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  1. Really? Have you seen the Leeds lineup tonight? It's their U23s...
  2. Absolutely beautiful. We'll played Macron 👏👏
  3. It would appear that Ben will have 'Brereton Diaz' on the back of his shirt this season! Brilliant 😁
  4. Please keep it coming! I'm absolutely on board with 'Breretonmania' and am enjoying your posts 👍👏
  5. I've watched it go from 300,000 to 800,000 within a few weeks. Crazy numbers!
  6. I'm curious to know if there is any other championship player with a bigger social media following than Ben. He's just surpassed 800,000 on Instagram!
  7. Ben and Chile have had a bit of a stinker in the first half and he has picked up a yellow card. Can see him being dragged off shortly into the second half.
  8. Majority appear to be. His record is pretty good since he took over temporarily in fairness W5 D2 L1.
  9. PNE have announced Franke McAvoy as their new manager and Paul Gallagher as first team coach. Gareth Ainsworth is still available and would crawl over broken glass from Wycombe to Ewood if he was offered the job. We can but dream...
  10. Appoint Gareth Ainsworth the day after and then release reasonable season ticket prices the day after that! Are you listening Waggott?
  11. Don't know who created the Twitter account but it just shows the difference of opinion on here to general social media. 95% of supports want Mowbray Out, only <5% would be willing to do something about it. It's a shame but I think the last ten years has just zapped most fans of any passion whatsoever.
  12. If we are to do it, we need to make it like a matchday and get people there in numbers. My suggestion would be 8th May at home to Birmingham which would be the last game of the season. Plenty of time to make banners and get the word out. If there is a graphic designer among us that can knock something up for social media with the details on that would be good too. Like people have said, if we do it and only 30 turn up it will be embarrassing and send out the wrong message. We need at least 1000.
  13. My thoughts exactly, which is a shame.
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