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  1. Gareth Ainsworth on today’s result for Wycombe "We were so close but next time we'll get over that line, believe me, because we've learned as a club - I've got things wrong this season but I've always given my best and done what I thought was right”. "I can't wait for next season because we are going to make another mark in League One”. Now there’s a manager of passion, but it looks like he has no plans to go anywhere.
  2. That explains the grammatical errors that abound in the paper. Journalists, Editors, I think not.
  3. There is a club in the Lowland League in Scotland who have a manager with Rovers connections that the Venkys could easily sign up to be our next messiah, and we would be very dissatisfied with their choice. We would even want Mowbray back. My brother in law lives in Kelty in Fife and I am due to visit when lockdown is relaxed so may have to go round to the local football club to dissuade their manager from applying for the Ewood job.
  4. Reading some of the post match comments in the LT after every game makes me wonder sometimes if there is someone at Ewood actually making some of the comments themselves. I mean you’d think that Mowbray was a heaven sent saviour with some people in the LT comments list. The LT on the other hand will not print any comment that is too derogatory towards Mowbray in their eyes it would appear. I sent in a comment asking them to grow some and call out Mowbray over the statements he has made regarding how he said he is an honourable man, he would not be a burden on the club, blah blah blah. Of co
  5. I met TB on a flight from Cyprus at the time he was at Ibrox. He was a really friendly character and we chatted for a while. I had to tell him how I always admired him as an England player giving his all for the cause on many occasions, but my admiration was severely tested by him signing for the blue noses. He couldn’t understand how a Rovers fan could have a problem with it until I told him that I was born in Glasgow only a stones throw from Ibrox but I was a Celtic follower even though we had moved to Lancashire when I was only 12 months old. On the subject of which of the players I w
  6. My worry exactly. I think he will arrive at the club a mile from me and will no doubt be a success, which will make me feel heartily sick.
  7. Aye and none of the players were wearing gloves.
  8. Nail on head there OEB. Waggot will then be able to point out to Mrs. D, “Look how we have sold our full allocation of season tickets, what clever boys we are.”
  9. After avoiding any awkward questions from Pune over the last few months, he won’t be able to get to the phone quick enough to tell the loons that all his efforts at rebuilding and identity have come to fruition with this magnificent victory. Someone said the only goal left now is to finish above Nobend, I couldn’t care less about that as there are far far more important matters to attend to, namely getting rid of this no mark manager. Mowbray Out !
  10. Is Ainsworth under contract at Wycombe for another year and if so would we pay compensation to lure a manager from another club.? When did we last do that? Ainsworth seems to be No.1. choice with the Nobber’s fans, for many of the same reasons that have been put forward on here.
  11. Ainsworth may not be everybody’s choice and probably not my first pick either, but I bet we would all feel mightily miffed if he got fed up waiting for the ditherers of Pune to make any kind of decision and he decided to go to the Nobbers of Dopedale, and we still have Mowbray here at the start of next season.
  12. “This we are told is not related to the European Super League” yeah right oh Ed
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