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  1. Majority appear to be. His record is pretty good since he took over temporarily in fairness W5 D2 L1.
  2. PNE have announced Franke McAvoy as their new manager and Paul Gallagher as first team coach. Gareth Ainsworth is still available and would crawl over broken glass from Wycombe to Ewood if he was offered the job. We can but dream...
  3. Appoint Gareth Ainsworth the day after and then release reasonable season ticket prices the day after that! Are you listening Waggott?
  4. Don't know who created the Twitter account but it just shows the difference of opinion on here to general social media. 95% of supports want Mowbray Out, only <5% would be willing to do something about it. It's a shame but I think the last ten years has just zapped most fans of any passion whatsoever.
  5. If we are to do it, we need to make it like a matchday and get people there in numbers. My suggestion would be 8th May at home to Birmingham which would be the last game of the season. Plenty of time to make banners and get the word out. If there is a graphic designer among us that can knock something up for social media with the details on that would be good too. Like people have said, if we do it and only 30 turn up it will be embarrassing and send out the wrong message. We need at least 1000.
  6. My thoughts exactly, which is a shame.
  7. 2 home games left, 2 more opportunities to let our voices be heard. Is it worth it? Does anyone care anymore? Will people turn up? Will Mowbray/Waggot listen and do the right thing? Personally, I can't justify buying a season ticket with Mowbray in charge next season. A change is needed, every man and his dog can see a change is needed so why the feck isn't it happening? 2 days before the next home game might be a bit tight to get the word out but Birmingham at home on the 8th May is achievable. I fear that may be too late though as Mowbray can go and enjoy a
  8. I gave this post a 'like' after the first paragraph. So true, and I have never felt so disengaged with the club. I very much doubt I will be renewing my season ticket if Mowbray is still in charge.
  9. If we are to protest, time is running out. 2 home games remaining.
  10. It's a bloody good job Venkys didn't sign Raul, Ronaldinho and Beckham when they wanted to. We could be joining this bunch of greedy gits now if things had gone to plan!
  11. Is it bad that I'm at the point where I'm not even arsed about winning? It means Mowbray will be safe for the foreseeable. FFS. 😟
  12. I'd love to know the Rovers ifollow figures for today, surely can't be more than a few hundred.
  13. I quite literally couldn't give a dam what happens. Never ever felt so uninterested in Blackburn Rovers.
  14. If he's still in charge on the 17th at home to Derby, a socially distanced Ewood Park protest could be in order!
  15. Might see players in their positions today then. I'd like to see Ben up top with Dack behind him and Elliott and Dolan on the wings.
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