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  1. We still don’t have a plan A though. It was 4-3-3 yesterday (seems to be people’s favoured formation) but it was 3-5-2 on Tuesday and could be something totally different vs derby. It’s just a series of random formations with random selections. Mowbray still has no clear idea of how he wants to play just a series of random ideas he has depending on the opposition so as such there’s no plan A. You could argue he has about 10 half baked plans none of which cohesively work consistently
  2. Because he’s an improvement on Mowbray. Will people be running down to ewood because of him no but is he better than 100% yes. He may not have a plan B but moggadon doesn’t even have a plan A after 5 years.
  3. Id love to see that smoggy bozo sacked more than most but I’m just not buying this gone in November stuff. Doesn’t make any sense. If thinking of sacking him then now is the best time with better managers in McCarthy, Bruce and wilder available (I don’t see why we couldn’t get any of those as they’re not getting prem jobs any time soon). If wait for a random international break in November who’s to say anyone will be available then. Plus from the owners point of view they were happy bumbling around lower mid table last season and the 2 seasons before that, and we’re bumbling around mid table now. We’ve gone on worse death spirals in ever other season than what we’ve managed this season. Compensation isn’t going to change one iota from now to next month. So what’s changed to make them want to sack him now. My prediction is we’ll bumble to another boring pointless lower mid table finish. His contract will run down to a few weeks left then they’ll think who cares give him another one.
  4. Only England could make heavy weather of chasing 55. Whether this is given our or not typical livi just innocuously chipping one up.
  5. 1 win in 6 probably the early days of a proper death spiral. Few rumblings in the media but is there any pressure on Mowbray. I seriously doubt it. But whenever there has been he digs out a win.
  6. Mowbray isn’t going on to bigger and better things after Rovers. Not in terms of wage, not in terms of stature of the club, not in terms of being allowed to be part of an operation happy to lose £20 million a season with him at the helm. I genuinely believe he’s waiting for the payoff which frankly can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately for him and the club the Venkys might just give him a new deal.
  7. He’s a poor mans bowyer. Bowyer wasn’t good enough.
  8. Seems as though added a test match to old Trafford.
  9. Ah. Confused two different companies there then.
  10. A few months ago I was speaking to a bloke who works for Leyland daf or whatever they’re called now. Can’t remember exactly what he said but something like they sack the temporary staff before Xmas then rehire them again in the new year. Presumably so don’t need to pay them if the plant is shut. Sounded fairly beastly. I also thought British Leyland were infamous for the frivolous strike even in an era of everyone striking so no idea what’s happened to them over there.
  11. Called him a tactically inept cabbage head. Still would be a vast improvement over our own ‘tactically inept cabbage head’. im sure the 8 million pay off softened the blow whatever was said. In fact if the price of having 8 million was someone following me around calling me a cabbage head id take it.
  12. The usual 8th - 14th Mowbray mediocre comfort zone. Lose a few players in January or suffer significant injuries then could easily be dragged into a relegation battle. Sack the manager, make a decent appointment, keep the better players and a few shrewd signings could easily make the play offs in a poor quality division.
  13. I think livi is all flash and no substance I’ve seen him far too often clear the ropes a few times in an innings only to chip one up to long on a few balls later with a shrug of the shoulders. At the very most he’d be another Buttler or Bairstow in a test environment. In Australian conditions their quicks would have livi on toast. Parky before bess and saqib before Overton seemed a no brainer to me. * that said I don’t think there’s any combination of players England could take that will prevent a whitewash (weather aside). We have 2 competent batsmen root and stokes and only one playing. It’s still not enough even if stokes was fit/right state of mind.
  14. Moggasurus left them bottom of league one. Fast forward to the present day they’re in the championship play off places, less debt than rovers, playing in front of big home crowds. Meanwhile we just trudge along with that smoggy the debt going up at an alarming rate.
  15. Internet (Twitter) shite vs reality. Same in politics shite on Twitter vs reality. I’d love thousands of them to come. They won’t.
  16. Unfortunately, literally the opposite could be said of the rovers fanbase.
  17. Perhaps not many win 5-0 but plenty score come to Andorra and score 4. Ireland, Hungary, Latvia (who also won 5-0) all in the past 12 months.
  18. A curious thing pre fight was fury’s ring walk. The Americans aren’t necessarily known for their intelligence but he came out as a Roman gladiator and the commentator was taking about him coming out to his gypsy heritage. I thought is it possible they think gypsies and Roman gladiators are the same. Much like when they killed bin laden and stated he was buried at sea in accordance with Muslim tradition and people suspected they’d confused Muslims with Vikings.
  19. Outclassed him again. Feared the worse in the 4th. Loved the Lancashire la la la at the end. FullSizeRender.mov
  20. Sadly if rovers fans invaded the pitch with sack the board banners our regal owners wouldn’t even know it had happened. They’d just get everything is great reports off swag and their stooge.
  21. We could field an over 60s side to beat this lot.
  22. Technology enhances practically every other sport. VAR makes football unwatchable.
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