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  1. I'm just so, so, so fed up. Not sure it's even anger anymore, that a manager who has banged the drum of top 6 for the entire summer - set the expectations himself, is allowed to remain in his position after 6 losses out of 7. At no other club would he get this sort of time and yet he bleats on about needing more. It's an absolute piss take. I've been quite rational in my criticisms of Mowbray for the last few years, but it's getting to the point where not only hearing his voice but seeing his face is enough to wind me up. The constant circles of arguments on twitter and facebook of peopl
  2. I just can’t believe we haven’t started the entire youth team in this game
  3. Are you suggesting we should drop Armstrong to give him games?
  4. Oh yeah I've lost count of the Phil Foden's and Harry Kane's we've produced
  5. It's alright, Mick's got another 3 years before the 'journey' actually starts. I certainly feel privileged to only be 28 games into ours
  6. I think people are being overly harsh on Dack, he isn't at his best yet, but what is he supposed to do when the team is performing as it is. It's not like preinjury he dominated every single game, if he's played in his proper position he'll improve the team. As for carrying him against Preston, who on earth was doing that? The whole team was off it, not just Dack, none of them performed well enough to 'carry' him.
  7. I see the players are out in full force today giving it the ‘we’ll put it right on Wednesday’, ‘highs and lows of football’. Don’t understand how big a game this one was to the fans, instead it’s just on to the next game. Absolute apathy under this boring manager
  8. Undoubtedly. They'll start by saying how good and exciting we are going forward, despite the fact we create very, very little these days
  9. Of course he's undroppable, he's been our best player for a good couple of months now.
  10. I had an argument with that callum at the start of the season where he initially said anyone not buying a season ticket isn't a proper fan, then when prices were released he claimed they were too expensive and thus wasn't going to buy one. Absolute muppet
  11. Think people need to calm down about Dack, what is he supposed to show in these cameo's that proves he is fully back to his best? Give the lad minutes and he'll come good. He didn't always completely dominate games even pre injury and this idea he signed a contract because he knows he's not gonna be good enough is bonkers
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