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  1. 100% agree! Great gig in Preston last year.
  2. I am gutted too! Followed them since 1977's Motorhead single (and Hawkwind before that). Hope Lemmy pulls through. Aftershock is Motorhead back to their best so there is some hope.
  3. Went to the Dylan gig Saturday. He did come on around 7:40 and there was a congestion getting to the seats! Fantastic gig, Bob was definitely in good form. Just to be picky, and it's not just Dylan, why do some artists feel the need to re do some of the older songs? I like Tangled up in blue like the 1974 version! Also there was no interaction with the crowd. This is being picky! I came out feeling in awe that i had just seen a legend and he did some great songs! You will enjoy Gav!
  4. Hope you enjoy Bob. I am going Saturday but have heard some mixed reports of what Dylan is like live.
  5. Saw Michael Schenker - Temple Of Rock last night at 53 Degrees. Dad rock at it's finest! Ears still ringing.
  6. Saw Rival Sons at 53 Degrees on Monday. Fantastic!
  7. +100 yea it was a great gig! Missed the support though.
  8. Went to see Jack Bruce last night at Warrington Parr Hall. Great gig. Did quite a few Cream songs. He does look his age though!
  9. Stieg Larsson did write a great trilogy. I am currently enjoying Jo Nesbo's books. They are about detective Harry Hole. They are excellent and if you like crime stories you will not be dissapointed.
  10. Going to see Gong on friday! I think i am showing my age!
  11. I'll be there! I just hope Lemmy sleeps in a bed the night before!
  12. Some fantastic albums here! But wot no Hawkwind!!!!!!!!!!!!
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