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  1. Just out of curiosity...how did you find such a thing out? Did you avidly search for the info or did these people mention it in passing?
  2. He has had them. He just calls it guacamole.
  3. I'll have it. Could to with something to kick on occasion Will a quid suffice?
  4. It was just a joke in reference to the number of times a thread has mentioned religion on here, that's all. No offence intended Gord. And for the record, I do agree that these religious slaughter methods are quite appauling. It wouldn't stop me eating the meat though.
  5. Ditto, but with a ball from the promotion campaign of 2000/01. Admittedly less valuable but I love it! TAkes pride of place in a perspex box in the spare room
  6. Halal, Kosher or whatever else it must be called. In the end it is food, and while there are many religious people who do care, I would warrant that the majority don't give one about how an animal is killed. It is food. I'll admit the double standards of only buying free-range food where possible
  7. Probably an entry that was included with his bet. Like 'Bet on this and you could win a.....' type of thing. Cheers but I already have 3 of this seasons
  8. I think it's because people get addicted to the games they got at xmas over January (possibly because of the packed xmas schedule). I know that I wouldn't get a new game until February at earliest having got a game or 2 for xmas.
  9. 7 loves of student-priced bread is not to be sniffed at!
  10. I am going to the game wearing a black armband. I will also take a letter (addressed to John's spirit and his family) to place by Jack's statue, together with my ticket and coach slip for the game (all with 'RIP John Taylor x' written on), a 'Blues Bar' beermat on which I rested a pint after toasting his memory. I will also hold aloft the LET's from Monday ('Rovers mourn death of fan, 30') and today ('Let's win it for John') during the minute's silence.
  11. I completely forgot about the picture. How much did you get/how much did it raise?
  12. Possibly cous cous on the side or an extra layer of lettuce.
  13. Bang on B4E. I almost feel guilty just for having been at the game. It's gutting. Feel pretty hollow.
  14. Excellent news. He deserves a tribute. I've got hold of 2 black armbands too.
  15. What was reported in the Sun is what many people believed had happened, so i'm not shocked by their report. But it is rather shoddy journalism if they cba researching what happened to a fan who died at the football! I wouldn't expect any less from a red-top paper.
  16. First time on the mb since the game and I've been inconsolable since the game. I can't believe that a devastated family aren't going to see Joh n Taylor return home from the football. It put the game in perspective. I had to ceck the score later at night. John's death really puts footy into perspective. May God rest his soul x
  17. San Carlo WAS good, but is a little lacking in atmosphere at times. Plenty of celebs/footballers in there for people-watchers though. Of the restaurants you mentioned, I'd go with Either Bella Italia or Cafe Rouge. Also try San Rocco which is on the other side of Deansgate to San Carlo and a block further up. It's a little bit tucked away, but very good quality Italian (but the don't do Pizza's grrrrrr).
  18. Agreed. And get this in the recipes thread! I love lamb curries, but could never make a decent one!
  19. I would have LOVED him to stay, but he evidently wanted to leave and engineered his eventual move away from the club (and THAT's what got on my tits). However, I will recall fondly his goal against Arsenal and the many times where he won us vital points. His attitude stinks at times, but he was an awesome footballer. Should he play at Ewood again, I will gladly applaud a man who was arguably 2nd only to Tugay in terms of footballing ability. I wish Benni well, but if his heart wasn't in it, I didn't want him here.
  20. Darreners: Mangiamo's has REALLY come good again. 9/10 food, 9/10 atmosphere. Also, the place that used to be Mr. Fu's Chinese (next to the carwash, near St. Joseph's church, opposite the newsagents) now does a wicked chips and curry sauce!
  21. The Crown and Thistle up on Blacksnape is coming on well again after a dodgy spell last summer. Went there last week. 8/10.
  22. If you are local (I live in darwen), would you want the P+P too, if I picked it up?
  23. Yeh, he did. But you claimed he said we had to stifle the opposition and nick one on the break. WRONG!!!! We don't NEED to win is what he is saying (albeit badly). Win would be nice, draw is good, loss ain't too disastrous.
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