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  1. 6 hours ago, Tom said:

    The sponsors are just as bad, they did a Twitter competition for corporate hospitality for 10 people for the Swansea game and as far as I can see didn’t actually pick a winner so just got the exposure of lots of retweets 

    I doubt they'd get away with that kind of thing even here.

  2. 1 hour ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    Yet derby have signed a hit list of washed up players,rather than relying on youth. 

    Let's be honest, it's night and day with men's football. At least 2/3 of the loans we have signed have senior experience at a high level and one has featured for one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

    Derby definitely resemble us under the Coyle summer in terms of desperate signings and trying to hang their hat on experience.

    If they get through this season unscathed i'll be amazed and if you want badly run look no further. The worst thing they are doing is hanging on to that clueless big name in their dugout. 

    Some of these people awash with money who own and run our football clubs couldn't run a bath. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Ulrich said:

    He is still talking about playing that way. I'm willing to bet he tries it again once he gets his loan signings in and we don't perform as we have to date.

    It'll return it's as sure as the rain in autumn.

    Odd games fair enough, mixing up what you do at times is needed these days if you have the bods to do it. Using it as the core style and trying to force it on a squad that isn't best suited to it is complete cobblers.

    Yet he wasted 2 seasons on doing just that and he is a stubborn goat. Plus it gives him license to swap and change even more. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Blue blood said:

    Had this discussion with someone else in another thread. I said there and will say again - a lot of the loan deals on an individual basis you could make a case for. This lad is no different. 

    The issue is that the whole strategy is built around them leading to an overall lack of experience, no continuity and bugger all assets. It's shunting all our problems further down the line to cause even more problems. Quite simply it's no way to run a club and is overall going to hurt us, even if some of the deals make sense. 

    It wouldn't be so bad if they'd struck some potential loan to buy deals.

    Next season it could be same again or Vs grant a bigger wage budget after FFP has been soothed a bit. Then Mowbray ( lets face it he's here forever ) will be hoovering up freebies to rebuild.

    I actually they stick to the youth policy now, just not based on helping the big boys.

  5. Does sound a bit like carter has looked so far, as for Clarkson he clearly looks like he has no experience. We are the ones who have to now give it to him though possibly at the expense of one or two of our own at times.

    Funny how Mowbray would only bring in back up players to his favs when sigining players before. All of a sudden big club kid loaness can walk in the team in front of our own.

    A bit of virtue signalling going on here.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Wheelton Blue said:

    I don't think he's quite given up on his possession based nonsense just yet.

    From the LT:

    “Ayala was immense, that’s why he’s here, yet it does give us a conundrum of if we want to be more ball possession orientated that’s very difficult with Daniel doing what he does.

    He said similar last season so it just again begs the question why sign him.

    Even bigger question WHY change if he's playing to his strengths and being immense ?

    Bloody tinkermen don't they just boil your piss it really is Mowbryas default position. He might actually be a good manager if he ironed it out but it's too late now. Same last season after a few good results he went back to implementing the possession crap which resulted in 2 wins in 17.

    Why can't he just tap into what he has now and for once build on a defensively resolute side. Strengthen it if possible but leave the basics alone instead of trying to be the Aldi version of Pep.

    There are no extra pats on the back for fighting a relegation battle with continental formations.

  7. I agree on Nyambie being a miss in a game like that his physical presence is just what you need. Some are quick to point out when they feel we don't need him but over a season he'd be a big miss.

    I think he'll look even better this season because we are sitting back a bit a digging in. Would suit his abilities better than keep trying to make him into this flying wing back he really isn't and leaving gaping spaces. As well as wasting Gallagher defending in front of him instead of doing what he's capable of up top.

  8. 2 hours ago, Dolly blue said:

    🤣….Thats an insult to Roy Cropper ….at least he has some grand occasional one liners….and, he tries to save the world !!

    Fav drink - Sparkling water

    Fav band - Coldplay

    Fav managers - Not hard to fathom, hes tried to copy both in recent seasons.

    Yep,  i think even Roy is a bit more on the edge than that.

  9. 10 minutes ago, matt83 said:

    I suppose if they were vocally well supported that’s fine. But for me I always thought less than 1,000 on a Saturday afternoon for rovers anywhere in the country is my line in the sand for being a joke. £30 + covid + Mowbray + venkys = this. That said went boro before or after a millennium stadium game 500 max, Everton away after Rotterdam same. Defo niche examples but I suppose less than 1000 is the ‘new normal.’

    Last few times iv'e been there was around 6/700, been countless times and the most i think iv'e seen there is 1400 ish.  That was when Hughes was manager although i agree with what you are saying.

    Not the dearest but for a Northern team it's always at the higher end of the scale. They can get away with it up there though they know only hardy travellers will go. On the home front they had a good crowd in but as someone mentioned earlier the catchment area is there and they believe in their ownership.

  10. To be fair i reckon Mowbrays idea was to have the on loan flair kids on knowing they'd come at us and press from the off. Probably hoping to counter and get some good touches etc from them then bring the other 2 on to do the dirty work later on.

    Didn't really work they looked lost and i think most of us would've done it the other way around or something different anyway. Got through it in the end though similar to at  Millwall so that's a nice new habit developing.

    When  teams  like those have thrown their sink at you and it hasn't worked then they've not much else to offer. It's not something we'll keep getting away with though we need to start being bang at it from the off.

  11. 17 minutes ago, JoeH said:

    Good atmosphere despite the lower numbers, which comes down to a mixture of train/ticket prices being quite high. Nice to see Dolan coming over at the end and giving a shirt to a young girl at her first ever game. 

    8 from 15 is very respectable. Two weeks rest for Ayala and start strong against Luton. 

    Quite a decent following up there that today.

  12. A point won this despite going a goal up from a pearler out the blue.

    Usual disjointed tactics that had everyone including our own players trying to figure out what was going on. No surprise though this is Mogga magic as they call it on Teeside, magic because somehow it earned a point.

    However whatever we lack in that dept they make up for in energy and commitment. It's been a long while since a Rovers side has battled and scraped like this for points in back to back games in succession. Give me that over possession rubbish and losing one nil with a pat on the managers back from oppo managers every week.

    Keep this up over a season and we'll be fine, a bit more of this in recent seasons and we might have got somewhere.

  13. 22 minutes ago, JBiz said:

    To add something to the loan discussion- these are our loans over last ten years. Bold are players we’ve ended up signing on permanent, underlined is players who’ve done well.

    2021/22 - Poveda, Clarkson

    2020/21- Harwood Bellis, Branthwaite, Trybull, Douglas, Elliott

    2019/20- Walton, Tosin, Cunningham* injury 

    2018/19- Palmer, Brereton, Reed

    2017/18- Payne, Armstrong

    2016/17 - Emnes, Gallagher, Byrne, Samuelson, Hendrie, Hoban, Joao

    2015/16- Graham, Jordi Gomez, Tony Watt, Grimes, Tom Lawrence

    2014/15- Baptiste, Taylor, Spearing

    2013/14 - Cairney, Gestede, Micheal Keane, Feeney

    2012/13 - David Jones, Rekik, Sandomierski, Josh King, Kazim Richards, Todd Kane, Dj Campbell, Cameron Stewart, David Bentley

    2011/12 - Anthony Modeste


    I may have missed some. Meant to add - interestingly, I’d say the two worst seasons we’ve had at this level- 2012/13 (ten loans) and then 2016/17 (seven loans)

    Tunnicliffe ?   Always thought he was ok and offered something a bit different after a ropey start.

    Good old Gaz didn't really know what to do with him though.

  14. There are people on this board been around long enough to know how it works in these parts. We know success on the pitch draws out the lapsed fans and part timers but we aren't on about that, quite clearly to those who aren't trying to paint their corner.

    We are on about holding on to what we've got and have had i.e the hardcore. It's 2021 not 1981 and we've had at least a 10k hardcore for the past decade plus a few k that come and go. Forget the Oxford match and think first game of the season at home, think 2 wins and a draw in first 3 games. Think fiesty young team with loads of home grown talent, think at home again to a team fancied to walk the division.

    Think 32-38 pounds, think Tony Mowbray and his white flag, now see under 10k home fans.

    There are your problems, even some hardcore fans will not pay that for this and if you can't see that you need to soak your nut in a bucket of ice for a bit.

    Anyway off to the smog, COYB !

  15. 3 hours ago, HowieFive0 said:

    I think you will find that average First Division attendances were greater than 10/11 thousand Tomphil.

    As for different economies yes but i would say it was far cheaper an economic comparision to watch football in the eighties and also lot less Saturday afternoon distractions ..i mean ..the bloody pubs shut at 3pm..everyone home for World Of Sport or watch Rovers ? 😆

    ..yet we only had 7000 on.

    Unfortunately its success over price for getting substantial rises in attendances IMO.



    I think you'll find there was no mention of average atts being 10/11 thousand, bit naughty there Howie. You'll also find there were plenty small gates in top flight at times back then.

    Basic principles still apply though now as then - decent product, decent feeling around the place, right price and you'll get more in.

    Rovers are lacking on all fronts at the min although there is green shoots with this team in terms of effort. Sadly the last few seasons have erased the feelgood factor that was never tapped into post promotion. 

    If the prices between one home game and the next is keeping just 500 away it's wrong. How could it possibly be right, oh wait yes i forgot it's covered by getting an extra few quid out of a decent away contingent.



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