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  1. Just look how classy that shirt is, even the cuffs are reversed to the sleeves, and why are long sleeved shirts not made these days ? The thing that gets my goat now is the sight of some soft arse wearing a short sleeve shirt with bloody gloves!!!
  2. Not cheap enough for me Gav. Only 1/3d when I was a kid
  3. Tool room in ‘O’ Building. Served my time there and indeed was a great place to work. So many skilled men all now gone after being thrown on th scrap heap.
  4. Thanks to Gav for the nostalgic pics. Brought back lots of happy memories although I’m not quite old enough to have had the jab yet. A couple of weeks yet. This is just the best thread on here.
  5. Maybe it’s Bukta. There won’t be many on here who had a shirt of that manufacture.
  6. The only story I have seen so far about investment in players by the new dingle owners, is a loan deal for Phil Jones.
  7. Did your relative with close links to PNE happen to mention that Neill would be managing Rovers because the Nobb End faithful cannot stand the bloke?
  8. Another great player gone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55551720
  9. Albert Einstein was certainly a genius but his brother Frank was a totally different kettle of fish.
  10. What I cannot understand is how one match is called off because of as number of Fulham players have tested positive, and another match goes ahead even though a number of Man City players are unavailable due to testing positive.
  11. I agree that Ainsworth would fully understand the problems at the club, but does anyone honestly think that Venkys would appoint someone who comes from the same mould as us folk. They would be scared to death that the truth would be laid bare regarding their tenure. Always will be a yes man while they’re at the helm of this rudderless ship.
  12. Yes a nice touch that. The days when people within the club had a brain and cared, that’s the difference to now.
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