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  1. That question is ready made spin for the club. They will be taking notes reading this thread, ready for the statement which will be brought forward now this is out, probably sooner then they were expecting.
  2. I was trying to be helpful in case you had missed it, from your comments it appeared you had because you made an incorrect statement.
  3. Theres a 21 page thread titled “Mowbrays Successor” on here.
  4. That’s just diabolical. Show’s how much of a connection to the club he has quoting us in the third person. He’s taking the piss and has done for a couple of years imo.
  5. Nope, still not worked out our shape. This is dire stuff.
  6. Warnock tactically outdoing Mowbray in every department. No surprise there though.
  7. I think Dack misses someone to play football with. Danny Graham’s impact playing with him is underated I think.
  8. I would have potted him two seasons ago after the PNE away game and said so at the time. There was no way back for me after the lack of professionalism shown by the management in that game. We have wasted 2 years sticking with him and continue to do so.
  9. There is every possibility the photo of Mowbray could be a freeze frame of him blinking. Is there any other evidence? Let’s not peddle fake news.
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