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  1. Yeah but my point was that he’s a championship quality player. The post I replied to said he wasn’t. Your point is correct that it’s not in our hands, but that’s not what I was arguing. We absolutely should have spent that money differently, same with Gallagher.
  2. That wasn’t what I said, he is a championship level player now, regardless of fee or time. If we do lose him for nothing then obviously that’s awful business, if he signs a new deal then you can bet we’ll get our money back minimum
  3. You’ve really not been paying attention if you think he’s not a championship level player
  4. The restrictions have been lifted, why shouldn't people go out and enjoy themselves? Not really sure this is the right place for a covid discussion anyway
  5. Just seen Rich tweet he's worked for Mowbray twice. Euros finishing I should be buzzing for the new season, but far from it. Absolute farce from top to bottom at this club
  6. That's better than making things up to be fair then claiming we can't compete with Wigan
  7. If we were after him he'd have come here over Wigan mate
  8. So we shouldn't enjoy a win against Germany because back in 1966 you didn't celebrate it that much? I'll bear that in mind on Saturday mate
  9. Telling me you've never passionately celebrated a rovers goal? You're on a rovers forum in June with no games going on so I'd assume you have. They're human beings not robots, who cares if they celebrated a goal
  10. We're not hardened winners, we're England fans who watched us beat Germany in a knockout game. Why are we not allowed to celebrate that? Of course it means nothing if we go and lose to Ukraine, but my god was I going to celebrate last night
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