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  1. I think this play is worth backing regardless of the current ups and downs at Ewood. It is not precious or self indulgent / self pitying to still feel strongly about what's happened to Rovers over the best (worst!?) part of the last decade. The fact that the issues and lack of oversight have impacted several clubs as well as ours only highlights the scale of the problem for football. This play is a great way of keeping a focus on something that it is all too tempting and easy to just ignore and hope, even believe, has gone away. I hope the play is successful and achieves its aims.
  2. Bob's prediction is uncanny...however 7 years ago, many Rovers fans wanted hope to triumph over (other clubs') dodgy experiences with shoddy foreign ownership. With foresight or hindsight, our decline, every step of the way, has not been normal or part of football's natural order of things. Obvious and instinctive to most Roverites, too many dispassionate observers have also said so. Would bigger, better protests/boycotts have made any difference to our fate over this time? I don't believe so but even if it was the case, there is no gain for Rovers supporters in agonising and divisiv
  3. For all who voted leave - and are still relatively happy with the way things are proceeding - what unintended consequence that could arise from Brexit would ever make you doubt your conviction and regret your vote/stance? Anything at all? The binary winning / losing thing is so childish. We all have to make sure the outcome is best for all citizens of these islands, including those who don't/didn't vote...
  4. <As Brexit won, the only way you get to that number is to count those who did not vote. These same people who had the right to vote but voluntarily choose not to make their views known. It's the height of ignorance to assume that they would have voted to Remain. The only thing we know is that they voted with their feet not to express an opinion. > By not voting to leave the EU they were effectively accepting the status quo, they may have felt (wrongly as it turned out) that they didn't need to vote remain... As for Brexit "winning", let's wait a while to see how shiny the prize act
  5. The pattern, scale and timing of transfer activity inwards and outwards at Rovers over the last six years is the clearest evidence of malfeasance at our club; it cannot seriously be dismissed as ineptitude or misfortune.
  6. Anybody else on here see The Smiths in Blackburn for 50p? Upstairs in the Elizabethan Suite above DJ's (previously Fernando's Wine bar. above what became C'est La Vie) at the movable feast that was the weekly Gum Club night...great gig, up there with the Jam, Clash, Motorhead, Killing Joke and Pogues - all fantastic KGH gigs. Colne Francs use to have some decent bands on too, Southern Death Cult, King Kurt etc. Good grief even the best sounds of today are drab and uniform compared to those days
  7. <I remember Ron Kennedy reports in the late 60s - I think he covered when Alf Thornton was away and if he was a freelance that would add up. I was at SMC and his brother was our form teacher and maths teacher. Can't recall his first name now, but we used to call him Toss Kennedy.> His name was/is Tom, still see him around - as well as a maths teacher he was the Eymard 1st year Form Tutor in my day. "Who's that smoking at the back? Pipe down!" Forget QED.... "N'est-ce pas? Oui, Oui? Later!" (Edit - meant to also say - great articles, when journalists could actually write and do more t
  8. Saw some great bands and heard excellent music at an excellent new-to-me venue in Blackburn tonight. <<Edit : 41 King Street (above the Cellar Bar) is the venue. >> Blitzen Trapper, from Portland Oregon, played a blinder of a set (vastly superior to the - comparatively - fairly twee Fleet Foxes they are supporting on a current UK tour). Check out the great vid of their catchy 'Black River Killer' on You Tube for a taster. They stated they'd had their best food sampled so far in England in the 'city of Blackburn' - the mysteries and delights of the butter pie were highly exto
  9. What's the general consensus on the Courteeners then? Kooks/AMs wannabees or the new Manc vibe? Best ever gig attended ? (can't be arassed to start a new thread) Got to be between The Jam - King Georges Hall Motorhead - King Georges Hall The Pogues - KGH/Hacienda/Brixton Academy Killing Joke - Sheffield Top Rank/KGH Windsor suite/Ashton-u-lyne Metro Sex Gang Children - Francs, Colne Southern Death Cult - Francs, Colne Stone Roses - Preston Guild Hall Foyer Oasis - Avenham Park, Preston Section 25 - The Club, Blackburn The Smiths - Elizabethan Suite, Upstairs at DJs, B
  10. This match was the last time I stood on (and fell from) a crush barrier stanchion (unless one of my many tumbles at Celtic Park counts)...wither Matty Jansen now?
  11. Great day and victory... for various reasons I arrived at the last minute, parked up near the Havelock at approx 5 - 10 minutes before kick off. Bizarrely, my walk to Ewood was like someting from the Omega Man or 28 Days Later... I saw absolutely nobody (except maybe in a few passing cars) until Nuttall Street - got through the Riverside turnstile just as the ref blew his whistle...Craig Short - goal machine!
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