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  1. I’m a keen spectator on here, rare poster. But Christ alive. What is going on. Unbelievable.
  2. I’ve watched the U23’s quite a lot as I live near the LFA in Leyland. Vale was a sub v Burnley at Ewood late November - when asked to get ready to come on in the second half by Billy Barr he had a massive sulk on. Billy turned to him and said “And change that f*****g face before you get on the pitch” (I was sat next to the dug out). He did not look interested one bit. I suspect he has an attitude problem. Probably sulking as Brereton and Samuel got the nod before him. When he’s focussed he’s decent. Not the tallest.
  3. Bennett is an absolute liability. He shouldn’t be anywhere near that side. So many times in that first half he could have cost us a goal. It’s laughable how much Mowbray likes him. Johnson, Downing both very much an improvement. Gallagher did a good job out there. Travis was average today I thought but did do well at the weekend. Makes life much more comfortable bringing Graham on off the bench to defend a lead. Still a lot to work on. But 6 points is bloody brilliant from where I thought we would be at 3pm last sat.
  4. We must be in discussion with some free agents. Have to be!
  5. Unless it’s Carlos Villanueva I’m not interested.
  6. No. Still on the books. Rovers assisting his rehab - Not in a position to feature. (Sharpe)
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