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  1. Brereton will be playing in the Prem within a few years. Possibly even internationally (with Chile). Chapman will be nowhere near that. A few stepovers and goals in League 1 won’t change that.
  2. Hopefully so - and I’m assuming it’s the case. Just strange to see from a player of Trav’s ilk.
  3. I think this summer is the minimum term, dependant on how the season pans out. We know that Venky’s will never pot him, but I think he’ll walk if we don’t finish top 6 this season. And I’m very much TM in, he’s done a massive job here. Don’t lose sight of the state of the club when he joined, compared to where we are now (not just league positions).
  4. Good 3 points, however poor the game was. Every good team has to win ugly sometimes, it’s actually the sign of a good side. On Trav, I like him and I like what he brings. But my complaint since his return from injury, is that when he loses possession, he stands gesturing and complaining rather than biting ankles to get it back. Hopefully fitness related, but it’s not what you expect to see from him.
  5. Hardly. Nothing to do with 'the game', it's about one club's financial mismanagement.
  6. The problem you get at Ewood is that, for anything other than the 2/3 standard chants, only half a dozen people join in - so it sounds awful. If you had 3 stands (or even just the Blackburn End) singing the Rhodes one, for example, it'd sound great. Creativity has never been our fans' strong point, in fairness.
  7. I never knew him, but my thoughts are with his family. In John and Warren, the Rovers family have lost two big personalities in the last week.
  8. I like the look of it. Not keen on shirts without sponsors. Just looks incomplete and amateurish.
  9. A nice write up in today's Telegraph and lots of action pics at www.kipax.com
  10. Finished 6 vs 1 to the home side, a great night of footy and hopefully lots of money raised for a worthy cause. Should have been 6-0, but a rare mistake from Big Col gifted them a goal and took away my clean sheet
  11. I'll be there, such a worthy and worthwhile cause. Let's hope a good crowd turn up and raise plenty of money for BLESMA.
  12. Great result in the circumstances. We know that Venky's aren't going anywhere, so let's hope that they make some wholesale changes in the summer.
  13. Good 3 points, made it closer than it needed to be in truth. Probably sends Huddersfield down, looking at remaining fixtures.
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