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  1. Usha on Haslingden Old Rd at Oswaldtwistle is a good curry, good lager and good service. It's a very big place too so it's not often it gets booked up. My opinion is that it's far better food than Shajan. I used to rate Syhlet at Lango but I've not been for some time now as Usha is so good and easier logistically for me. It's not a bad taxi fare from Blackburn or Darwen either.
  2. But every time I've tried I've been locked up!
  3. I have answered your questions to the best of my ability. I'm a plumber not a politician therefore as good as I am with central heating and plumbing issues I can not change the world so I live with it. Our opinions differ, I am not likely to change mine and I wouldn't expect you to change yours. It would be good to have a full on debate on this topic but I'm afraid this is not the thread to do so. Maybe in the Blues bar after the Everton game??? Then on to the Khyber for a kheema special? I was afraid my simple question would turn into a debate... Anyone been to the Farmers Glory since it has re-opened? I was wondering if it's as good as it was about 18months ago. We're in Blackpool for the weekend for a wedding this weekend so I will be returning to the 'Don Antonio' in Bispham for a meal on Friday evening. It's well worth a try if your ever in the area.
  4. As I clearly stated in my post, I am not debating whether it is right or wrong, I was asking a simple question through interest alone. We live in a multi faith country, personally I respect everybody's religion and beliefs and I will eat whatever I choose to eat whether it has been slaughtered humanly or not. 1. My opinion is that whether you cut the throat of a lamb or put an electric bolt through its head doesn't actually concern me too much as the animals in question are bred for slaughter. I enjoy all different types of food from fine dining to the occasional doner kebab, the choice is there for all to take. 2. Halal slaughter is in practice in our country and will always be as long as we have a religiously diversified population.
  5. I don't want to get into the old debate but does this mean you will not eat Indian/Asian meat curry, donner/shish/chicken kebab's, meat pizza's or burgers from any of our many take away's in the Blackburn area? It's just a matter of interest and not an argument/debate of any sort.
  6. What about the number of times the lazy so and so couldn't be bother dragging his fat gut around the pitch to graft and do his bit? He was paid handsomely to score goals, that was his job so '52 goals in 140 appearances' (37 league goals in 109 apps) is the least we should expect. I like to see Rovers players graft, you didn't see it too often from Benni. If he had grafted a little maybe he'd have been fitter and still playing first team football.
  7. Now that would be fun. Can I sit next to Waggy on the bus?
  8. Does anybody know whether Monte Cristo is the same owner as Mangiamo's? I've been told this is the case and I'm going to try Monte Cristo (at Church next to Hyndburn Sports Centre) next Friday.
  9. Isn't it still the Welcome? I've heard good reviews but I've not been for years. As for Blackburn Buffet City, it's not up there with the best but like everything in like you get what you pay for. I really enjoyed it but the surroundings are those of the old Borough pub with a splash of emulsion but there was a very good choice of food. If you do give it a try, go with an open mind... For take away's, East Star in Oswaldtwistle is very good. Good value for money and good sized portions with plenty of good quality meat in the dishes.
  10. I've been going there for years Gav, never had a bad meal or bad service. I don't go as often as I used to but I'd recommend it to anyone.
  11. I went to Blackburn Buffet City over Easter. It was all you can eat for £5.60 per head (before 16:30). Excellent value and the food was good. The seating arrangements are a bit like a canteen but it saves paying the overheads for fancy fixtures and fittings. Far better value than a take away and the ale is priced well.
  12. I wouldn't. 3 Points against anybody in the Premier League is more important than a cup semi final place for the Rovers at this stage.
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