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  1. Which could well be why he hasn't succeeded here due to terrible management by his manager. I'm wondering who we can afford that are better.
  2. It really was obvious to some of us. I went to the PNE away game that season and what I saw that day convinced me Mowbray wasn’t up to it. From team selection, to what went on on the pitch to his comments afterwards. A Shameful display of football management. Nothing has happened since that has convinced me otherwise.
  3. i’d quit them - it will be so much better for your mental health insta is the only one I’m on now - you are able to avoid seeing all the poisonous stuff on that platform.
  4. I think tomphil is saying that in the event of an Armstrong sale, it’s likely that the proceeds would be used to pay off the highest priority Creditors (as Venkys should do) and not used as re-investment in the team. ie Armstrong proceeds will get swallowed up.
  5. Somebody should stick that under Mowbray's nose and ask what comment he has to make in the context of Rovers lamentable showing last season. Particulary Swansea and Barnsley's figures.
  6. What question or point are you really trying to make?
  7. To be honest, I think everyone’s broadly in agreement. we’re fucked.
  8. I don't think he is doing his best judging by his demeanor on the touchline during games. But that is just my interpretation/opinion. I also don't think he is the brightest either, which puts him way out of his depth. Ditto the CEO.
  9. Get them printed…if he bangs in 15/20 goals this season you could be on to a winner!
  10. I wanted that 2 or 3 years ago when it was clear he was a very limited manager and his time was up. £40 million quid later...
  11. He had a hell of a shot on him. He could hit a ball harder than Shearer I reckon.
  12. Makes you really want to buy a season ticket don’t it. 😕
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