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  1. Rock FM had some sort of concert back in the early 2000's with loads of different acts on...apart from that I can't really remember anything else.
  2. pretty much what the title says. Inbox me what you have for sale...details, condition, price, etc and I'll get back to you.
  3. I worked with Neil for a short time about 15 years ago now - gave him a copy of the programme from a match he played in against Santos, for Plymouth I think. Not seen him around for a while...
  4. if anybody collects Rovers home programmes from the 1940s, I've got 13 for sale...contact me for more information.
  5. Thought that Luton were very good and on another night it might of gone to extra-time. There were plenty of teamsheets before the game...fingers only just warmed up enough to type this ❄️
  6. I haven't heard anything back yet, so all hope isn't lost...
  7. two questions Glen A, is the Tugay shirt still available? B, is it a match worn shirt? If the answer to both is yes, I'd offer £100
  8. If anybody needs a home programme from this season (except Wolves), I have a number of them for sale at £1 each - they can either be collected at the next home game or can post them out, total UK price £2.50. If there are any overseas supporters wanting them, let me know what you need and I'll get a price to you.
  9. if anybody has any programmes from this, I'd pay upto £50 each for them depending on condition...get looking in the loft folks!
  10. I'm having a bit of a summer clear-out and have the following programmes for sale: PRE WW2 Sheffield United v Coventry 37/38 Sheffield United v Hull 35/36 ROVERS HOMES Aston Villa 47/48 Barnsley 48/49 Bolton 46/47 Huddersfield 46/47 Hull 48/49 (FAC) Leeds 49/50 Sheffield U 47/48 Stoke 45/46, 46/47, 47/48 ROVERS AWAYS Barnsley 45/46 Blackpool 47/48 Brentford 46/47, 48/49 Charlton 46/47, 47/48 Chelsea 46/47 Coventry 49/50 Everton 45/46 Fulham 37/38 Huddersfield 47/48 Hull 49/50 Plymouth 49/50 Portsmouth 47/48 Preston 46/47, 47/48 Sheffield W 44/45 Southampton 48/49, 49/50 Stoke 46/47, 47/48
  11. you are a kid in the academy - would you rather play in your cup final, or keep the bench warm for a league match that means nothing to either team? Personally I'd be playing my strongest team tonight...
  12. I'm looking for collections of pre 1970 Rovers programmes (in good to excellent condition), both Home & Away. If anybody is looking to sell, either leave a message below, PM me or text/call me on 07456 852852.
  13. Couldn't agree more, as its probably sung by kids who would probably fill their trackies if faced by those they were singing it at...
  14. testing from BRFCS

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