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  1. Hodgson was pretty terrible for us on the whole as I recall (I was only young when he was here). But, he’s had a pretty good career, on the whole! He’s finished off by managing his boyhood club, so I’m sure he’ll be happy with that!
  2. Rovers announced it on Facebook last night, to be fair.
  3. He might do, but others may disagree. Hence the original post....
  4. This is probably a bit rich, given how often you don’t respond to people’s questions and how many people you have on ignore, wouldn’t you say?
  5. Right, so before this escalates any further (as it always inevitably does when you bring up Celtic and Rangers), please can we leave it there for now?
  6. Good for you. I’ve nothing further to add, everything I said previously still stands.
  7. Thanks for your input, but I’m not changing my mind.
  8. On the flip side, many would argue that it’s a club with the same name, playing at the same stadium in the same city. I absolutely understand it, I just think it’s a bone of contention that will cause a lot of squabbling, so it’s just easier that way. Therefore, any further mentions on this contentious topic about this will also be removed. Hope this helps 👍.
  9. Meanwhile Celtic fans have always been just wonderful. Glass houses, etc.
  10. My last word on this before I launch my phone across the room. I’m talking specifically the development of the app which we massively overspent on. I think it was RoverDom advised a while back that such an app in another country cost around £1 Million.
  11. For God’s sake Chaddy! We could have done it for a lot cheaper though! It’s completely incompetent and negligent.
  12. Like spending £22 Billion on track and trace and giving a PPE contract to a firm with no history of making it, you mean?
  13. You had a few shandies this afternoon? Also, re an earlier point, maybe the reason Arma is greedy is that he has no faith in his team mates finding the onion bag? They aren’t really any good at it, tbf....
  14. Hi All, just had to tidy up this thread this morning. (Mods like to sleep, too). Just a couple of points- rather than mentioning mods by name- use the report button, the ask admin section, or DM a mod please. Also, please don’t start calling for people to be banned for having one opinion, whilst in the same post, defending someone else ‘as that’s their opinion’. As ever, any questions, just ask. If you contribute to this thread after this post, I’m going to assume you’ve read it....
  15. Even after a year of catastrophic failures and blatant corruption that most people seem happy to overlook because of the success of the vaccine programme, it’s a really long road back for the Labour Party. They need to get their act together at the double. Luckily there’s no election for a while.....
  16. Seemed to me like it was a joke tbh, but if not, we can obviously remove!
  17. The surprise is that he’s barely played, he’s not good enough and hasn’t been for a while, this was the perfect opportunity to say thanks and goodbye.
  18. You’re surprised at the assumptions made on this forum, but yet there you are, making two assumptions in the previous sentence....
  19. That film Moneyball is absolutely mint tbh. Problem is though, whilst it’s well intended and it certainly can work, our old favourite XG is proof of people using data and taking it too far just to prove a point....
  20. Whining about his family living far away. It’s one of many things that infuriate me about Mowbray. Is the North East the centre of the earth? Why on earth didn’t you move your family down here? Don’t take the job if you don’t want to be away from your family!
  21. In terms of fan bases, there aren’t many bigger clubs in the world than Celtic or Rangers.
  22. Oh I don’t doubt that Pickering could also flop too! Particularly given who Mowbray’s signed/selected for the left back position in the last four years....
  23. I don’t like this reality reversing narrative where we were somehow wrong to release Bell. Let’s be Frank, he was absolutely garbage for at least 80% of the times he pulled the shirt on. Good riddance.
  24. Offering Johnson a deal was a surprise, but offering Bennett a deal was absolutely mind bending. I just don’t get that at all.
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