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  1. Didn’t watch the game, but just feeling a bit frustrated looking at the table. We could be sitting in 3rd right now if we hadn’t dropped those 2 points at Luton. It’s been a great start to the season and we now have 3 more winnable games coming up. Can we keep up this form?
  2. We've taken our foot off the gas... time to make a change or 2 to freshen things up.
  3. Back 4 looks solid, not much threat from Luton. Don't think any need to take Lenihan off just yet. Gally is playing up front but has been the poorest/quietest of the 3 attackers. Dolan and Brereton both quite lively and making things happen. Buckley has been excellent again today. He's really turning into a bit of a box-to-box midfielder, putting in some crunching tackles all over the pitch, but also making things happen with his range of passing. He's going to have a great season IMO.
  4. Game was absolute dogshit until our goal, it's been okay since then. Hoping to see some magic from Butterworth or Khadra in the 2nd half.
  5. I agree, it's pretty ridiculous. We're only 6 games in and we've already had 2 games broadcast internationally, so not available via RoversTV. I'm against illegal streams and want to pay to watch, but they really don't make it easy...
  6. Gallagher up front again. Same 4-3-3 as we've played most weeks.
  7. We have been god awful so far... more so than usual if that's possible.
  8. He did get the ball, but it was an awful clumsy challenge.
  9. We have one of the highest wage to turnover ratios in the league. I think it’s been made clear a million times before already that we don’t have the money for wages. I’m sure we can bring in an experienced player on a crazy wage but that then has flow on effects on the rest of the squad as they (or their agents) will want matching terms. This is going to be as good as it gets unless we either get promoted or more people start buying season tickets.
  10. If we kept Poveda on and taken Brereton off, we would've won. Decent enough point though I guess.
  11. Dolan is so frustrating to watch. Does so much right, but doesn't know when to release the ball.
  12. Brereton has to be hooked. We will lose this otherwise.
  13. Brereton has been really poor today. Defence looks shaky. We're going to need a big improvement in the second half. Just need to hold on to the lead til half time.
  14. Beautiful from Gally! Finally being played up front 🙂
  15. Gallagher is playing up front. 4-2-3-1 with Poveda, Brereton and Clarkson forming the 3.
  16. Really unfair on Chapman. Should be getting a chance here to play more than 10 minutes after his showing against Forest.
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