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  1. I watched him for 70 minutes tonight playing for Motherwell. Didn't see him put a foot wrong
  2. Just a heads up guys. Sky Bet are offering 100/1 on Rovers to be relegated. Worth a tenner of anyones money. They ain't gonna get rid of TM and we are in absolute freefall!
  3. Season ticket numbers from 19/20 will be halved next season if they keep Mowbray in charge.
  4. McBride seems to score every game. Must be worth a place on the bench if our current form carries on.
  5. That's a good shout and someone I hadn't thought of. He'd be on my shortlist too 👍
  6. Make your feelings heard. Tweet Suhail Pasha at @PashaSapss
  7. @Mercer hope you're enjoying that nice glass of red mate. Barnsley was an absolute banker.
  8. I was one of the lucky bastards to play in the supporters Vs legends charity match. Being nutmegged by Tugay is one of the best things to ever happen to me.
  9. I'd bet there would be a long queue of Championship clubs interested in his services if he was to leave here at the end of the season!
  10. Even if Magloire was back by Saturday I'm pretty sure he couldn't play. Pretty sure he played vs Salford for Harrogate in the FA Cup.
  11. I think he's brilliant to watch. I sit on my recliner at home watching Brereton and Gallagher on the wings almost nodding off. As soon as Dolan comes on it's time to decline and sit on the edge of my seat. He should be getting more minutes, I assume he'll start vs Doncaster at weekend where hopefully he can put a performance in.
  12. If you're on mobile, type in @pashasapss at the top of the Twitter app and search for it. (Don't click his profile) Only 4 or 5 people have done it though.
  13. I'd advise doing your own, more people the merrier. 👍
  14. @PeteJD13 has done it too. I suppose with not being in the ground it's the only way of getting ourselves heard, make his phone ping!
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