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  1. I try and watch a good bit of Boxnation, a bit annoying at times but at least they sometimes give others a look in. The way Sky go all over some fighters is shameful. Groves was one before he got flattened. A good fighter but never elite level although he's likely to win a title by luck of having a very limited opponent next.

  2. Good fight that as was the one before. Not far out with your predictions, hellish body shots. Campbell's always had the skills but I wasn't sure if he could mix it up but he proved he can tonight. He looks like a kid but he didn't mind the ruff stuff at all. Massive credit to Coyle tough tough lad.

    Rose did well to get through that with his hooter bust up, seems he going for the Froch look lol although I've no room to talk on that one ! Nearly messed up at the end and you wonder sometimes why these lads even have corner men when they completely ignore them.

  3. I don't. Anticipating a good fight and hope he wins.

    Fury is a lot better than many give him credit for. Bummed about early in his career but has knuckled down now.

    He's never been cracked on the jaw by a real top class heavyweight so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts. I put no stock in the Chisora fight as Delboy fought like a bum. He's capable of far better than that although credit to Fury for the way he busted him up but that was probably his easiest fight.

  4. Personally, I think Tyson Fury is a breath of fresh air. The division is boring and he is bringing some much needed character into it.

    It's going to take a massive effort but I actually think Fury will win this.

    Anyone can run their mouth off outside a ring and there's plenty who do. Take a look at Shannon Briggs, absolute nutter. Fury is a comedy act he's done nothing of note in the ring yet. You can respect 'character' when it's backed up by deeds. I do think he has a chance with his awkward style and maybe Wlad is starting to go backwards. If he brings his A game though it could be over quickly.

    Fury doesn't seem the most mentally together person and when it comes to the night and he realises what he's faced with in the ring and the hostile crowd I reckon he could fall apart.

  5. Price has to pack in now he isn't any better than a domestic level fighter really and nowhere near the best of them.

    If Crolla was a Yank fighting in his own country he'd have won that by unanimous decision. Absolute joke but there has now been something mentioned by Sky reporter that two judges had it a draw and the other had Crolla winning but there was a er.... mix up. About time boxing had someone watching over the judges and refs !!!!

  6. He's made the right choice he's a smart fella Froch. If the fires gone out it's gone out and I think he drained every last drop out of himself to prepare for Groves 2. He'd have to drain even more for someone like GGG and if that ended badly all the good work v Groves is forgotten. Plus he's 38 and he doesn't fight like Hopkins so there's a shelf life to come forward all action fighters like him. Not everyone's cup of tea out of the ring but in it a true warrior, great champ and credit to his sport. Plus seeing that twit Groves cobra'd was enough for me.

  7. I agree with what you're saying about Klitschko he's had it a bit easy for too long. Go back to when there was still a few credible yank heavyweights about and he was struggling. Kind of admire them though for what they've achieved so wouldn't mind seeing one live and I'd just love to see Fury flattened. Only trouble with their fights over there is they never have a good undercard and they turn them into a eurotrash rock concert so maybe i'll think twice :blink:

  8. Fury is a pilchard of the highest order who's been decked twice by blown up cruiserweights. If Klitschko connects he'll be gone. Strangely though I think the big gangly goon has a chance just because of his sheer size and awkwardness. Wlad's getting some miles on the clock now and he has been known to have his off nights but if he stays disciplined he should get the job done. Going to try and get to this and it's fair to say we won't be cheering the underdog sadly.

  9. Poor form from Smith with the weight thing, don't know what he was thinking. Putting extra muscle on hoping to bang him out fair enough but bulking up the gut won't do it. Maybe something stopped him training full pelt but he's gone ahead anyway for the money (minus 20%). Did well first fight v an ageing Abraham but in reality is nothing more than a decent domestic fighter.

  10. That's the farce of catchweight contests, with all the weight limits an rules and regs these days they shouldn't be allowed at top level. On paper it's an easy night for Ward and a good earner all round for all the hangers on because it's an English name v a top USA name but with low risk. Too many fights these days getting made just for the all round earning potential and not the belts or best v best at their natural weights.

  11. The cycling phenomenon at the min on the roads is becoming a bit of a bug bear for many people. A keen cyclist myself although more the mountain bike variety at the min I seem to be scratching my head daily at some of these on the road. For every good 5 there is one or two complete knobs and most seem to operate the same as they do when in a car i.e I'm in my own bubble oblivious to anyone else and I'm untouchable. Stupid attitude as if your on a bike and you argue with a motor vehicle you lose !

  12. Enjoyed that bill tonight. The last one Hearn put together was a bit poor so tonights match ups were worth watching although I agree on Gavin. Maybe he thought he could shake Brook up a bit like Groves did to Froch in the first fight, Brook probably had harder spars though.

  13. I'd never bet against the Cobra, he's had a few schoolings because of his take a punch to land one style but he gets through them. GGG could be a different matter though and it's a massive risk, not sure how much heart is left in Froch now he seems happy semi retired. Always a slow starter and there's no second chances against Golovkin.

  14. The people here saying this should have been a match five years ago were right on the mark. Tip of the hat.

    It even seems I heard something like Pacquiao had even lost some of the matches he had been in lately, that is something to research.

    It sure doesn't seem so much money should have spent over this match. It went in a bit of an expected manner.

    I don't like sporting events where I'm mainly hoping one side loses rather than cheering on oneside and with this boxing match, many were like me, hoping Mayfield would lose.

    But it hasn't really been too troubling of a result.

    You could look at it another way and say Pacman has had about ten more fights than Mayweather and he's also stopped a few good fighters that Floyd ambled the distance with. He was utterly disgracefully robbed in the Timothy Bradley fight, the corrupt Yanks at their best not wanting anymore titles leaving their shores. He battered Marquez then got careless in trying to finish him off and walked on to one, no doubt a reason why he was cagey last night. End of the day Manny and his style open him up to mistakes and he's made a few. Mayweather is almost flawless hence the unbeaten in 48 and the way he deals with whoever is the next big challenger one after another with his no risk style.

  15. The main thing for me was the size and reach difference. Manny has to get inside and let a few go but he got tagged trying that early on so he's no way of landing scoring punches unless he kept going in and letting them go but with Floyds reach he was tagging him easily. It was like watching a catchweight contest at times with the size difference, Manny just couldn't hurt Mayweather unless he landed on the button.

    He ran out of ideas then ran out of steam a bit, don't know about his shoulder but he wasn't on his toes like he has been for the last few fights. Over trained maybe. Got to say it though Mayweather is something special in the ring and in his business mind, in all the rest he's a tit :excl:

    Styles make fights and as a big boxing fan I found it interesting if not spectacular. Sadly when joe public get involved in these things they just want to see them rip each other heads off but that was never ever going to happen. Some people should stay away from boxing and watch cagefighting or summat lol

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