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  1. Did you watch the game 🤣 won countless tackles and passing was brilliant. if you did watch it and disagree then I don’t know what to say
  2. Anybody who thinks Buckley isn’t a brilliant player need to rewatch that 97 minutes. The lad was unreal. Brilliant win that, onto the knobbers now!
  3. Crazy to me how people advocate for JRC to be our long term right back instead of Nyambe when the lad is so injury prone
  4. He definitely underachieved last season. Finished 15th with Armstrong and Elliott in attack
  5. Kane's got a very good tournament record to be fair
  7. Even if he’s just liked it without thinking, the bonkers thing is that he’s then had a go at fans to justify it. Just take the hint surely
  8. On the face of it a like on a social media post isn’t very important, but what I can’t get my head around is if you are involved with a club - and I know dack didn’t play, surely seeing a post about your team losing 7-0 would make you angry and not want to see it, never mind like it Just goes to show the carefree attitude at the club, then they wonder why no fans turn up. Love Dacky to pieces, but lost some respect for him after that, it’s one thing to like the post but to then give a sarcy response rather than just say apologise is really poor form
  9. ‘Nobodies hurting more than the players or myself’ Arrogant prick
  10. That's a new one - swearing is causing our poor attendances? It's football what do you expect, happens at every ground in the country not just ours
  11. I don’t think rigger has watched much of Surridge to be honest, just has a strange dislike for Brereton. Would probably claim he’d rather have Vokes if he was still playing for you
  12. On a par until this season where Ben has been on fire. But just conveniently ignore that
  13. What has Surridge done exactly to make you think he's a better player than Brereton? You're using past goalscoring figures to discredit Brereton but Surridge's record is awful
  14. They'd be better off going for Gerrard than Lampard imo
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