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  1. The opportunity to draw a line under the various issues and disappointments that appear to have fragmented the customer base recently has been lost. "Back to Live" should have given the Club executive the chance to initiate and stimulate interest and support from the new generation of young supporter that is essential to growth and ultimate survival. I don't have marketing experience but the basis of renewal price and "incentive" structure is to me unexciting unimaginative and fails to create a new attractively affordable reason for "the new kids to arrive on our block" and stay. T
  2. Bazza asked: "Could this be the usual good run of games followed by the bad run which may start with Wigan at home?" Hope not!!! But, The squad are apparently taking a few well earned days off after the exertions of the last few days in particular and the last few weeks generally. Last year the few days off (and reportedly the players Xmas party) were during an extended break at the back end of November following which they never really turned up for the away games at Wigan and Preston. I really don't expect Mowbray to allow lightning to strike twice. I'm confident that t
  3. Talking of Andy Todd Not to mention the occasional wayward elbow that van Persie had the timerity to tangle with at Cardiff!!
  4. On his open forum Instagram account its a massive "advertisement". I would expect players to send PMs on their encrypted WhatsApp accounts.
  5. Been trying to keep tabs on Harry Chapman's progress at Boro since he went back as Mowbray had never said never and perhaps more tellingly the player's social media profile & messages hinted that a return to Ewood was not out of question. IIRC didn't Pulis block him moving "somewhere" at the end of August 18 prompting a particularly grumpy SM message by Chapman or on his behalf. Anyway the only injuries that I detected that kept him out of playing contention this season were one recurrence of the hamstring issue early season and then in his 1st game on return to action a (disloca
  6. Joe Rothwell's impact from bench on left side yesterday suggests to me that if that form can be repeated regularly that we don't need a Chapman or Edwards type that would take up a squad number and additional wages. My preference would be for Mowbray (Waggot) and Rodwell to agree a longer term deal.
  7. But that analogy suggests that the "culprit" recognises his fault if not guilt, and is an open expression of concern for the recovery of the patient. I am guardedly of the view that over the period of Mowbray's tenure that the owners have at least demonstrated a closed recognition of their failure to control the "alleged plunderers" in enabling the local control over finance and admin under Waggott and the positive and clearly planned retention of senior playing and managerial staff amongst the many and varied other signs of "the recovery of the patient". There could be legal is
  8. Going to this one provided its not Monday. Hotel booked provisionally hoping match is Sat or Sun.. I'm looking forward to reacquainting self with St James Park. Wife looking forward to the shopping!! Only time prevously on St James's Park was April 1983 a strange game without much atmosphere notwithstanding the 3-2 loss scoreline featuring a bizarre Mecky own goal and 2 "Killer" super-sub sharp strikes.
  9. That's exactly as I remember him. Wasn't he nicknamed "Spider" given his physical characteristics?
  10. No complaint about anything he needed to do. In fairness he was hardly tested. Strong-wristed away a firmly struck shot that came through a crowd of players. Fair play on that one. Have to say that his judgement of Freeman's shot that clipped outside of post high up was impeccable.?
  11. Am I right in thinking that you can prepay by ringing the ticket office or booking your ticket online before the matchday deadline and collect from the kiosk to avoid the surcharge. If that is correct it is very likely that there are only a few that truly decide at the last minute to go that pay for the "last minute" service. Surely most of those averse to paying extra could organise their diary to make a call or go online!! I do however hold the view that on the playing side, on communications via social media, on coaching and team management and commercial partnerships a
  12. There's been a long list of incomers with "masked" poor medical histories .... Gilliver, Britt, Agnew, Munro etc.... but IIRC Jimmy Kerr who had a very bright future picked up a new career ending injury very soon after joining. The modern pre contract "medical" with full medical/injury history provided by the "selling" club hopefully negates Agnewlike mistakes in future.
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