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  1. I saw a Palace fan on twitter claiming that it was them Tottenham were honoring with their blue and white kit... not us winning the FA Cup 1884. Their fans seem to all have bought it without questions, because now they might be the oldest club in the country...
  2. Keep fighting buddy, and the same to the rest of you who shared. We're behind you all! Regarding Treacy, I wonder how many cases there are that not made public, I know of examples myself on a very low level, people who are very good at sports but then discover that it's funnier to drink and party. Sad really. I have one memory of Treacy as a player, it was a friendly game a long time ago, he was tackled by an opponent who gestured for him to get up. The next moment, Warnock just clobbers that opponent and screams at him to get up. That guy then limped off. 😄 That was just a sweet moment of one of the older players standing up for one of the younger ones.
  3. Found this interview with Nuno Gomes https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/nuno-gomes-reflects-blackburn-rovers-20908358.amp Found this bit a bit strange "We also lost Leon Best to injury, which was a big hit as he was a great player for us. We were playing well on the whole, but there were a lot of changes above us, and the fans seemed to disagree a lot with the board, so we had problems all heading in the same direction" Apologies is this was posted anywhere else. Couldn't find anything.
  4. I was never worried that we were going to win in the end... 😂
  5. He does have a very punchable face, doesn't he? Not advocating violence, just making an observation.
  6. K**n is definitely injured in his head... But also yes, it seems Gestede has only played 1 game so far.
  7. Don't know if it's been mentioned. But our old striker Rudy Gestede is since November last year playing for Melbourne Victory. The scary thing though is that they have a certain disgusting parasite as the assistant to the head coach. steve k**n is there for some reason. How does that pos still getting to work in professional football?!?
  8. Man, what a signing that was.... on Football Manager! 😁 Also don't forget about steve kean-out! (Or do forget about that pos, whatever suits one best 🙂 )
  9. Before the game they said Mowbray is very astute and at least as appreciated in Middlesbrough as he is in Blackburn...
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