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  1. I think whether he stays or go will be conditional on his performance in the next 3 matches. There’s about 7-9 clubs vying for the last 2 playoff spots atm. We could easily find ourselves in one of those spots by the time the international break comes around. We’re facing bottom of the league Derby and an underperform Sheff Utd at home. It would be outrageous to sack him when we have the 4th best GD in the league and 1 point away from top 6.
  2. Bereft of creativity this side, completely unbalanced. Other than Rothwell who's capable of creating any chances?
  3. FFS, finally a decent attacking move... comes to Clarkson and he fluffs it.
  4. Clarkson is not good enough. It's like playing with 10 men.
  5. That was the most shambolic defending of a free kick I've ever seen. Don't think anyone knew where their man was.
  6. This board was whinging and moaning about the money “wasted” on Brero and Gally not too long ago. Now it’s all about Venky’s turning the taps off. Its like goldilocks and the three bears on here.
  7. I posted the same at half time. Buckley should have been taken off as he was being targeted by Coventry and was shirking out of challenges since he was on a yellow. Tbf to Mowbray, his subs did change the game back into our favour again but they came too late. One of my biggest qualms with Mowbray is he makes subs too late and it's cost us a lot of points in the past. Sad to say, but I think the crowd numbers affected our performance. All you could hear was the Coventry fans in the second half and the were spurred on to get back into the game on the back of that, while we started to lose our nerve. It feels like this team could actually finish in the playoff places this season, but if the fans can't unite behind (or despite) the manager/owners I don't see it happening.
  8. Personally I don't get it. I'm stuck in the world's most locked down city unable to even leave my apartment without a mask. I would love to have the chance to go down to Ewood to see this team potentially break into the top 6 again. If it's just a matter of ticket prices or people struggling financially at the minute then I understand, but otherwise why not get out there to support your team?
  9. I think Buckley needs to come off at the break. Nearly conceded one there because he had to shirk out of a challenge in case he got a second yellow. 2-0 up we can afford to lose some of his creativity to have Johnson or Davenport come on instead.
  10. Champagne football that - beautiful goal. Liking the look of Van Hecke and Edun as well.
  11. That’s actually a pretty strong team. Feeling more confident we might win tonight. Big test for us as we showed last season we struggled beating teams above us in the table.
  12. I have no idea what he would want to do but staying at Rovers and taking the former Premier League champions back to where they belong after over a decade absence would be some story and only add to the growing legend of Brereton Diaz!
  13. Lenihan and Nyambe have both been at the club for 10+ years. They've had at least 5 senior campaigns with us in that time. I love both players and would happily have them stay at the club to the end of their careers, but they both have a history of being injury prone and if they are offered better opportunities elsewhere that they want to take in the future then all the best to them. It's a bit ridiculous to suggest that the management of the club is driving us to lose them when they've been here this long. Rothwell looks to be on the radar of clubs like Rangers with who he'd be playing in Europe. He's given us 3 good seasons, and now into his 4th with us - if he has offers from higher up the footballing pyramid you can't really fault anyone for that.
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