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  1. This is really tragic and horrifying to watch... it doesn't look good.
  2. The main thing that sticks out to me this season is that while yes, we had some absolutely fantastic wins like the recent 5-2 drubbings of Huddersfield and Brum, all of these great wins have come against the weaker teams in the league. The highest placed team we managed to beat was Barnsley, followed by QPR, Boro and Millwall after that. That is really unacceptable and speaks to how poor our season was. There’s no way we can challenge for top 6 if we can’t even manage 1 win against the better teams. Regardless of the injuries we had this season, we should be doing better and it’
  3. Not very helpful for those of us not on Twitter is it? It also says it’s not available for non-season pass holders. I have a season pass. It would help if they at least said what network is broadcasting it internationally but you can’t get that info anywhere from iFollow or the Rovers website.
  4. I’ve paid for the season but they don’t tell you what games won’t be shown at the start of the season. Every few weeks you find out the game is actually being shown on one of 3 different networks.
  5. Is the game not being shown on iFollow for international viewers? Only have audio option on mine. Honestly it’s an absolute joke. Too many games don’t get shown and there’s very little information or notification about what games won’t be shown. What am I paying my money for? I’m likely not renewing next season just because of that.
  6. I forgot this game was even on - that’s how much I’ve stopped caring in the last few weeks. I watched the highlights and feel thoroughly embarrassed as a Rovers fan at just how bad we were. It’s just unacceptable, utter garbage. Nothing against TM, he’s done a great job for us in previous seasons and I know this season has been pretty tough on the team, but it’s clearly time to go now. I just don’t know where we go from here otherwise. The whole team needs rebuilding again.
  7. Personally, I’ve completely lost interest. I didn’t even watch today. I turned it off at halftime against Wycombe and didn’t come back. It’s not even the losses that grate with me as much as it’s the manner of the losses. The players look completely lost and out of ideas. Every game you just watch Mowbray and Venus sitting on the sidelines slumped in their chairs picking at their nails or their ears, completely detached from the shambles in front of them. Apathy on the pitch, apathy on the sidelines, apathy in the fan base. The injuries have certainly taken both a physical and mental
  8. Stats show Norwich had 4 clear cut chances to our 0. That says it all. Good result though in the end. Draw away from home to league leaders. I'm predicting our form picks up for the end of the season and TM keeps his job. He's unlikely to go before his contract expires.
  9. Every time we attack, they have two ordered banks of 4 ready to defend and give us zero space. Every time they have an attack, we have players scrambling like a bunch of headless chickens. We've scored now, but straight after the restart - back to headless chicken defending.
  10. Typical Rovers is exactly how I would describe our current performance. Too many players who are frustratingly inconsistent. There’s absolutely no goals in this team and no one seems to be capable of finishing things off. Getting so sick of being on top in games and either losing by a goal or coming away with just a point...
  11. Just being rested I presume. Shame though because we look a better side with him in it.
  12. Buckley looks much better than he was earlier in the season. He’s not exactly a worldie at the minute, but much improved which is nice to see.
  13. Ref can fuck right off. Awful decision. Swansea have barely had a sniff at our goal and then they’re given a penalty for nothing. Stupid & clumsy by Gallagher though... don’t even give the ref a chance next time. We’ve played well today, but final ball has been lacking as per the usual. Fantastic pass by Trybull for our goal aside. Douglas has given away the ball twice in dangerous areas already. Need to get him off. Can we recall that LB from Crewe?
  14. Might bode well for us today then. Swansea have lost 2-0 to Derby and 2-1/4-1 to Huddersfield. Seems like they struggle against possession-based sides.
  15. I woke up to watch the game... turned it on just before the goal and promptly switched it off after it. Can't keep conceding such shambolic goals.
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