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  1. Blessing in disguise that we cant get on Ewood, and watch this shite week in and week out...I dread to think how many season tickets will be sold in the summer...
  2. Philip Maybe the players arnt as good as people think.
  3. Dusty Bin would do a better job than boring Tony....Out of both cups 15th or so in league. Once again all talk...
  4. Well its plain to understand but I cant be arsed explaining..
  5. Why are BBC not showing Rovers vs Doncaster.......hahaha
  6. Buckley needs to go out on loan to Pleasington in the Blackburn Combination...
  7. Waggy76. I agree with you 100 per cent. I wont be going while boring Tony is still here.
  8. Good to see the false number 9 is working....What the F... is that all about..
  9. Ih my it's a good job the fans arnt allowed in. How many would turn up each week to watch this week after week?..Asking for a friend.
  10. Colin Bell RIP...A great player for City and England. Used to watch him play for City when Rovers wer away in the late 60s...That City side was better than today's...
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