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  1. RIP Kelvin and condolences to his family and he also be sorely missed on here as he was a quality poster!!
  2. Stood in the kitchen at work listening to Talksport when the tone of the voice of the presenter changed as he said we now go over to our news desk for some breaking news, and when his tone of voice changed you knew it was tragic but never would i have thought that it would be a bloke who seemed content in life (just look back to yesterdays football focus and the quotes since) would have taken his own life. Asking for help sometimes is the lowest of the low for some unfortunately and it would appear this as been the case now. Stan Collymore as tweeted his latest cry for help in my opinion and i would encourage everyone to read it regardless of your feelings about him as he posted this before this tragic loss of Gary Speed and if only Gary had the chance to read it he might have seeked help. Mental illness affects people in different ways and people are subjucted to different treatment amongst peers because of a lack of understanding. I work in mental health nursing as a support worker and believe me events like this shows even i have a lack of understanding of this illness despite attending various courses. Hopefully the loss of Gary Speed will help others to come out and seek help. RIP Gary Speed!!!
  3. If the stories are true in his time there he incurred fat fines of around £200,000 and yet some want him back ha ha!!
  4. RIP Ronnie. A True Rovers Great!!
  5. Utter rubbish if he really cared about BRFC or South Africa then he would have done everything he could to get fit but didn't end of!! If as he says representing your country is the pinnacle in a world cup or words to that effect then why not put the effort in. I'm sure most of us in his position no matter who we played for and was failing to meet fitness targets would accept being told to come in early to get fit but realistically hes waiting for the go ahead to earn more money and who's to say that if they bring in this stellar signing on hundred grand a week and with Carlton Cole coming back from injury that he'll actually get a game. His head was turned with Chelski and turned yet again. As far as i'm concerned he can stay away for as long as he wants as hes not worthy of wearing the blue and white halves ever again. Fine him and hold out for the cash the longer this goes on the more he'll oanic as he'll have nowhere to turn and his so called world cup will be spent not on the pitch but propping up a bar somewhere telling everyone "that should have been me" Goodbye and good riddance Benni this time you really have made a fool of yourself!!
  6. After talking to a mate of mine last night who was there with his 2 kids and is united through and through he said it was the younger element who caused the trouble and says this lot only get tickets for away games when they get a large allocation ie Barnsley cup game 5-7000 Rovers 7800 and they are rarely seen at any away game when they get their usual 3000 allocation. In my opinion after what happened with the Darwen End allocation against our claret friends i'd do the same for this game but not only do i think it wont happen i think that they will still travel in numbers without a ticket and still cause problems. Last season i had he unfortunate pleasure of witnessing some teenagers 5/10 of them 20 mins before walking past the Jack Walker Stand singing united songs whilst intimidating others by bumping into them obviously looking for a fight/argument/trouble. If we limited their tickets for 1 season only and made an example of anybody found in the home ends ejected then maybe games in future seasons might not be as bad as most wont bother travelling without a ticket even if it does mean we have to reduce our capacity as we had to do in the scumley game.
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