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  1. People will pay if they are entertained. Sadly the football served up by Mowbray and Bowyer before him has been dull, turgid percentage football. It’s only the dire hard mugs like you and me that are prepared to pay it.
  2. I was watched his midfield partner Jason Lowe playing for Salford in the FA cup the other night. Probable millionaire’s the pair of them.
  3. I see Farke has been sacked after a win for Norwich. If Rovers did that, the media would tear us a new one.
  4. How thick are some footballers? So far removed from how the fans feel.
  5. That’s the saddest thing? Wow. All this is the fans fault? We were getting 5k fans in the 80s If you build it, they will come…
  6. You don’t know that. It may be your opinion, but don’t state it as fact.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we about 7th in the prem when they sacked Sam. What growth was expected after that? I was rather enjoying beating the "big clubs" every now and again and remaining in the prem.
  8. I’ve felt this to be the case for at least 3/4 years.
  9. It was a lovely pass for their goal as well
  10. Is there something in bookies T & C’s that says they can void a bet if they messed up the original odds? Even if there is, I doubt they would ever do it, the PR would be terrible for them.
  11. Good post. not a mystery to me. He’s a crap manager well out of his depth in the modern game. Sussed him about 4 years ago.
  12. Ryder cup or Ewood this afternoon? Never thought I’d even remotely consider that. Hard to buy into Rovers these days.
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