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  1. Downing said that he "agreed a contract pretty much straight away" after the previous season and was only told at the start of pre-season that the previously agreed contract had been removed. I know that you aren't Downing's biggest fan but I am not sure how you have dreamt up this scenario that Downing was using us to get a better deal elsewhere. We know what Venkys are like and to be honest it sounds like theyve pulled the rug from under Mowbray prior to concluding the deal, by moving the financial goalposts. Downing was excellent in his first season, but he had to be signed strai
  2. If that first paragraph was the case, then why did we not release him straight away? You dont have to justify everything that the club does. It is not the first time that sub par players have been given either a new deal or at least an olive branch should nothing else come off for them. We arent a charity, we are pissing money yet Mowbray still isnt ruthless enough to release shit players.
  3. Agree with the first 3, the first 2 are totally irrelevant and the third doesnt necessarily equate to being a good manager.
  4. We shouldnt be offering them roles at all. From the sound of it, Bell wasnt offered a new deal although he was in the previous 2 summers. Bennett shouldnt have been offered a deal. Conway shouldnt have been offered a new deal. Downing was given one with no intention of playing him. We just piss away money on sub par players as our manager is a soft touch.
  5. I dont think the issue is that people are not of the common opinion that it is all about results. But the 3 games thus far have hardly suggested that the excitement about our array of attacking talent was warranted and indeed that we could compete against a genuine big hitter as will have to be the case next Tuesday. The priority was obviously to progress from the group and that has been achieved although in this current format it is hardly an achievement, indeed basically everyone bar Scotland and North Macedonia qualify under the current rules. The most obvious positive is the defe
  6. Cant see us beating any of those big teams from Group F. Uninspiring but just about enough. We are solid at the back against average teams but so poor in attack.
  7. Being a good pundit and a good manager are different skillsets.
  8. How you possibly came to the conclusion that I came to that is beyond me. As we know though, the rules from above have been totally bonkers and consistently inconsistent since the lockdown began so it is little surprise that there are more baffling inconsistencies, although that is for another debate. Chilwell and Mount should be disciplined for chatting to Gilmour for 20 minutes in the tunnel as reported though, goes against the guidelines even if they are bonkers. Would agree with Sancho and Foden/Rashford but according to the media it seems like Southgate will continue to make strange
  9. Sounds based on the Times and the Mail that the team will be as above but with Saka and Walker over Foden and Trippier. Saka and Sterling over Sancho, Foden and Rashford would be frankly bizarre, as is the continued desperation to fit in such a limited pair in the centre of midfield. I personally disagree with 3 at the back, I think it only further causes a more pedestrian approach and one less attacking player. I dont think at the moment that we look defensively too vulnerable.
  10. They may be. But agreeing and promising a verbal contract only to withdraw it months later without prior warning is not professional, yet is in keeping with the sort of nonsense throughout Venkys' tenure. Also the manager leaving players not starting in the dark is not very good man management. Sub rotation makes no sense either, players should be played on merit.
  11. These rules seem stupid, that the other 25 Scottish players who spend all day with Gilmour and would have got changed next to him indoors are all free to play. That being said, Mount and Chilwell know the rules and to spend over 20 minutes in the tunnel with Gilmour is totally unprofessional and they perhaps should be disciplined. Henry Winter is amongst those suggesting that Bellingham may come in for Mount. If Southgate goes with Bellingham AND 2 holding midfielders, leaving Grealish and Sancho on the bench, then he deserves all of the inevitable criticism. If Bellingham plays, it
  12. Has Gallagher even not had an "easy ride" to be fair. I do specifically recall a song of "why the fucks he on the wing?" but that was very much aimed at Mowbray.
  13. Totally agree that he has never been made a scapegoat. He looked so out of his depth for 2 years, that criticism on here is par for the course, we come on here to praise good performers and criticise poor ones, somewhere where players dont (or shouldnt) see. But that never materialised into rounding up on him in stadiums as many would love us to believe. There is no way that he is close to being value for 6m though yet. He had a decent season last season, 7 goals and 5 assists is plenty to build on and such an upgrade on previous seasons but not worth 6/7m. It is easy to get caught u
  14. Just so people are aware, if they chose to criticise a player who seemed unfamiliar with a football pitch for 2 years, then they shouldnt be happy and praising that player now when he makes big strides of improvement. They must stick to that opinion and continue to berate. Also, the myth that hes been getting such a hard time from the stands is rearing its ugly head again.
  15. An interview that doesnt reflect well on how the club is run at home nor the manager. We know that the club is not all on the same page from the owners down. Downing was offered a deal towards the end of the season before last, which was then revoked. We then only went back to him after covid and injury issues, and he was kept in the dark as to why he wasnt playing, and was further aggravating by the rotation of subs rather than subs being picked on merit.
  16. The rules are bizarre. How can out of 25 remaining Scotland players and 26 England players can only 2 of the latter be considered to require isolation?
  17. The fact that you have already pre-decided that Southgate definitely should manage us in the next World Cup regardless of how we do in the Euro's suggests that you aren't judging the manager on tournament results. Roverandout also give his opinion on Mount and his performance, as like me and you, he is entitled to. I disagree and thought that, like basically everyone in an England shirt, he was poor. I think if we play tomorrow a midfield of Henderson, Bellingham, Sancho, Grealish and Rashford, none of those dropped could have too much argument and the midfield would not necessarily be we
  18. My main point was that Southgate should be judged on results, hence why he should not get the next tournament should we regress and go out much sooner than we did in the World Cup. Semi final/final finish, let him manage us into the next tournament by all means. Go out in the last 16, time for a change. Its hardly as if he got the job on merit based on his CV, or that he could look back and say trust me here, ive done this that and the other. Relegation at Middlesbrough and thats it in senior football before England. Is that not fair, that our managers future should depend on the results he ge
  19. I think all people are happy for him. I went to the pub on Friday obviously expecting England to win, and was obviously dissapointed at full time. The pub then put Chile on and I was buzzing (of course aided by alcohol) when he scored. I dont see how my post was in any way snide. I do think both on the pitch with his initial couple of years where he didnt look like a footballer at all, coupled with the social media perception of him with team mates quick to make jokes at his expense, and then of course the strangeness to his recent exploits (if it was another player qualifying for say ano
  20. Do people not sense the element of patronisation that comes with the current adulation of Brereton's eligibility for career? Because of his dreadful first 2 years in which case football seemed a foreign concept (obvious improvement third year without convincingly succeeding) and occasional clips of him off the field being painted as a bit thick has really all helped him to create this cult hero status.
  21. But why? Football is a results game, it shouldnt and cant favour plucky underdogs. If anything, the smaller nations would be further encouraged to sit deep and potentially stifle the quality further. The whole 3rd place thing is a nonsense in that two thirds of the teams qualify making qualification too easy, the only type of team that it does unfairly favour is teams in the later groups who know exactly what it will take to qualify even as a third place team. The additional 8 teams have removed the one advantage that the Euro's had over the obviously more prestigious world cup, ie t
  22. There is a chance I think that some 3rd placed teams end up on 3 or less. If Croatia draw with Scotland, 3rd place will be on 2 points. If there is a winner between Ukraine and Austria, 3rd place will have 3 points. If Belgium and Denmark win tomorrow, 3rd place will have 3 points. If Poland fail to win, 3rd place will have 3 points or less. 2 from 4 of those very realistic scenarios and a one goal loss may still see Portugal sneak through. Stupid rules.
  23. The last round of Group F looks like an interesting one although again the stupid rules allowing most 3rd placed teams to go through takes a lot of the peril out of it and I wouldnt be surprised to see Germany top the group and for France and Portugal to draw and both progress themselves. If Portugal lose but by one goal only, there is still probably a chance that their late goal rush v Hungary could see them sneak through.
  24. I dont think that any of Englands players in the opening 2 games can be described as creative. That was the point I was making. Southgates future should be determined by results and not guaranteed regardless. If we go home early, lets look elsewhere, why would we reward failure with more tournaments? If we get to the latter stages and at least equal the semi final finish, then his future can be justified going into the next World Cup. Judge on results, surely that is fair and logical? I think its pretty obvious that Eriksson and Capello underachieved. Hence why their failures shou
  25. How long does Southgate get off the back of 2018 without results playing a factor in whether he continues? Assuming that I am correct in thinking that if we go out in the next round, Southgate should remain anyway? Managers who underperformed shouldnt be the benchmark.
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