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  1. Mowbray comment you could easily belive him making, before a ball is kicked. "The season is going well at the moment. I have just checked the table and we are up to third".
  2. The build of the Italian keeper would be my choice. However Gordon Banks was just 6ft. (1.85m) Exactly the same as Pickford.
  3. It was always going to happen with Pickford but to be fair he’s been top class up to now. Let’s hope no jitters in the second half.
  4. No he doesn’t but he would have done.
  5. Well that certainly wasn’t the case last night
  6. What infuriated me was the relentless replays of goal chances while play is ongoing, why do tv companies not use a producer who is actually a football fan. Do they not realise we need to see live play in what is a live game. There is loads of opportunity at half/full time to show replays.
  7. Two defeats at Hampden, and look Craig Burley, stop the whinging about England, a country where you were happy to play your club football for the majority of your career.
  8. I don’t think your on your own with that sentiment.
  9. He’s been replaced by Cavoniakov
  10. A great read for those of us who watched Rovers in the 60’s. It comes across in the book how much Noddy loved his time here.
  11. I was talking about Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s as per my original post.
  12. It’s not his skill I’m questioning which is equal to his predecessors in the yellow shirts. It’s his diving and rolling around that I can’t abide, which is where he shows no class.
  13. To be fair you see that every game in the prem.
  14. Insigne is like a human dynamo. My new favourite Italian player.
  15. I’ve just spilt my whisky with laughing at that!!!
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