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  1. Missing this one due to a lack of funds to warrant the combined travel and ticket cost. I was hoping I might find £20 on my lunchtime walk earlier to justify my going last minute 😄 I think we will walk this one in the end. Squeaky bum time with a 0-0 scoreline on 75 minutes before blitzing 3 goals. 1 each for Dolan, Ayala and BBD. #COYB
  2. I've not read much on the game since Saturday so apologies if I'm raking over stuff that has already been discussed! It was undoubtedly a very good win on Saturday, especially given our fragility on Wednesday and after conceeding so early in the game. My only concern is that the win papers over some huge cracks. We could have easily been several goals down before Khedra's deflected effort found the onion bag. The ball between the full backs and our centre halves seems to catch us out A LOT at the moment and needs to be looked at. I think we probably need Pickering back ASAP. Edun seems to drift inside to the centre of midfield and when we have very attacking wingers this means we get caught out. I was really impressed though as soon as the confidence seemed to get back in to the side, we were aggressive in the tackle and strong in the air. Wharton grew massively as the game wore on and he and Lenihan seemed to when every header either pumped forward or crossed in to the box from corners or in play in the 2nd half. Wharton really could be our main stay man depending on how he recovers from his ACL injury long term. Going forward we looked great and the 3 of Travis, Buckley and Davenport gave the centre of midfield a good balance. I thought Tombola got the call right with taking Rothwell out as the extra bite from Davenport was exactly what we needed. I really, really hope that we only recall Johnson back in to the side in absolutely dire circumstances. Davenport is certainly one we should persist with and develop further. Travis was also very good on the ball Saturday and he was perfect at ticking the ball over and played a lovely ball inside the full back for BBD's goal. Top class. Last but absolutely not least was the atmosphere. Ewood felt great and the way the 2nd and 3rd goals were celebrated was unbelievable. Watching the 3rd goal and the noise generated was amazing. The relief, the ecstasy and the enthusiasm was all there. If we could somehow get that extra 4 - 5k on per week it will make a huge difference for the players and other supporters.
  3. Surely a mobile contactless payment is relatively niche. Surely people could just pay contact less by card or with their pin?
  4. It isn't a massive overreaction. The former players I personally couldn't give a toss about, but the optics are awful for Dack in particular. For a player that is getting paid a fortune to be injured for the best part of two years to do this is very disrespectful to the people who pay his wages. He should also know better. He is a social media'ite these days with his TV show and reality TV star fiancé. If he genuinely wants to congratulate his mate then send him a text message out of site of the public eye.
  5. FWIW I've messaged Dack on Twitter. I doubt he will reply or even look at it but its worth a dabble!
  6. Amen. There is a hell of a lot wrong with what happened and those tossers "liking" a post gloating about d1cking us 0-7 in our worst ever home defeat.
  7. Sorry rog, I wasn't meaning to come across as aggressive towards your comparison, which is fair and valid, but any comparison of such ilk is indeed going to draw conclusions which suggests we were merely out done by a more expensively assembled squad. It could have been PSG last night and the team cost nearly £1b to assemble and it still would have been a wholly unacceptable, quite frankly disgusting "performance" of players that clearly have no pride for even themselves never mind the club. The Labore element of our motto is the most important. We can all forgive being outclassed, that's the nature of sport but I won't accept is drawing a strawman proposition that we got beat 0-7 because Fulhams squad cost x amount more than ours or has x amount greater international or league appearances.
  8. What a smokescreen. The fact is we showed zero endeavour or organisation. That costs zero. We weren't constantly out done by sheer brilliance but by very poor attitude and application.
  9. I've got in to a Twitter exchange with a blind fool, holding up the fact we aren't Bury or Bolton as beacon as to why the Raos are competent owners. Do people really not see the irony in comparing us to a club that is basically extinct and one that was very close to being so as being a genuine justification for the Raos sticking around?! I would LOVE to be given the keys to the kingdom with no debt. The employment of competent people to run this club should ensure we can wash our face in this division. Look at the six fingered lot down the road - a football club with small resources ran with competent FOOTBALL people can achieve great things. We have plummeted to an all time low in my opinion. The season will unravel from here and it showed last night that these players are not playing for Tony or Maggot. TIME TO P*SS OFF.
  10. Also ditched it at 3 and the same as you I was disgusted. From minute 1 we looked scared, tentative, pensive...you name it. The game was finished at 5 mins at 1 down. Looking around the 11 on the pitch you could see the life suck out of the them. The only man on the pitch trying to breath any life was Travis. At 2-0 the writing was on the wall and before half time it could, and probably should, have been 5. The first time I've ever been embarrassed to support Rovers. If Mowbray has ANY dignity he will resign tonight. It could be the same again on Saturday if those imbeciles are still at the helm. Sheffield Utd will be licking their lips.
  11. Just listened to the Pod which I really enjoyed. Any plans to get this out more regularly? A weekly one would be awesome!
  12. The above is me...dunno how but I appear to have 2 accounts!? 😆
  13. I think a lot could hinge on tomorrow and Wednesdays game for how ticket sales go for Sheff Utd. If we get a couple of decent results and are once again in a playoff contention I can envisage a decent crowd on. 2 stinkers and it'll be 11k ish
  14. I've just tweeted this out but I think it sums it up nicely
  15. My 2nd game of the season after Huddersfield away. I realised last night I haven't seen us win a game live and in the flesh in 3.5 years. Sorry boys and girls; my continued presence will ensure we come away with 1 point although we will snatch a draw in the final minutes making it feel like a win 1-1
  16. Thanks Chaddy. Appears its a straightforward 9% of the overall ticket price that gets added on.
  17. Anybody know what the charge for finance is? I can't seem to find anything on the website what it might be?!
  18. On Poveda; I think it was quite telling that Travis refused to pass him the ball and instead tried to jink his way towards the bye line towards the end when it seemed Poveda was in a much better position to get a cross in. Poveda had a lot of the ball and was awful with it.
  19. Just got home. After attending my first game in nearly 2 years I was pumped to be back and I enjoyed the game. Result was not unexpected given the way we played but my early observation is that we didn't cave immediately. Last year we would have gone 1 down and given in. We have more steel but the change in shape baffled me completely as we were left so exposed through the middle it was frightening. We need Leninhan and Rothwell back pronto.
  20. Spoke to the ticket office who advised there are 'loads' of on the gate tickets available
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