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  1. Bizarre? What's bizarre is the attitude that it is "shocking" that people might resist being gotten rid of, or contemplate resistance to such an idea. If you suggest that people be gotten rid of to control population, and then you specifically identify climate skeptics as the group to be gotten rid of, be prepared for the climate skeptics to start preparing their own lists. If you want these "shocking" comments to cease, I suggest you get your own house in order. If you don't advocate the getting rid of people, specifically climate skeptics, then you won't be "shocked" as they'll have no incentive to respond in kind. As to the "tongue in cheek" defense, real or not, it's curious how those who can effectively advocate the genocide of those they disagree with are quick to assert "it's a joke" but aren't willing to give the same consideration to the opposition. My response was not a joke. It was logic. As a supposed advocate of "science", you might want to introduce yourself to the concept of "cause and effect". If you use hard words, joke or not, expect hard words back. If you actually think it's a good idea, then you might want to consider the type of people your dealing with before putting such thoughts into action. The outcomes may not be what you either expect or desire.
  2. Biz, if you are going to advocate the getting rid of millions of people, including me, don't sound surprised when it is suggested we might physically resist. And be better at it than most. K-Hod, where were you when Biz was suggesting that millions of climate skeptics be gotten rid of? Or is your shock and outrage only directed at the right?
  3. I'll add mind reading to the list of make believe powers you think you possess.
  4. Careful. I suspect that we man made climate change sceptics are the people with the guns.
  5. Really? Dr. John Bates is the recently retired principal scientist at the National Climatic Data Center. This year, he wrote an article claiming: "So, in every aspect of the preparation and release of the datasets leading into K15, we find Tom Karl’s thumb on the scale pushing for, and often insisting on, decisions that maximize warming and minimize documentation." https://judithcurry.com/2017/02/04/climate-scientists-versus-climate-data/ The NOAA also refused to cooperate with the Congressional Committee's request for information. https://science.house.gov/news/press-releases/former-noaa-scientist-confirms-colleagues-manipulated-climate-records I'll trust scientific conclusions when all raw data is promptly released, all assumptions and modifications promptly released, and they welcome double and triple checking of their hypothesis from anyone who cares to undertake the task. They don't, so I won't.
  6. How about requiring the release of all the raw data and the assumptions made to "improve" that data? Until that occurs climate change advocates are asking that we have faith in the new secular priesthood. I decline for the same reasons I don't put my faith in the Church.
  7. Yes, I am. Unlike you, I'm living in the world of facts, not make believe.
  8. Donald J. Trump, Jr., son and confidante of the President of the United States of America. Any other questions?
  9. I'm surprised at some claiming Wilders was stopped or defeated. He certainly didn't win but he did gain ground. Ergo, populism is on the rise. It just hasn't become a majority, yet.
  10. It's hugely amusing to see the media claim that there is no evidence that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump. They're Pavlovian in their behaviors. Trump is playing them like a fiddle.
  11. Feel free to explore whatever super secret conspiracy theories you like, and then share your special and unique insights. In the meantime, I'll quaff my Guinness and laugh.
  12. What? Last I checked the USA was warning against Brexit, complete with the then President visiting and promising you'd go to the end of the line if you left the EU. Try again.
  13. Watch the American news, all the channels, and you'll see it playing out before your eyes. Trump is playing some serious mind games with the media and the liberals. They are imploding and don't even know it.
  14. CNN is now labeling President Trump's choice for National Security Advisor as brilliant and inspired. Not too bad for a president that many here have incorrectly opined is an dangerous idiot http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/20/opinions/trumps-brilliant-choice-of-mcmaster-bergen/
  15. Multi-cultural is traditional? Not hardly. It's a recent fad. And the pendulum will swing back. If the U.K. (and the USA) want to thrive, we need immigration from immigrants that integrate. We don't need the seeds of Balkanization, which is the logical consequence of multiculturalism.
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