be surprised if he starts this season upstairs......sat upstairs that is with Venus on the touchline. Crafty bastards this lot they know a storm is brewing and i think it will be all out backside covering next season.
  22. I remember instantly knowing it would be another waste of space stitch up job when he said he'd never met Kean but was represented by the same agency ! I wonder who is really in charge of replacing all these Ewood departees.
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