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  1. Very dubious penalty and never a straight red... This team has grown a pair and have a real fight. Most would have taken a point before kick off... It keeps a nice run of results going.
  2. Hi all, Two things, firstly thank you all so much for the good wishes, it genuinely gave me a huge lift when I heard about this thread. A quick update, I'm now home with the family and recovering. Both me and my wife (as I feared both working in the NHS) got Covid, it was awful for a week and both very poorly. I suddenly took a turn for the worse and was rushed into Hospital with a Temp of 41.2 and was admitted into intensive care. Covid, Pneumonia and Sepsis basically kicked the life out of me for several days and it was very much touch and go if I survived or not. I spent 5 days in intensive care in a pressurised oxygen CPAP hood (looked like a minion) and faced multiple organ failure. The Hospital had discussed ventilating me with my wife but luckily I started to respond to treatment. I spent a further 7 days on the Intensive care ward oxygen whilst my bloods where treated then 5 days on a general ward. I was discharged over 1.5 stone lighter (not a bad thing lol) Covids parting shot was leaving me with Type 1 Respiratory System Failure, which I should fully recover from in 6-8 weeks. Physically I feel quite well although very fatigued and get very breathless if walking about. My Oxygen levels are holding up well and my heart rate is lowering from dangerously high towards normal. Im improving day by day. ALL The staff at Royal Blackburn are immense & true heroes, I can never thank them enough or put into words how amazing they all are. They saved my life literally. I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope and pray for every one else struck with the virus.... Please all stay safe
  3. Surely it must be listed? Bit saddened, I had my wedding celebrations there it was a fantastic place.
  4. Not welcome and they're not interested... Were like a drug addict, dependant on them yet we know that if we stay with them forever they will kill us off.
  5. We may at some point end up selling the £7 million and £5 million golden boys that play upfront just to stave off FFP... I personally wouldn't be to upset at selling these two off at a small profit lol
  6. So why not close the Riverside and Blackburn End? Put all home fans in the Jack Walker Stand (They would fit most games). Less stewarding costs etc?
  7. £15 million worth of Strikers in that pic and we failed to score from there.
  8. Still waiting for the "Why did you not renew" communication from summer.
  9. Steve Kean and Jerome Anderson just about everything connected to the clowns.
  10. Asks for swathes of the Stadium to be closed off... #EasyDayAtTheOffice
  11. An odd thread, I'm sure yesterday I saw a thread about a senior employee leaving Rovers for Blackpool, unless I imagined it. Something about Waggot tearing up a letter in from of said person? Can anyone shine some light on this?
  12. Just a drunken idiot over zealous and it got ripped if I remember rightly.. Will find out tonight.
  13. One of the flags got destroyed after the Oxford game..... If I remember rightly
  14. When asked at the end of the PNE game "Have you got a big decision to make now" Steve Waggot replied "Would you have asked that at half time"........ TM is safe as houses at the moment
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