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  1. I’ll await my ban then. But while I’m waiting, I’d just like to thank tony mowbray for creating the covid vaccine and solving world hunger. What a man
  2. You genuinely have to be a club plant. To turn this news round to try and give Mowbray credit is so poor. Well done to all involved (not tony pissing Mowbray)
  3. Why are you pestering him for something he has made up?
  4. I thought Gallagher would score goals if he played up top. The guys got the touch of an absolute donkey
  5. That Jaquob has a habit of telling fans what he thinks they want to hear. Rehashes other journalists stories half the time
  6. Well I do because you post it in every bloody thread
  7. Well if I'm his brother and I fancy him, then he must've slept with your Mrs. I'm not saying parts of it isn't true, just that it's boring to read you slate him every single day. We all know your opinions on the lad. You say we've 'heard it all before', like we don't have to read you repeat the same points all the time. Boring.
  8. You're absolutely obsessed. Hasn't been a post in this thread for 9 days, then up you pop out the blue with a massive post slagging him off again. We all get you think he takes too many shots and should pass more. I don't blame the bloke for not passing when he's got Gallagher or Brereton to aim for, both of which couldn't finish their tea. Just for the record he frustrates me too at times, misses some simple chances, he ain't perfect by any means. But there's 99 other problems with this team, and a bloke who's bagged nearly 20 doesn't need slagging off every day.
  9. So he's shit because he scored lots of goals at the start of the season? Your agenda with Armstrong is baffling, he's not even playing at the minute and it's hardly changed our fortunes has it? The thought of relying on Gallagher and Brereton to score all the goals next season with Armstrong gone and Dack injured is grim
  10. So basically we should accept being a midtable team, cut all expenses back in order to aim for a midtable finish? Might as well pack it in a supporter now if that's what we should aim for. Aiming for Premier League football isn't just about earning a huge pay cheque (which we do need), but it's about playing against the best week in week out. Whether we get there or not is up for debate, but the thought of watching us deliberately try and finish midtable in this division is nauseating
  11. I'm just so, so, so fed up. Not sure it's even anger anymore, that a manager who has banged the drum of top 6 for the entire summer - set the expectations himself, is allowed to remain in his position after 6 losses out of 7. At no other club would he get this sort of time and yet he bleats on about needing more. It's an absolute piss take. I've been quite rational in my criticisms of Mowbray for the last few years, but it's getting to the point where not only hearing his voice but seeing his face is enough to wind me up. The constant circles of arguments on twitter and facebook of peopl
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