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  1. Don't think BBC iplayer is available outside the UK 'officially' but expect there's some way around that for the tech savvy
  2. That's like saying you've found the ibuprofen is working when you've just been diagnosed with cancer.
  3. Thought you must have sent him a script πŸ˜‰ HBM, it takes an hour or so for the podcast to appear.... you've time for the dogging excursion 41 minutes ago, Hoochie Bloochie Mama said: Have you got a link? I can find all the previous ones but not this weeks? EDIT: found it. EDIT: Nope. Haven't found itπŸ˜„
  4. and (if it hasn't happened already) to talk to this residents' group. Make sure they know there's a sizeable bunch of fans that will help them - might open up a few new lines of attack.
  5. Yep I was thinking on the same lines Rev. When is the first pronouncement from RVBC due? Got a feeling there won't be Mowbray (and Waggott) news till then at the earliest.
  6. So but a few minutes later How does that work?
  7. Really? So you think Mowbray has brought in whoever he likes for the past few years? Nobody else has had an influence?
  8. You say that as though it's a total contrast to Mercer
  9. Might that have been an evening game, Boxing Day 95 vs Man City? That'd win my vote, the car reckoned something like -7 as we left it.
  10. It's still in the vinyl collection, signed by Ben Arentoft, Roger Jones and Mick Heaton
  11. If you're sick of saying it how do you think readers feel? There is an option to stop.
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