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  1. Don't go about being balanced and giving a rational reason why Rovers aren't a fault. That's not allowed in these parts. It doesn't matter that these things leak for most clubs, Rovers are incompetent damn it. Note some 2022 kits are already leaked for some clubs - Rovers are poor for not showing/announcing theirs. But if they leaked ...poor Rovers, getting shown up by other parties.
  2. Good spot. Who needs the club to confirm things....
  3. I've got this season's Hibs shirt (they donated sponsorship to the NHS) and it's ok. Sizing wise they recommended getting a size or 2 up, think I went 2 and it is more than ample, should have gone 1.
  4. Am I right in thinking Umbro's deal ends this season? If so would explain the buy one get one half price deal expertly sold by Dacky and Breo in the latest video. With Recoverite also being an initial one year deal the Commercial dept best get a move on
  5. Credit to TM today, I can't have been the only one thinking he'd thrown in the towel when Arma and Rothwell went off, but it got a result with the subs doing their bit, same as in mid week.
  6. Yes, i think if you buy the Ladies team shirt, you instead have a bigger version of it on the front only. I dont think any sponsor would happily allow shirts to be sold without their logo, unless you're doing a publicity stunt like paddy power did.
  7. I'm sure some of the add ons were reported as based on competitive international appearances, which looked a shoe in at the time, but he's not played many competitive games for England.
  8. In hindsight of course, but in the context of the game no. Had we conceded one, particularly leading into half time, how many fans would have feared the worst? And the players may feel the same. If it was at 80+ mins he maybe doesnt make that foul, but crucial at that point not to give Derby any reason to think they could get back in the game
  9. Rovers have tweeted they'll begin sending shirts out from Monday
  10. From those who played a decent number of games, so not Leutweiler for example, worst keeper in the last 25 years was Jake Kean IMO
  11. I think we'd have still likely spent the money we had. The half a million I referred to is the budget we'd have now and we'd be needing to sign a striker - remove SG from the squad, DG gone, we'd have Breo, Arma as the only senior options at the moment.
  12. I dont think you understand the word guarantee. It's similar to those who state their opinion and then say it's a fact or that it's a fact that something else would have happened. Had we kept Raya, yes we dont have Walton and my own view is that would have been better. We also dont sign Sam G (calm down haters) but who plays right wing? Bennett? Breo? Does Dack still miss half the season. Nobody knows. Moving further on, we then need to sign a striker this summer gone with DG off - who would we get for half a million or so?
  13. The big test for Dolan will be how he copes as each match passes and he becomes a known threat. Hopefully his speed and range of tricks does not become readable; it was noticeable against Bournemouth how after his first five or so mins they handled him much better than Wycombe did at any point.
  14. For all the comments about Ayala arriving, it's Williams standing out at the back. Maybe it's the skipper who needs to worried for his shirt
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