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  1. This is Kelvins son Ben, struggling to sleep, so i thought i'd read through this to reassure me how proud i am to have had a father like mine. The support from my friends and family can only be backed up by this, but i thank every single one of you for your posts, they mean the world to me, and when the time is right, my mum too. I want to share with you something that reminds me of my dad... it's a song, but will remind me of him forever.
  2. Sincere condolances to all the family John
  3. Hughes told Sav to win it and give it to someone who could play!! IE Tugay. We now have a bit of balance in midfield, now a striker, player with pace and a defender and we should have a decent squad, the downside is Kean, but is he still the manager other than by name???
  4. Thats what Savage did, win it and give it Toogs, he did it so well!!
  5. Speight is the kind of player we could use now!! forgotten about him!!
  6. Partnerships in midfield are most important, like strikers and Central defenders, you work together, over the years, Metcalfe/Parkes, Tugay/Savage, Sherwood/Atko etc were great instances of this!! Trying to remember who played in centre mid with Kendall, McKenzie was in a more advanced role I think? Help!!
  7. RIP Chris, so sorry and so young!!
  8. This is why I do believe ex players should be fast tracked to ref at proffessional level, at 30 to 35, these players are fit, fitter than most refs, would keep up with the game (which is half the battle)and would be aware of all the tricks of the trade from their experience in the game, as ex players, there would be a mutual respect, not all players would take this route but there would be a few journeyman players who would and this would be to the benefit of the game for at the moment, I am seeing some extremely poor refereeing performances, I know its a difficult job but they are now well pa
  9. Rover, and on here I dont mind sharing, many years ago, my marriage broke down and I was divorced, whatever the reason, you feel a failure and become depressed, your sense of humour is not how it was, everyone seems to be looking at you, talking about you and you are really down. I went into Town one day to take a package from work, I passed a young girl, 20 tops, in a wheelchair, no legs, laughing and joking with friends, she looked vibrant, happy and enjoying her day, that changed my mindset completely, there are always people worse off than yourself, happier times are round the corner, the
  10. The biggest accolade I can give Gary Speed is this, scored loads of goals from midfield and never did I see the guy antagonise opposing supporters, thats why so many people from clubs throughout the UK have posted and sent their condolences and sadness at his passing, a true gentleman and great player, you will be sadly missed throughout football! PS: Just heard that Sam is absolutely gutted with the news!
  11. What a sad loss to both football and his family and many friends, shocked and very sad, top player and top lad!! RIP Gary
  12. Just got a longing for fish and chips in a bag, not these trays they have now, can you still get them or have health and safety banned them?
  13. I hope he does, he is some player and feel he will be great player for us, his goals against Man U in the reserves Final were outstanding!!
  14. Was posted on one of my lads Rovers Mad boards
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