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  1. Can TM in one game just play strikers in the middle and wingers on the sides. Would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ten minutes in and under the circumstances (mowbray) we are playing good, allthough I have a feelings its more about Nowich beeing baffled about the lineup. How is Evans in the starting lineup?
  3. After a decent start to the season for Brereton he just looks completely helpless.
  4. Can Lenihan just effin stop trying to play the long ball forward
  5. Gallagher at left wing today! This gonna be a another blast of a game
  6. Kaminski has fecking more successful dribles this half than Gallagher has all season.
  7. Only TM can have have two strikers on the field for 90 mins, only to play a winger as striker for 77 of those 90 minutes.
  8. Elliot should be taken off, off the pace like he has been for the last five games. Does nothing.
  9. Hmm, then we dont have someone on the left side cause Rothwell is defo not playing there
  10. What a fecking terrible half. We have three central midtfielders who are terrified of going forward. In fact, the only two players making any offensive movement is our fullbacks. Elliot is a waste of space and have been poor for a long time. Rothwell as expected from the wing, with zero contribution. No plan, and thats on our manager.
  11. What can he do? Travis way off the pace and Elliot does nothing, not even sure he has left the midfield line this game
  12. Has Dack as a striker ever worked for us? As I recall TM did it in league 1 quite a few times. Turgid stuff. How we can have play a game with 6 CM is beyond me. Dack, Travis, Downing and Trybull are coming deep to get the ball.
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