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  1. I find it strange that our Head Groundsman, a Rovers supporter and employee for many years has left to take a job at Fleetwood FC. We can lose staff but can't get rid of Mowbray and Co
  2. Our club is run by w**kers. Venkys, Waggott, Cheston and Sylvester who put up with Mowbray as he is with them. All need removing then we can have our club back
  3. Mowbray said that of last summer and did nothing to sort out problems. Birmingham loaned Hogan in January and he has scored 6, whilst we don't strengthen. Any clear out starts with Mowbray, Lowe, Cheston, Sylvester and Suhail
  4. Mowbray out, shit team selection, no, shape, no pace, no pride, no passion.
  5. What a surprise! We had a chance of the play offs and choose not to strengthen! Surely Venkys know this was potentially a chance to recoup some money. Brereton needed loaning out for his own good and the likes of Smallwood should have been sold to free up some wages. We still have rumours of certain agents with links to previously used unscrupulous companies being on the scene! It's time fans got real. Our problems started when Venkys walked in. Cheston, Sylvester, Lowe, Suhail and Coar have been a party to the destruction of our club and are still here. Until the
  6. Keiron Westwood at Sheffield Wednesday is a keeper I have always rated, but not sure how old he is.
  7. Another waste of money. Surely Rankin Costello could be competition for Nyambe. There are more important positions which need filling, starting with the manager
  8. The fan base seems split once again. Our club will not thrive again whilst Lowe, Waggott, Cheston and Pasha are anywhere near. I also think that whilst Mowbray has had a positive impact, he has now become a liability.
  9. Just been to S.H. and heard worrying news! Us fans should be all over this one.

  10. Kammy, just been to S.H. and overheard some very worrying things from Rovers execs. You should be all over this one . Please phone me on 07851057553

  11. R.I.P. Ronnie. A true gentleman who todays young players should model themselves on.
  12. Do you know what the somethiing that happened was?

  13. whalley, rover, who are you? ilive in whalley im just being nosey

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