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  1. Not to be pedantic, no, sorry lying now... To be pedantic: Lampard didn't have "Premier League experience" as a manager either. As others have stated, the same is true for every foreign manager coming in to manage in the Premier League. And really the same can be said of any manager anywhere at any time getting their first manager job in the Premier League. If everyone just trounces out the "no prior experience" card at all times, then what will anyone do when the last current employee dies of old age? Alex Ferguson didn't have "Premier League" experience when he became manager of
  2. The famous Gallagher tricks. Leave the ball lying still and jump back and forth a bit
  3. It reflects badly on the rest, but almost reckon he'd walk into the side in almost any position the way we are playing atm
  4. Think Kaminski is Rovers' third best player on the ball. Only Rothwell and Elliot look more composed than him on the ball
  5. Think it was last season we had some clever body checking at throw ins to make room for the throw-in recipient, why have we stopped doing that?
  6. I would say that was a fairly even first half, but Norwich clearly have more quality players and the biggest chances so far. Pukki is a level above. really. You can also tell they have more players good on the ball, as when they have possession it's faster and more precise
  7. Think 80 % of our possession was Lenihan and Wharton though Edit: Typo
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