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  1. Hiya- can we simmer down and stop the name calling please? Any more rule breaking and you’re going to be banned, we’ve been lenient enough for long enough now.
  2. Well, I never received anything until yesterday, just to be clear. I always reply to PMs the same day.
  3. Nothing in my inbox….. Re send it and I’ll have a butchers 👍.
  4. Which email address did you send it to, as I’ve not received anything to the admin@brfcs.com or my personal one. Both of which I check daily….
  5. There’s certainly room for people not to say ‘this is good, but I can’t tell you why’. Yes.
  6. It’s not ridiculous if we’ve got to moderate tons of questions from people asking what can be revealed and why they can’t. It’s infuriating to moderate. In this post he’s literally said ‘I could say it, but I’m choosing not to’. Carrot dangling is irritating to a lot of posters on here and I can see why. Even just a vague outlining of what is happening. Christ, we don’t need chapter and verse!
  7. Yep agreed. In case people have forgotten, we don’t want this to happen. Just don’t say anything if you don’t want to or can’t elaborate as it details threads. It’s not a million miles away from trolling in effect and that’s against the rules….
  8. I think we all know that the views of others can be frustrating, but we all know that we shouldn’t be baiting each other, yet some can’t resist, so can we not do that please? Ta.
  9. Well, I’ve just applied for my class 2 training today, so that’s one driver less we will need…..
  10. I never said that I had an update, I just told you what Steve Waggott said at the Fans Forum the other week.
  11. It’s in the FF minutes like, but I think they mentioned the cost and it needs some consultation with the fans that sit there too. Conscious of upsetting long serving season ticket holders in that area that want to sit down.
  12. He’s operating at maximum whopper that guy. He’s always posting on every article, he can’t possibly be employed.
  13. Both. I think they are keen for it to happen though. N01 is the most likely spot for it though, I’d say.
  14. I think he just said that to goad the Geordies, I don’t think it was actually a thing.
  15. That’s not been decided yet and I heard this from the horse’s mouth. When the horse was sat across the table from me….
  16. On a more positive note- I really enjoyed today, we thoroughly deserved that win and there were many good things to be happy about. Credit to the players and of course the management team for today, barring conceding a goal from a set play, we couldn’t have done much more today!
  17. Seeing too much baiting and too many reported posts for my liking after a 5-1 win. We were mint today, enjoy it and stop sniping at each other please. I’ll only say this once.
  18. Cardiff have been woeful today. Exactly the opposite of what you’d expect from a McCarthy team- toothless in attack and like a sieve at the back.
  19. Haha. Still don’t get why people would ride a scooter when they can drive a car though.
  20. But season tickets were tremendous value and we always gave the likes of Arsenal a bloody nose at Ewood. If people can’t enjoy that, then I do wonder if they’re watching the right sport.
  21. Absolutely loads of scooters in Clitheroe for mod weekend slowing things down here too. Lovely….
  22. I was in Aldi last night and just now. There were definitely a few things short. It gives me no pleasure to see all this, as ultimately I’m the same as anyone else, I can’t get the goods I want to buy ultimately.
  23. Allardyce was good for us at the time though. Some people have some weird ideas about the style of football we play, but we are Rovers, not Real Madrid. I’d sooner we won games than lost playing mindless 5 yard passes in our own half.
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