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  1. 32 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    A lot of money was spent in Venkys first year or two. It's just it was spent on sh1t. 

    It was but it was still 10 million plus less than they recouped I seem to remember up until before Rhodes was signed so it didn't cost them a penny, all a window dressing con.

    Your right though most of it was spent on crap provided by certain advisors but to be honest there was a few good players brought in and plenty still here but we were managed and coached by crap so it was all a huge waste. Apart from the host of pigs with their snouts in the trough though.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    Just shows Vs did well to get todays money for Jones back then. 

    It was a good deal although christ knows where the proceeds went, almost covered the purchase price of the club that B)

    If he'd had another season or two under big Sam i think we'd still have been looking at 25 mill for him and at the time i bet his wages were about half that of the likes of Keef. 

    You can't really lose out from making money when homegrown lads like him come along when you have decent people running the club. If another Jones or even Hanley type comes along now at Rovers they'll be flogged for a million before they complete 18 months in the first team !!

  3. It's the 2 million pound players being turned into ten million pound 50k per week players because of the money that's washing about that causes the real problems. Good players always a premium but average bog standard Prem players all worth double figures just kills it for me.

    Just imagine Keith Andrews at 30+ years old being on fifty grand per week at Rovers ?  He would have been these days. Complete fantasy stuff.

  4. 2 hours ago, J*B said:

    As opposed to AJ who has fought..? Klitschko is a cautious fighter, if any of the other major heavyweights had rattled AJ like Klitschko had they would have jumped on him. Klitschko didn't because it isn't his style of fighting because it leaves you open. Whyte rocked AJ too who isn't near elite status.

    Tyson has beaten Chisora, Johnson, Cunningham and Klitschko... all of which where either British champion, upcoming undefeated fighters or the undistupted world heavy weight champion. He fights southpaw and orthodox and boxed a Klitschko out the ring in Düsseldorf. He's got nowhere near the amount of credit he deserves for his boxing ability, especially against WK because of his personality, which like most boxers is a persona put on to sell fights. Ask any boxing fan and they will tell you Fury is the number one heavyweight alive on the back of everyone's last fights. He might not be the most entertaining and may have a NYC / European style which isn't as appealing as the aggressive styles favoured in Vegas and the UK, but he's undoubtably the better boxer.

    And that's coming from someone who follows AJ and was at Wembley. There's nothing to say AJ wont achieve more and nothing to say he won't eventually overtake Fury, but right now he has a punchers chance only against Fury who, assuming the past 18 months hasn't sucked everything out of him, would dance around AJ all night. 

    I don't need to ask any boxing fan pal I am one and have been 25+ years and have seen many HW fights live including fighters like Mike Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis etc so what we have here is my opinion and your opinion. You'd be surprised how many don't rate Fury that highly although it's not to say he isn't a good fighter who looked to be getting better.

    Right now Joshua has the tools to smash someone like Fury out the ring Fury has never come up against anyone like him & vice versa. He's deceptively quick to close the ring down when he attacks and has fast hands but obviously he's raw. 19 fights that's why he hasn't fought anyone and don't talk to me about the likes of Cunningham & Johnson who Fury had probs with, look at their records i'm pretty sure some of Joshuas opponents could handle that pair. Also it's not always about AJ v Fury that's social media kids stuff there's room at the top for both and anyone who Fury might fight outside of Wlad who I've always been a fan of and AJ then i'd be wanting him to win.

    Admittedly can't stand the jerk or his crew and at the end of the day the guy turned out to be a coked up possible roid user and there's obviously some good reason they aren't lifting his suspension despite time served and it isn't the bull victimisation crap that Warren & Uncle Peter try and portray. By the time he comes back who knows what'll be left ?

    But if he does come back let him prove all this mythical nonsense by taking on and beating top opponents not pretending he dances like the next Ali when infact he's done nothing except pull off a one off the likes of which have happened regularly throughout Heavyweight history.

    Anyway I think it' destined to be another Bowe v Lewis - it'll never come off.

  5. 5 hours ago, J*B said:

    If Fury can get anywhere near his best he would embarrass AJ. 2015 Fury is an old school fighter that will outpoint any heavy weight on the planet, in any fight his opponent will only ever have a punchers chance.

    Based on what ????  Oh yes ONE decent career performance against an ageing flat footed champ who had a bad night then had a good one and got battered :lol:

  6. Never in a hundred years will Fury take a piledriver or 3 from AJ I can see it in him his legs have stiffened a few times never mind when he was decked by not big punchers. However he might well bust Joshua up if he can avoid big shots for 6/7 rounds which in my opinion he won't. Keep In mind it was just Joshuas 19th fight so yes he showed a lot of naivety but by the time this fight comes around he should have ironed that out meanwhile Fury might well have been out over 2 years.

    It'll be like starting over again and i'm not sure what kind of shape either physically or mentally he'll achieve again after that lay off and being likely wrong side of 30. Aj might look like Bruno by he's borrowed tools from Lennox & Iron Mike, he nearly fell into the trap of letting Wlad dictate whereas Fury never let him so I can see he putting it on Fury from the off so it's an interesting one and I hope it happens but I genuinely doubt it ever will.

    Besides they've both got to remain unbeaten I suppose and the way AJ goes at it I reckon there might be an upset somewhere there's some big punchers out there. I see the same with Fury unless they fast track him into the winner of the Wlad / AJ rematch.

  7. Cannot stand the guy but Groves deserves his title at last and just like Bruno proved if you keep going eventually you'll come across a limited beatable opponent in a title fight. McCuigan has done a good job with Groves, the tools were always there and George might reign for a while now until he comes against a top notch fighter who can punch.

  8. 31 minutes ago, den said:

    There is an argument as to whether all the money spent on academies, brings through any more youngsters, or better quality youngsters than when rovers simply had the pitches at Feniscowles or even little Wembley.

    Well the 2 mill per annum it probably costs to run could make a nice difference invested into the first team at this level for sure. That's why the only reason i see them really persisting with it is to soley replace buying players by fast tracking our own ready or not. Far easier to operate that model in this div than any higher, or so they'll have been 'advised'.

  9. I think the future of the club is being laid out pretty clearly in the recent LT propaganda pieces. Sit in the middle of this division and produce academy players for the first team of league 1 standard. Do things on the cheap and hope to get lucky one season whilst the owners keep the lights on and ignore it.

    There'll be no urgent scramble to get to back the championship, why should there be ? Some have had this model in mind for years and here it is.

  10. 3 hours ago, Atomicrover said:

    maybe (hopefully) only half the story, perhaps they are not Venkys accountants but someone else's doing due diligence....?

    Probably just the BOI's guys looking how they can streamline the operation and it can continue to run itself whilst Venkys pretend it isn't their fault but promise the bank there will be a new set of young players to cash in 18 months to pay down the overdraft again.

    Hopefully they see the true story and insist on a sale.

  11. Was just going to say don't we have our own accountant ?  What kind of dweeb is he if he can't sort it himself ?

    Fair enough they might want a second opinion but that guy evidently couldn't run a bath.  The real story though will be a set of outside accountants looking at where and how working capital can be  well raised as well as cuts. 

    Mike will be hiding in his summer caravan until it's all over. 

  12. Just now, Stuart said:

    Watching Hartlepool slip out of the league did make me wonder just how easily that could be us with a couple more years of Venkys ownership.

    Founder members and winners completely wiped out by Venkys incompetence/neglect. Not selling but not doing the right things either.

    How far do we have to fall before "there's nothing we can do" becomes "we have to do something"?

    If we had a real board of directors or still banked with Barclay's then their hand could have been forced  by seizing control of the club. The way they've done stuff though prevents anything like that and it makes you wonder if that was planned.  Non league is inevitable IMO and it's a pity the pie suppliers can't force admin :(

  13. Just now, Waggy76 said:

    He is one who should be out of the door , like tomorrow !

    Yep another player or 2 in Jan could have proved priceless but no he shows his true intentions by brining in only his man. The guy will have pound signs in his eyes now, just another snout in as fast emptying trough.

  14. He's going to get freebie 2k per week players foisted upon him and loans of players whose parent club sends them for nowt and who don't really want to be here. Probably had that before at Coventry and he'll know exactly where it leads so I wouldn't be surprised to see a Lambert style 6 month clause suddenly pop up.

    Dunn will be in charge by August I'd almost stick money on it, TM will get shafted one way or another. 

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