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  1. Come on BB, gotta do better than that. He's the type of player that you're just never confident will put it away when he's through on goal.
  2. Great save by Kaminski there, really bailed Lenihan out.
  3. Fair play to those who got the good odds for BB getting 20 goals this season.
  4. And now the ifollow sound has gone ridiculously staticky. It's quite a service we pay 200 of euros for.
  5. Might've been mentioned already, but is the ifollow commentary just a second or so ahead of the pictures for anyone else?
  6. Khadra and Butterworth, at least we'll hopefully get some energy and enthusiasm.
  7. Come in Gally, if you're gonna try and take it to the corner, at least keep it there for more than two seconds.
  8. If our front three were able to pass to one another, you'd think we'd be able to grab At least one on the break during added time.
  9. BB unluckily to hit the post there, would've been a lovely finish.
  10. On these occasions in previous seasons though it still gave the option to listen to the game. Would be a shame if they'd discontinued that feature.
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