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  1. I woke up to watch the game... turned it on just before the goal and promptly switched it off after it. Can't keep conceding such shambolic goals.
  2. Nyambe has been given a secret note. I'm expecting a goal now.
  3. Stupid sub.. Brereton has had a lively game and should have been kept on for longer. Should've subbed Elliott instead.
  4. Elliott's passing has been absolutely dreadful today.
  5. This feels like a winnable game despite being 1-0 down, but I know it's more likely to finish 2-0 given our current record. Gally off at half time, get Rothwell or Dolan on.
  6. Arma looks so good when he comes and plays out wide. Why can't we just try Gallagher up top and Arma out wide for a game, or even half a game. So frustrating.
  7. Somehow every time Forest attack they look like they'll score. We just seem to lose the ball, pass to no-one or send hopeful balls into the box for no-one to connect with. Getting really sick of it.
  8. Playing with a fire in our bellies today, but doesn't mean anything unless it results in goals. Gallagher looks clumsier than usual if that's possible.
  9. I’ve turned it off. Can’t watch anymore. I’ve got better things to do than watch this shite like bang my head against a wall.
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