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  1. Very impressed with Wharton. He looked good before his injury and has come back even better. I like how sturdy our defence has looked in recent games and Wharton has played his part in that. It's amazing to think that we have Ayala in reserve at the moment. That is a good position to be in defensively.
  2. I think that's just Mowbray sending a message to Pune. Spend some money in January and I don't mean on the back of selling our main man. Not worded the best by Nixon though. I get the feeling that Mowbray is starting to believe. It was good to see him fired up yesterday. Things have certainly become exciting all of a sudden. Long way to go of course, but something seems to have clicked for us. If we are in a similar position in January the owners have to go for it. This is the first genuine opportunity we have to go up since we have been down here.
  3. I want United away. Always looked forward to that fixture and it will get us in the spotlight again. Seems highly unlikely, I know, but just imagine the chaos a Diaz winner at Old Trafford would cause. The worst possible draw would be any of the Premier League top 3 away, so I hope we avoid them. For a fun tie I would be happy with any of Kidderminster/Halifax, Boreham Wood/St Albans City. Any Championship side would be underwhelming and a complete bore of a draw.
  4. Good times. I remember the ball hanging in the air for what seemed an age before Dahlin connected with it. It was a joy to be at Ewood that season. This game always sticks in my mind as it got a bit frightening on the way home. Me and my dad almost got caught up in a brawl between Preston and Rovers fans on Bolton Road after the game. A group of Preston fans charged at a group of Rovers fans who were walking right infront of us and it all went off. Seeing that for the first time as a kid was a shock. Let's hope for a repeat performance tomorrow. The 6-0 part, I mean. Win tomorrow and the excitement builds.
  5. It's amusing how much Rovers gets to them. I remember being at Preston train station a few years back in my Rovers jacket, when one of them saw the badge and visibly went red in the face with anger. They are obsessed, yet we couldn't care less about them. Our promotion winning night on their patch must have really stung and still hurts them to this day. Let's ruin their cup final on Saturday.
  6. Yes!! That is a fantastic three points. Teams below us drop points too. We're on the march 😁.
  7. Rothwell has now picked up an injury and is going off. Davenport coming on.
  8. Big game feel about today, even though we're only in November. A win would be massive psychologically, getting one over a rival and putting us in the mix. Can we finally pull a win out against a decent side when the top 6 is in sight? It's still a tough game even with their injury issues so I wouldn't be unhappy with a point. Turn up for one half only, like we have done recently and we will likely come away with nothing. 1-1.
  9. A prominent agent acting as an advisor and the club goes down the pan. Hmm. I thought I'd google a bit about it and look what I found. Joorabchian. Nothing more needs to be said. https://thetilehurstend.sbnation.com/2020/1/10/21059709/kia-joorabchian-reportedly-behind-alexandre-mattos-appointment-reading-fc-royals You have to wonder what the end game is for some of these owners. It doesn't seem to be about football and winning matches for some. Tin hat maybe, but what are we looking at...accounting tools, ego trips or places to 'wash' money? Whatever it is, the middlemen sweep up whilst the club turns to crap and the fans are left hurting. Sheff Utd appointing Heckingbottom is another weird decision which smacks of "I can't be bothered anymore" from their owner and should be looked into.
  10. Diaz just doesn't look like missing when clean through. It's a delight to see the turnaround. That was clinical from him. He could reach 20 before mid December at this rate.
  11. Our midfield is too easy to bypass. That's a big problem. 3-0 up but looking ragged since the restart.
  12. All of the red button games are available to watch on the Sky App. This is according to the listings on Sky's website.
  13. It's on the red button. Sky are showing Bristol City v Stoke as their live game on Sky Sports Football and Main Event.
  14. Couldn't agree more. What good is it to reflect now and blame themselves, when they downed tools and couldn't be bothered when it really mattered? It always winds me up seeing players apologising on twitter and posting things like "we're desperate to put it right in the next game". Bennett was bad for it. Just bloody do it on the pitch. I'm glad there was none of the social media crap around when we had real players like Tugay, Duffer and co. We were able to enjoy it without any of the false online posts.
  15. No need to worry about United waking up any time soon, I feel. The people making the decisions there have no interest in United winning titles and being the best on the pitch. Arnold, Woodward, Judge and the Glazers are money men, only interested in commercial success, social media traction and bringing in the Champions League money. Therefore, a place in the top 4 is enough for them. The odd thing is, Ole was going nowhere up until yesterday's debacle and the huge backlash that followed. Ole has gone, but the coaching team, which is a big part of why they have been so dire, will remain in place. They aren't serious about winning anymore. Fergie might be, but those directors and owners aren't. Sure, a top manager could make a difference, with the squad they have. However, they've tried everything since Fergie left to no avail. They've thrown money at the likes of Di Maria, Falcao, Zlatan, Pogba, Sanchez and now Varane, Sancho and Ronaldo, to still be miles away from winning the league. Those signings just feel like marketing purchases, done to appease those crying out for marquee names. None of them have really fit in to whatever they are trying to do. It would be brilliant if they were to bring in a big name manager only for things to go on as they are. They just need to leave Zidane alone. He has unfinished business with another big club. After all, we wouldn't want an ex United manager at Rovers in the future, would we? 😁.
  16. The table doesn't look too bad at the moment and we have two winnable games coming up. We know what that usually means, but a win today would set us up nicely for Peterborough. Bristol City aren't the side they were a couple of seasons ago and have struggled so far this season. They've lost key players in Nagy, Pack, Eliasson and Diedhiou and haven't replaced them properly by the looks of it. They are there for the taking today. I'm expecting Ayala, Pickering and Dolan to come back into the 11, with Wharton, Edun and Khadra dropping to the bench. If we show the same intent as we did against Sheff United we should beat these. COYB.
  17. The Hibs fans don't know the half of it. This goes way beyond him being a crap manager. They should be on guard with that pillock now inside their club. Any Hibs fans reading this should consider the following: 1) The sporting director at Hibs left a month ago leaving a gap in your recruitment department. 2) The owner's son has been heavily involved on the recruitment side since the above occurring. 3) Kensell has come out saying they are looking for an experienced candidate to take on the role of recruitment. He says the candidate will be coming into a new role, not specifically as sporting director. 4) Kensell also says that business needs to be done in January as the work done in the summer wasn't good enough. "There are certainly plans being put forward and we are discussing them with the owner". Hibs need help with recruitment and in particular, the upcoming January transfer window. We know of an agent that could help you out on that front. An agent who enjoys spending entire January's at training grounds. An agent so considerate and committed, that he can even go to the trouble of sleeping at the training ground too if need be. Does anybody know of a connected agency that can help Hibs out by supplying them with players? (and managers if they want). Crap players, but still, the odd one might be decent. We know of an agency that can help you out there, Hibs fans. We also know who you have just appointed as academy director. Guess who he is connected to? Yep, that's right, said agent and agency. Beware. Keep an eye on where your January signings come from and do not be surprised one bit if Jack Ross is replaced by him in the dugout one day. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that the slippery gits have offered their services to Hibs and got their man into the building off the back of it.
  18. They played the sympathy card with the interview on Sky last week. Now it's become a case of "how refreshing" and "how good" it is to see him back over here from certain parts of the media. Winds me up how he is being painted as some sort of victim trying to rebuild his coaching career. His true colours will be revealed at Hibs at some point, probably when he finds himself in the manager's seat again.
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