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  1. Makes you really want to buy a season ticket don’t it. 😕
  2. Wing, centre mid, centre mid, wing, No 10, wing, centre mid (scores a goal), dropped, dropped. I haven't a clue how good he is.
  3. There’s a number of players we have That I’m unable to form a proper opinion on because of the appalling mismanagement of our so called manager. These include, but not limited to; Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Rothwell Travis Brereton Gallagher I suspect there are some duds in there, but it’s hard to form an opinion when they seem to be set up to fail most of the time. It’s criminal what Mowbray is getting away with.
  4. toogs

    Site adverts

    14.4.2 just checked and there is 14.5.1 available which I’ll try....
  5. toogs

    Site adverts

    Tried on Chrome and I was presented with and Ad as you would expect. So may just be a Safari issue? Thanks.
  6. toogs

    Site adverts

    I mostly access the message board forum on an iphone using safari. If I visit the topic listings and click on one, the browser text goes blurred and hangs. My guess is that safari is trying to load the advert but stalling. I then have to refresh the page and try again. So 3 actions to read one post. And it doesn't even present me with the advert. About one times in 10 it does work and I do get the advert. It's done it since the ad thing changed and I have to say it's starting to annoy me. I thought I'd raise this in case others are seeing it and/or you were not aware of the
  7. If you don't sanction they will try it again with nothing to fear or lose.
  8. Jesus, don’t show Mowbray the Dalglish stat, he’ll cite it as a positive.
  9. What a depressing quote. I wonder how many Frank Worthington’s would make it in today’s game - maverick footballers who excite and are the very reason you watch football.
  10. How many shots on target/ real chances to score did we have?
  11. Championship Refs get paid a retainer of of between £38,500 and £42,000 based on experience and then £600 per match. So if they do 20 games a season, good money. And I guess many still have a day job!
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